How to get a 3 day free trial for

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My question is: How to get a 3 day free trial for

My 2nd question is: I was his first love.  We were together for 2 years, a lot of it long-distance.  He was good to me then but the distance was too much for me and we were young and immature.  I didn't see him for 6 years until this summer when I saw him 2 times for lunch/dinner in New York.  We reconnected through email and Facebook. .

The thing is I live in South Korea now and he lives in New York where I'm from.  It's been 6 years!  He said when he saw me he'd visit me but I didn't think he was serious.  I also said I'd move back to New York in 6 months but I've changed my mind and want to stay in South Korea longer.  I've changed so much and I don't know how I feel about him.  Plus I just started dating (online dating with a new guy who I really like and I don't want to mess it up.  My ex would have to stay at my apartment.  What do you think his intention is and what would you say? He just messaged me to see how I feel about it. ..

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I agree with fullhalfquarter; you're dating (online dating with someone you like, why would you mess that up? You must have had some pain moving on from a two year relationship, that's normal, so why would you want to undo that? It doesn't sound like you have any reason at all for going back to your ex except that HE wants YOU. Why would you even bother? You have moved on for a good reason. Stop entertaining the thought of seeing him again and see where things go with the new guy. Who, I bet, would be hurt if he knew you were doing this with your ex.Let the past lie...

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Thanks for the replies.  I discouraged him from coming and I think he got the message.  It was hard to do that but I know it was the right thing.  He claimed he just needs a vacation but I think there was more to it than that.  I'd like to leave him in my past...

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Well you're both different people with new lives. And you are seeing someone - so his staying with you would endanger your old relationship. If he wants to come, stay in a hotel and visit because it's a fun trip and he sees you also, that's one thing. But to make this trip all about you and you being ok wiith it gives him false hope.


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You are lucky that you have someone you really like in your life. At least your are not totally single and this is the one bit of dating (online dating with excitement you have..

It seems you are still curious about your ex though I would be too if it ended well or just curious. I had a very similiar situation with  an ex who left his military base without permission the same night we reconnected on the phoneand rode on a bus all night to come visit me when I  told him I had just moved to a state next to his. .


Men are weird because they don't express emotions.


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Well I discouraged the ex from coming and I'm glad I did.  It seems he still carries a torch for me though I have no clue why.  I just don't feel attraction to his personality anymore.  And the guy who was a potential has turned out to be a wonderful guy who I'm spending so much time with now.  I'm glad I didn't chance it after years of single life as the ex would probably not become a boyfriend anyway...

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He probably still carries a torch because he has not had anyone or does not have any one that he has been truly in love with and he still remembers the qualities you have and still wants that. I am glad to hear you are over the ex though and have not attraction anymore at  all..

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