How to deal with migraines from Medifast?

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Does anyone out there have to deal with migraines? I've had 2 in the past month so not severe, but I had basically stopped having them prior to MF. It could be hormones, it could be the chocolate. Either way I refuse to stop MF. I'm thinking maybe about asking my dr what medications could prevent them. They are horrible-loss of vision, nausea lasting a lonnnng time. Bleh..



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I also suffer from migraines... and hadn't had one til this past weekend. In the past, non-MF chocolate has been a migraine trigger for me. I was hesitant to try the chocolate products because of this reason (as well as I am not a huge chocolate fan). I was pleasantly surprised that I do like these chocolate products and was having at least a chocolate pudding or shake and bar almost every day. Until this past weekend... I've backed off of the chocolate for a couple of days just to be on the safe side and will not "over do" the chocolate products like I was doing.

I also use a prescription from my doctor that helps when the migraines hit. In my opinion, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about it just to be on the safe side...

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I suffer from migraines so I know what living heck they can be...thank God for medication. Since I've been on Medifast I seem to have fewer but they have not gone away completely. Knowing what your food triggers are can be helpful, but it's difficult to pin down as triggers could be just about anything. Medifast chocolate doesn't seem to trigger me either for some odd reason but reg. chocolate does. Your doc may be able to help you sort out possible triggers...

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I get migraines also... I haven't noticed any correlation between Medifast & my migraines... I take a prophylactic med every day to keep them away, and have an abortive med that I take if I do get one. I would definitely talk to your dr, lots of help out there for us migraine-sufferers.....

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I suffer along with you guys. That's one reason I haven't cut out all of the caffeine yet. I try not to start drinking my iced tea until after I finish my water and if I wait too long I can feel the headache starting. If I ignore it for too long, it will turn into a full blown migraine with all the side effects. I'm taking two meds for something else totally different but fortunately are a migraine preventative as well..

I sympathize with you totally..

I can't use Equal sweetener. I found that out the hard way. So, I know for sure my triggers are Equal, lack of caffeine, stress and anxiety..

Take care and hope your migraine area very few and far between...

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I too am a migraine sufferer. Have been on Medifast for almost 3 weeks and only had couple and luckily not as intense as they have been. I have cut my caffeine intake down by a lot (you would shudder at how much coffee and SF redbull I used to drink) and so far not bad. The chocolate for me has not been much of a trigger in the past so I have not noticed any difference with my migraines before and after MF. Hope you don't suffer too much!! Best of luck..

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I suffer from migraines as well. I think the reason that Medifast might tigger migraines is because of the lack of food. That is why it is important to eat or drink your Medifast meals on time all the time. I take Imitrex and another medicine for my stomach b/c my stomach is very upset with the migraines. If you eat your medifast meals on time then the migraines should be under control in fact I used to have more migraines before medifast. But as everyone else said it is important that you go see a doc and get the medication that works for you...

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I've had migraines and cluster headaches since I was 4. I have to say, short of the time in my teens when all I ate was salad and fruit, this is the first time I feel like I have a real handle on them. I've gotten 1 or 2 in the 8 weeks on plan, but nothing like before, even the first 3 day headaches were not as intense.

If you are a caffeine head, slowly wean yourself down. Some folks dropped it immediately and that could really trigger some headaches. What I did is make myself drink 1 bottle of water before I'd let myself drink a soda (20 oz water, 12 oz soda), I've managed to cut my work day soda intake down to 3-4 which is a third of what I Was drinking before... and no effect on the headaches.

NS has also suggested (or someone has) having a little boullion soup ... with lots of bathroom running and little to no crazy sodium intake (think prepared foods, fast food, etc) we may be feeling the loss there as well.

Even my family has noticed how rarely I get hit with the headaches now, so I think something must be helping..

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I have been a migraine sufferer for 30 + years. I haven't seen any correlation between Medifast & migraines, but I haven't stopped drinking coffee either. Mine are stress & MSG related.

I am NOT a Dr. - so don't take this as advice from a physician, but I DO take Topomax & that has definitely decreased the frequency of the migraines - this might be something you might want to discuss with your own physician. It also does not cause the weight gain that some other migraine preventatives do. I hope this helps - D..

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I seem to be a serious sufferer of migraines while on MF. It might be an initial hurdle I need to get through and then I'll be fine. However for me personally when the migraine hits, all I want to do is sleep, and I don't crave sweets, I just lose the ability to make any efforts I guess. Basically it's still an excuse for me, but it's something I need to talk with my Dr. about. I've tried every possible preventative migraine medicine...

I also haven't found a pain medicine that actual works for me. Imitrex is like a joke in the fact it does absolutely nothing to make them go away. I've tried more of a life-style adaption to reduce all triggers that I can. Maybe one day I'll find my own personal mix.....

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Definitely talk to your doctor, and/or a neurologist. There are several things that they can give you, depening on your medical history and personal health. As said above, I'm not a doctor either, I went for years without doing anything about them... I'd always had them, no one ever did anything to help (md) so I figured I was stuck.

Topomax has been mentioned- It definitely did decrease the frequency of my migraines And even some of the cluster headaches... unfortunately, I had to go off it after a year because I started getting some of the memory loss that some folks taking it can get. Doctors are also using drugs like Verapamil (and other beta blockers), again, quite helpful, but as my BP was already low... passing out wasn't a great switch for me.

Your doctor should explore every option open to you, but you've got to let them know just how important it is to you. My doctor was quite upset when he finally found out how bad they were (heh... the clusters had me banging my head on the wall and punching out doorways... one cracked hand and freaked out family later, I finally spoke up and got help.

I have no idea if Medifast is helping, if I'm just doing something that is helping, or if, with July, the clusters at least will be back. I just know that I'm quite happy being without them for even a short time.

Good luck and let us know what the doc says!!..

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I never took Imitrex, but most of the "migraine" meds I took as preventatives, required taking it at the first symptom but if you do not get warnings, or if you do and wait even a bit too late, the preventative is pretty much a waste. The doc should be giving you something for pain as well, for times when the preventatives don't work. For all the new stuff out there, Fiorinal along with 2 advil and either double strength coffee or a diet soda still do more for the pain than anything else we've tried- it was my neurologist that told me to try this, and it helped, but that's me, not you!.

I was taking Maxalt (And before that Zomig), which did work very well to prevent them, IF I knew I was getting it. I don't have auras and with the migraines, it's usually boom I have it, so I just went back to the old tried and true. There are So many different types of meds out there that can and are being used to treat migraines now days, please defintely discuss your feelings and results with him/her and see what else is available for You.

Good luck!.

And sorry for the chatty cathy posting..

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