How to drink coffee during Medifast?

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When I first started I knew that I did not want to give up my coffee in the am... two cups. This is about the max of caffeine I drink a day and I did order one of the caffeine shake mixes.

I would make my coffee, mix 6 oz of water w/a vanilla shake and use 1/2 of it each time in place of the cream w/my alloted 2 teasp of splenda (counting that as two cond). It was ok and suited the purpose - but ..well, you know...

Today however I tried the same thing w/the Swiss Mocha shake (I got as a freebie on the free 35 meals when I joined the program - auto delivery) & splenda.... much much much better - almost tastes like a cappuccino.......

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I make all the shakes with coffee, except the fruity ones. I also drink them warm during the cold weather...

Comment #1

Thanks for this tip! I will definately be trying this with the vanilla one! LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!..

Comment #2

I put a Starbucks VIA in my shake every morning.....

Comment #3

I also just started...haven't given up my 2 cups of coffee, wondered if this was allowed or not?? Appearently it's you are mixing 1 shake, divided into each cup of coffee??.

That should work for me!! I like the creamers too...was still using fat free! I think that has slowed my progress!..

Comment #4

No coffee creamer is allowed until dairy is reintroduced in the maintenance phase. However, the fat free creamer still might have way too much sugar. I miss my coffee creamer and can't drink black coffee, so I went through a little caffiene withdrawal. Not sure if I want to get hooked back on it...but I might try it tomorrow morning...

Comment #5

Creamer is allowed. It is a condiment..

Try mixing your coffee with ice and the cocoa! It's my everyday morning breakfast! Love it. Starbucks right at home..

Comment #6

I add 1 tablespoon of skim milk and a packet of splenda to my coffee. I usually have 1-2 cups most days of the week. Hasn't seemed to effect my weight loss....although since I haven't tried NOT drinking coffee I don't really know one way or another!.


Comment #7

I watch my condiements very closely but I have to have my coffee too, so usualy my coffee takes up all my condiements for the day. I think I should try doing the vanilla or other shake receipe for awhile and seeing how it goes. I may just like it!..

Comment #8

I do a tbls of instant decaf folgers everyday in my dutch chocolate shake.. was even ok in the banana! Though I didn't reorder them once they were gone!..

Comment #9

I could not do any type of eating plan that didn't allow coffee. I ADORE my coffee!.

I have a shake in my coffee every morning and another one in the afternoon. Mmm!.

I can only do the shakes though - the cappuccino leaves me STARVING! The momentum is the worst as far as hunger goes but, coffee with a shake is completely filling and satisfying. And I agree - I love Swiss Mocha!..

Comment #10

I've got it down to a science now...vanilla, choc or swiss mocha shake in the blender w/one tablespoon instant coffee, a couple sprinkles of cinnamon, 3 ice cubes, and one packet of Truvia...YUMMM...tastes just like Starbucks cinnamon latte!.

When I want my favorite peppermint mocha, I use the choc or swiss mocha, a couple drops of peppermint extract instead of cinnamon, and all the same other stuff as above...double YUMMM!.

I've tried the vanilla shake as creamer, but the powdery texture turns my I just do without- I've grown used to black coffee now...if it's GOOD coffee!..

Comment #11

FindingMyWings - I use the vanilla as a creamer but, I put it in my magic bullet with a couple tablespoons of water and blend until creamy then I pour it in my coffee like creamer.

In fact, I do this with all my shakes that I use in coffee - I just blend them with a little water and then add them to my coffee that way they don't get that gritty taste...

Comment #12

I like alot of cream in my coffee/ skim milk etc... that is why 1/2 of a shake divided in to two cups of coffee works for me,,,,, doing just a teas of skim milk would just not cut it.... So far I have tried the swiss mocha and the vanilla - when I started I did the program where you get the free food if you committ to auto shipments and in it they sent hot cocoa - will try that next.....

Comment #13

Try mixing one packet of Medifast raspberry ice tea with one packet Medifast Dutch Choc and then divide into two portions. I mix this with cold coffee and ice cubes into my shaker... a Raspberry Mocha just like Starbucks!..

Comment #14

It's funny I've always had my coffee separate or maybe blended with the hot chocolate but now I think I'll try it in a shake! Great ideas!.

Also for those who love latte's or milk in their coffee (2 t milk is hardly enough!!) I asked the nutritionist about almond milk awhile back and we can use 4 oz as one condiment. Make sure you use the plain unsweetened!..

Comment #15

I have been using the hot cocoa or the chia tea in my morning coffee. They are not that bad with a tsp of creamer and sweetner. I am going to try the shake mixed with the coffe tomorrow am. Thanks for the tips...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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