How to deal with slow weight loss during Medifast?

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If I am a slow loser like I am expecting.

And I only lose about 1 lb per week..

That is going to take me 10 weeks.

To lose 10lbs! 50 weeks to lose.

50lbs! That is almost a year!!!!.


How do you do it????.

For the slower losers,.

How do you stick with one.

Kind of lifestyle for almost a year??.

That is scary.

Maybe I shouldn't look that far into the future.

Baby steps..

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Keep to the baby steps. Even as a slow looser there will be weeks that you will have a 2 or 3 lb drop or even 1.5 lbs. It all keeps adding up until suddenly you realize that you have lost quite a bit...

Comment #1

Yep, think just a few weeks ahead at most. Mini-goals..

You'll probably be surprised because some weeks you lose more than others. And once you start losing, who wants to stop? I am so used to this diet, I don't mind it and don't feel deprived at all.

And the year is going to pass anyway, wouldn't it be thrilling to be at your goal when it does?????.

It took me 7 long months to reach my goal (actually, they seemd to fly by) but I wouldn't rewind those months for anything! One you're there, you won't care how long it took, you won't look back...

Comment #2

I'm a slow loser and I simply keep reminding myself that I weigh less with each passing week no matter how small a loss. I remind myself of how much better I feel. I remind myself how much healthier I am. I enjoy the new smaller clothes I now wear and look much better in. Time will keep passing so just keep your eye on the goal. I remind myself with each passing day and week that I am in a much better place than I was when I started!!..

Comment #3

Honey hang in there! Some weeks there will be larger losses. I averaged about 2 pounds per week, but aside from the first week, that ranged anywhere from 5 pounds to some unexplained weeks that I gained..

My year went by much faster than I expected, and I am still in shock that I have lost over 90 pounds. THe time will pass whether you are on plan or not, might as well get to GOAL!..

Comment #4

As someone said, the year will go by anyway, so don't you want to weigh less next year, no matter how much less? I just tried to lose 10% of my starting weight as a minigoal. That was about 22 lbs. It didn't seem as impossible as trying to lose 80 lbs. I have a slow metabolism, but I am on my 2nd 10% now. Getting below 200 was a really big motivator to stay on plan. I have really done better than I expected with inches lost, so that makes me even happier.

On the slow weightloss weeks, finding that you lost inches is a good thing as well. The first time your clothes feel too big will also inspire you to keep going.

I think you will be surprised that if you stick with this, you will lose much faster than you expect to. Be positive and tell yourself that you will do this. It is the only thing that has worked for me, and I have tried about everything over the years. You can do it..

Comment #5

One more thought - each day you are on MF, you may not be losing as much as you would like, but you are NOT GAINING!!! That is huge in itself. I know you can do it!!!..

Comment #6

I've only been losing 1/2-1 pound per week since my first few weeks on plan. I am in my 6th month and have lost 36 pounds so far. I have at least 27 to go. If I really stop to think about it, at 4 pounds a month I have another 6 months to go. And, since weight loss tends to slow as we get closer to our goal weight (at least for many, if not most), I may have more than 6 months to go.

So, I just don't think much about that. I keep going and slowly losing, but losing nonetheless. From the 190s to the 180s to the 170s to the 160s and now, as of yesterday, in the 150s! Wow. I like to think of how much I've lost and not worry about how far I have to go.

I plan to go through transition as well, so that will add another 3 months. By this time next year, I will be at goal and maintaining.

We can all do it!.


Comment #7

To me this isn't just a temporary lifestyle until I reach goal.....this is my lifestyle now. Don't look at the scale and the calendar so much. Look instead at how you are improving your health. If it takes you longer than the next guy to get where you need to be, then that's what your body needed. While we are all in this together, it still is very much an individual journey. You can't compare yourself to anyone else...

Comment #8

Something to think about: It *must* be possible for people to stick with this successfully for over a year or we wouldn't have 200+ pounds lost success stories. Anyone who comes into this with a really large amount of weight to lose, even if they are "fast losers", has to come to grips with the fact that it's gonna take over a year. It just has to, it's physics!.

My technique for dealing with it was to set a different success criteria for myself. I didn't have to wait until I'd lost all the weight to be successful. I focused on the day to day, even the moment. Every day in which I ate to my plan, drank my water, moved my body some, was kind to myself and to others, and got enough sleep, was a 100% unqualified success. And I was a success, a complete success, right then. And I settled in, got into a routine, measured my success by my actions rather than by the eventual outcomes, and got comfortable.

It was very worth it and I am very happy about it. Hang in there, settle in, this will happen and it will be very, very worth it!.

- Siobhan..

Comment #9

Whether one's a slow or fast loser, one will be a loser! I think you also need to get the idea into your head that this is not a "lifestyle for almost a year" but rather a new lifestyle for you forever! When we get to T & M, more foods and calories will be added to our regime, but the idea is to keep eating many small meals a day instead of the usual 3 we have been brought up on.

Wishing you every success on your new lifestyle!..

Comment #10

Weight loss seems so monumental when we look at the total we need to lose. I started eight months ago and calculated daily when I thought I'd be done. 100# seemed like soooo much. Now, I am so used to this routine, I really am not craving anything particular (except, yes, pizza) and I honestly feel like I could eat like this forever if I have to. And now when I see that I am only 21# to losing 100# it blows me away. Like everyone else said, just follow the plan...concentrate on one meal at a time...and I swear..before you know it you will be one of the "veterans" telling the next gal how to stay with it..

Good Luck!.


Comment #11

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