How to delete my profile?

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My question is: How to delete my profile?.

My 2nd question is: She is in her 30's and I'm 10 yrs older. I come from a very conservative lifestyle and sexual past. She was honest enough to tell me she had a few 3somes with the same guy and girl some 10 yrs ago. This doesn't sit well with me. When I think about this I see a girl who is kinda adventerious and maybe not relationship (thru based. Thoughts on this please..

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"She was honest enough to tell me she had a few 3somes with the same guy and girl some 10 yrs ago. This doesn't sit well with me. When I think about this I see a girl who is kinda adventerious and maybe not relationship (thru based. Thoughts on this please"If you are just judging her and really don't approve of HER because she did this, then let her go. She doesn't need that. She was honest enough to tell you because she cares about you.

Now if she were running around having 3-somes right NOW, I'd worry.Seriously. If you are already labeling her a slut or some other harshness deep down in the recesses of your mind, do her a favor and let her go. But if you respect her still, and care for her still, let THE PAST go and just be with the woman who impressed you before you knew she "adventured" before..

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Comment #1

Disclosing this information to you was a bad judgement call that served absolutely no purpose.On the other side of the coin, you dwelling on it and pondering whether she is wild and and not serious enough is speculative.If it doesn't sit well with you and you are dwelling on it, then maybe she is not for you.Are you willing to give her a real chance to show you who she is today? Are you able to get over something she did A DECADE AGO? If not and I were her, I would be the one who would be bolting...

Comment #2

First of all, I don't think you should judge somebody on what their sex life was like ten years ago. What she may have wanted ten years ago may not be what she is looking for now. Secondly, I don't think the fact that somebody wants a threesome means that they're not interested in relationships. If you're just worried that she is not is going to be interested or ready for a relationship, then I think may be judging her too harshly and may need to give her chance. I don't know how intimate you have been with her thus far. It might be possible that she is more sexually adventurous in bed than what you're used to.

Then, again, she may not be. If you like everything else about her, I think you should still give her a chance and then wait to see whether you are incompatible in that area, and if so, whether or not that is something the two of you can compromise on...

Comment #3

For me, what's past is past, but have you given some thought as to why her history bothers you so much? Here are a couple of articles that may help you figure things out a bit:.

Getting Over His (or Her) Wild Past.

Troubled by Wife's Past Sex Life.


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Comment #4

IMO, you should not continue with the woman.I somewhat understand how you are feeling.It would have been easy for you to overlook it IF you yourself had not had a conservative upbringing and sexual lifestyle.Nothing wrong with it though.People who have experimented themselves or had many partners,would let it go but someone with little or no such past,can find it difficult to overlook it.You will find a woman like yourself,though they are far and few,just like you are!Good luck!..

Comment #5

Don't let the past bother you, if you really like her for who she is right now then, accept her. I mean if she really likes you too, then tell her how you feel and ask her not to do anything of that sort when you guys get together. Everyone has something in the past that other people judge, but it doesn't matter what happened in the past. It's what going to happen in the future with you two...

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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