How to drink more water during Medifast?

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We were meant to drink water, right? we are made up primarily of water, right? everyone knows the benefits of drinking water? right?.

SO WHAT IS MY PROBLEM? argh! I bought a bunch of two liter bottle of talking rain to keep by my desk, and that has helped a little, but i've just finished day 6 and tracked every day, not cheated (or been tempted, well, seriously tempted at least) and my best day was half of my water. sssssoooooooooooooooooooo lame!.

Will I get better? please? someone reassure me that I will drink more every day...

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You'll get better! I found that as I forced myself to drink all my water, that my body started to get thirsty for more. Like if I went a couple hours without access to a bottle of water, I'd feel parched..

But you have to really make yourself do it in the beginning. You have to stop, and think, okay, I'm going to drink a bunch of water now. Not because I really want to, but because Medifast just doesn't work as well without it. DRINK! And then 15 minutes later, repeat, repeat, repeat...

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You'll get better at it, I'm sure. The more you drink, the more of a habit it becomes. Before you know it, you'll be drinking more than the 8 glass minimum! As I was typing that, I got thirsty and drank about half a glass of yummy water! It's interesting, when you drink a lot of water you start to crave it. I never go anywhere without my handy-dandy Rubbermaid sippy cup filled with 4 glasses of good ol' H2O. Before MF, I was lucky if I got in a glass or two a day, now it's second nature as I'm sure it will be for you, sooner than you think!.

Happy guzzling,.


Comment #2

Here is my trick, since I really like my water cold. I have a 14 oz water bottle. I drink it all on my commute to work. When I get to work I refill it and drink it between 9-11. On my commute home (I leave at 3:00) I drink another bottle (we have a cooler at work so I refill). Then one more before dinner.

So that makes a total of 70 ounces of water..not great but not too shabby either!..

Comment #3

A big plastic straw is very helpful for me. Sometimes I feel like I couldn't force myself to take a gulp of water but I can do a long sip through a straw. Ironically enough, I drink out of one of those 32 oz WW mugs with a lid and straw...

Comment #4

I second the straw! I purchased two 32 ounce bottles in WalMart that have the straws built in. I just flip the top part out to take a sip and fold it back in place if I carry it around with me so the water doesn't leak out. I keep two of these bottles on my desk at work, and two at home (I got tired of taking them back and forth, then forgetting them, etc).

Anyway, since I changed to doing this, I've successfully, and without effort it seems, consumed not only one, but generally two to THREE of these daily. I keep it between me and my keyboard at work (it's literally between my arms lol) and I can just lean over or grab the bottle without effort.

At home, I fill my "two" bottles for the day and they sit on either side of my computer area. I know once I drink them both, that's my minimum needed for the day and anything over and above is extra..

Just for some reason, the straw does the trick..

I'm a water drinker from way back. It's my beverage of choice and I still managed to struggle getting the minimum. Not any more.

Thumbs up for straws! LOL!..

Comment #5

I try to drink half my water at home and half at work..

I kept one of the heavier plastic cups with lid and straw from a diet soda. I fill it with ice and water in the morning before leaving for work and drink some while I'm checking email, fixing breakfast, etc. I add more ice when I get home from work and usually manage to finish it before bed... the bars, pretzels and puffs REALLY encourage me to drink water!.

At work, I have 2 20 oz. water bottles. I fill them when I get to work. If they are not finished by the time I leave, I either chug them or take one in the car with me for the ride home. I think it's just the structure and being able to measure my progress that helps me. YMMV...

Comment #6

Once you start, you'll get into the habit.

I have the opposite problem...I think I drink too much water. I go through about 240oz a day. I have just always been a thirsty person.....

Comment #7

I add lemon to my water..

But also sometimes I do little tricks - like when I'm watching a basketball game and I really don't feel like drinking my water I make myself drink a bit every time someone scores a basket. By the time the game's over, I've drank quite a bit of water..

I don't know what type of game you could invent at work but there must be something that happens constantly that you can think of that you can drink to!.

Hope that maybe helps!..

Comment #8

Well, from the diabetic guy who does drink 100 or more ounces of water on most days, I have a "trick"..

If by 8PM I have not had all the water I am supposed to, I fill a pitcher up with what I still need to drink + 12 ounces. Then I "MUST" drink that pitcher before I go to bed. It takes discipline, but you already have that if you are doing Medifast on plan...

Comment #9

I bought a 24 ounce one. I just find it easier to carry around. Mine has padded finger drips, so it is nice to carry...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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