How to doctor up Nutrisystem entree?

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I'm new here and didn't know where there migt be a call for help with entrees that don't appeal to us as is..

My problem? Egg Frittata. That was my breakfast entree this morning and it was far from my favorite. I expected something to nuke (a boxed item)not a packet of powder to which you add water. The texture leaves much to be desired. The taste wasn't awful, but I could barely get past the texture..

If you know how to doctor this up and can share tips, I'd appreciate it. I have 5 more packets to survive (I tend to prefer eggs to sweetsbut I have already taken this entree off my next delivery order). Thanks!..

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Your question was: How to doctor up Nutrisystem entree?.

Step away from the frittata and use your calories for something better. You can always make 1/2 a cup of egg beaters on your own and it will taste far better and still allow you to have the deliciousness of a pancake or muffin. I returned all of mine, there was no point in even trying to doctor them up...

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I add a bunch of fresh salsa (my own so no salt) and it is yummy. I also think it helps to mix in a real egg (your protein serving)...

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Make sure you let them sit for awhile after adding and stiring well and then scamble them on the stove... add any veggies you like, taste like eggs to me!..

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By far the worst thing I've had on this plan. I've removed it from my next order (and will continue to do so). The good news is that everything else has been pretty good!..

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I am so thankful I only ordered one of these godawful things. I took one bite, chucked it, and ate a scrambled egg instead...

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I add mushrooms and fresh spinich, a little garlic powder and some dehydrated onions or sometimes grated ff cheese and some salsa. Makes the taste much better...

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I like the egg frittata...

... just sayin.

... you do have to read the directions carefully... I feel like a scientist in a lab trying to make sure it's perfect ... but I do like it..

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I am one that also loves the egg frittata. Adding 1/3 cup of egg beaters or a whole egg to it makes a big difference. I have also added other veggies like mushrooms, broccoli, etc. I put Louisiana Hot Sauce on mine and yum. Very filling and the egg or egg beaters takes away some of the powder taste. I like it better every time I eat it...

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Everyone says they fix it up by adding egg beaters. But why do that when you can make egg beaters all by themselves and just add spices? I don't even find a point to doctoring this one up and I think most people know I doctor almost everything I get up...

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You are very good at doctoring things up, and cooking in general. I wish I had your talents. Some of us are not-so-good, and take what we can get. I am jealous every time I see your food pics and read your recipes.

As little time in the kitchen, and as few spices and tricks as I can get away with, is my preference..

As a matter of fact, however, I wondered the same thing about the tuna salad. I have wondered why so many people are so hooked on the tuna salad, when you can just as easily make your own. A little tuna, a little fat-free mayo, a few spices, and you're good to go..


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Convenience. Some days I just don't feel like making my own..


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Wow! I am blown away by all the responses. Thank you all so much!.

2BSkinny..Again: I really appreciate the links. I checked them all out and got some good ideas. Thanks!.

Sherilyn1970: Since I have five more of these packets, I figured I'd try to make them work. I hate to waste. (That's my dad's influence coming through. LOL!). But, if I can't get this to work in another attempt, I probably will just chuck 'em and use egg beaters. ;-).

M2marsh: Thanks! Seems like salsa is a BIG favorite to doctor up the eggs. And the extra egg. I'll try that out!.

Blue_Butterfly28: I WISH they tasted like eggs to me. Anyway, I'll try them on the stove. I would rather nuke 'em (to save time), but if the stove will make them palatable, I'll do what's needed..

Kewlbird: I am with you, my friend! I removed it from my order right after eating it yesterday morning..

Applepiemommy: I kept hoping it would get though I just needed to get used to it. However, I couldn't get past that texture. And the initial smell was BAD. My microwave still smells a little like it today, which makes me wanna heave-ho!.

Jmrspld: Thanks for the tips. I didn't think of garlic powder!.

Justme_c: Hey, more power to you, if you like them. I can eat most anything, but this caused me to gag something awful. And, yeah, I did follow the microwave directions to the letter. However, another poster recommended stove top, so I'll see if that helps. Here's hoping!.

Rvdeb: I'm going to take the suggestion you and others made to add more egg and some veggies. I love hot sauce, too, so I may add some of that. Thanks! I hope it grows on me (at least enough to get through 5 packs.. LOL!)..

Thanks again, everyone, for your tips and support! As a newbie, I am thrilled to know that a quick call for help will be answered. You all are amazing!..

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Note: there is a little frownie face at the top of my post, but I didn't knowingly put it thereignore!.

I took the egg frittata and added an egg and some pepper and onions. I then followed the cooking directions, putting the mixture in in a medium-sized bowl. I watched it very carefully until it *just* stopped bubbling in the middle. I ate it with some salsa and really liked it! Hey, it's convenient and had some good seasoning so I just added to it, like I do some of the Nutrisystem meals...

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If you recieved them from Nutrisystem in the last 30 days you can easily call and replace them with other items...

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Thanks for the reminder! As soon as I read your post, I called and got that ball rolling. This is only Day 3 for me, so I don't have a lot of for sure favorites, so I'll just exchange for cereal. Love the Nutriflakes. LOL!.

Yippeeno more gagging!..

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