How to get a trial membership online?

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My question is: How to get a trial membership online?.

My 2nd question is: I need some advice!!!! Ok so here is the background. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 years now. We started dating (online dating with my freshman year of college but have been friends for many many years before that. We moved in together not long after we started dating. We are both now in our early to mid twenties. So here comes the advice part.

We have always had our little issues but things got worse when he went back to school. We stopped enjoying the time we had together and the time we do have together, we fight mostly. I know we can both tell that things aren't working and that we aren't happy the way we are. We have talked about it and tried to make changes but I just feel like we are going in two different directions in life but we both want to make things work. Another factor that comes into play is I have this guy friend who I care about more than I should.

We were both going through the same things in our relationships and it just brought us closer together. We hang out quite a bit and when we do hang out there is a lot of innocent flirting that happens but being with him and acting the way we do just feels so natural, like that's how we are suppose to act and if we acted any different way it wouldn't feel right. Side note my boyfriend and the other guy are friends but just the kind that you see every once in a while. Anyway, so my boyfriend overheard a friend and I talking about this other guy and confronted me about it. I told him that nothing happened and that we were really just friends..

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Here's my answer to your question: How to get a trial membership online?.

Time apart doesnt solve problems,it just puts them on hold if the break is for long period of time.Though little time apart does clear up heads to approach things in a better light.You do need to understand that when you have a serious bf,you dont flirt with other guys.why wouldnt it feel right if you didnt flirt with your friend? seems very odd thing to say!Your rship might have run it's course as you guys have been together for 6 years...

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I just thought a little time apart would like you said give me some time to clear my head. I mean we lived together for years and I don't really know what it's like not to be with him. I don't think I flirt with guys it's really just one but it's not like we mean to flirt. It is really just the way that we act when we are together I mean it's alway been like that. We are just close friends but people do perceive the way we act as flirting. I just don't know how else to act around him! I don't think I worded it right before!..

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Then you need to change how you interact with other guys.If your approach begins to affect your rship,its time for it.If your bf had a woman friend and he flirted with her,i am sure you will not be fine with it.And no,to take time apart to feel how it is to be w/out your bf/gf is not the way to go.You work on stuff together.Why do you flirt with just this one guy? that makes him special for you in your bf's mind in a negative way especially if your rship is not going good.You need to balance and find out what is more important to you and how to achieve it...

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I wouldn't break up with your boyfriend if you think you may want to get together later. Breaking up and getting back together later on causes a lot of needless drama which just makes the problems in the relationship (thru worse, not better. Plus, you run the risk of realizing later on that he was what you wanted but having him move on. If you end the relationship, it should be because you know your boyfriend isn't the one you want to spend your life with and are ready to move on for good. Even if you've never lived any of your adult life apart from your boyfriend, you do know what it's like when he's around versus when the two of you are apart from each other. That should give you a good idea of how much he adds or he subtracts from your life.

You wouldn't really be in a good emotional state to determine whether or not he's right for you. Of course, if the past few months of being with him have been different from the past six years, then they may not be the best indicator of what life with him is generally like. You may want to wait and continue to see if things improve before making a final decision.I would cut off the friendship with the other guy if you want to try to make things work with your other boyfriend. I know your intention is just to be friends with him, but it sounds like more than that is happening. Even if you are not physically intimate with him, you still have an emotional bond that's going beyond just friendship.

You are opening up to your friend about the problems with your boyfriend, but not telling your boyfriend everything about your relationship (thru with your friend. It's no wonder a bond is developing between you and this friend, and that you are feeling disconnected from your boyfriend. If you want to try to rebuild the connection you had with your boyfriend, he needs to be the guy you are opening up to and your friend needs to be out of the picture...

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