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My question is: How to get a promo code?.

My 2nd question is: I have been dating (online dating with a man occasionally since mid Feb. I believe a total of 5 dates is all. He is a Neurologist & of course very busy. He also has a very active social life. None of our dates have taken place on the weekend however. He calls me usually once a day & tells me how much he likes me & misses me yet the weekend comes & nothing. He is 47 & has never been married which concerned me from the beginning.

(yes we have been intimate) Although we didn't really discuss the issue, he continued to call me & insisted on seeing me again. I met him online (he pursued me) & I know he continues to search. We live about an hour apart & I do the traveling which I don't mind because his schedule is more hectic & there really isn't many places to go where I'm from.

Ok, here's my?   After I tried to break things off with the him. I met a very nice man & went out a couple of times. Totally platonic. He has asked me out this weekend & is only looking for a committed relationship. I really like the guy #1 & wouldn't jeopardize things with him if I knew there was a chance to work things out. I know I need to tell him about the other date using even though we have never talked about exclusiveness.  I am just so tired of either staying home on the weekends or going out by myself..

So how do I tell him? What do I say?..

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I agree, what you see is what you get with guy #1.  If it were going to progress, it would have done so by now.  He only wants a once in a while relationship (thru with you. .

Time to let him go and focus on men like guy #2 who want a committed relationship, if that's really what you are looking for..

In any event, there's no reason to tell guy #1 that you're dating (online dating with other peopleyou're not exclusive so there's no obligation to do so.  I have a feeling you'd be telling him in order to try to get him to see you more often, do you think that's part of it?.


Comment #1

Thanks so much for the advice. Maybe you're right. Maybe part of the reason I want to tell him about guy#2 is so he'll realize "hey I may lose a good thing here if I keep dragging my feet." I'm not one to give ultimatums, maybe a subtle hint or 2.   The place guy#2 wants to take me just happens to be where guy #1 hangs out. I'm not sure how I feel about that either. I don't want to run into guy#1 if I haven't been upfront with him.

Guy #1 actually called late last night & asked during conversation "if you could change something in your present life what would it be?" My answer was that I would be in a committed relationship. His reply was "well it's a process which takes time.".

There are times when I feel that he's just using me until something better comes along, but on the other hand, he's a very handsome Dr who could have just about anyone. Why would he keep pursuing me to an extent?.

Thanks for taking the time to read...This is probably very boring...

Comment #2

Well, gosh, 5 dates in all that time isn't really pursuit..

He likes having you (and probably a number of other women) available when he wants to see you.   It's highly doubtful he wants more than what he has now with anyone.  So no, it's not really a matter of using you until someone better comes along, it's more that something casual and uncommitted is what works for him with his busy schedule. .

And the line about "it takes time" was intended to keep you on the hook, nothing more..


Comment #3

If you really like the Doc then be paitent. As far as the other guy....well you can only decide what is best for you. You dont need to tell him about the doc. thats non of his bussiness. And would only hurt him I am sure...

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