How to find Someone profile on or yahoo personnel?

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My first question is: How to find Someone profile on or yahoo personnel?.

My next question is: Have you ever played any of these games when running into an ex?.

If yes,.

Were they worth it? Would you do any of them again?.


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Your question was: How to find Someone profile on or yahoo personnel?.

I think that most people want to present themselves in the best light to exes or old friends or previous coworkers. Some people do position themselves to be doing better than they really are (if they are not dating (online dating with or in a job they really love)  without actually getting an actual *game* going on.  But it is not being very real or very honest and most people can see through that - a waste of time, IMO..

If an ex and I were going to be at the same function I doubt I'd go out of my way to dress to zing him one because I dont put any energy into any of my exes that way. .

Some of the advice is about being upbeat and positive so he can "remember what he is missing" .. yet they say not to discuss too many personal or inside jokes because that could be seen as the woman pursuing him.  The advice is too contradictory...

Comment #1

I agree with you. I'll admit I'm not against the 'looking your best' part, but I think you should look great and confident all the time, not just because you know you will see your ex. If you look this way all the time, it won't be an act.

I don't get this one:.

>>DONT talk about your new guy<<.

If the ex asks if you're seeing someone and what he does, why should you play down anything about the new beau? I don't think you should be there bragging and trying to prove a point, but I don't get the advice given..

I think this article should be called 'The Dos and Donts of Seeing Your Ex If You're Not Over Him'. Even then, some of the things sound a bit childish and like way too much work..


CL - Women of Color  ..

Comment #2

I've not run into an ex yet and I hope I never do!  Awkwaaard lol  I'd probably just say 'hey' and then move along.  I'm not one for small talk and I could care less what they're doing now.  Exes are meant to be in the past. ..

Comment #3

At the end of the day the thing about an ex is that he's an ex. Learn from the experience, don't try to recreate it.


Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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