How to deal with loss of appetite during Medifast?

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I seem to have completely lost my appetite this past week. I know this is not good and just slowing down my weight loss. I like all the food - so it's not to do with that, I'm just NOT hungry!!!.

Has anyone experienced this, and how did you over come this? Any suggestions are welcome!..

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Don't think of the Medifast food as meals, think of them as medicine you have to take to lose weight. Once you get in the habit of having them every 2-3 hours it will become a routine..

Also, for me the shakes and hot drinks seem less like food when I am not hungry than the soups or oatmeals that involve some chewing...

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You are playing my song I feel like that a lot of the time..

Vie's idea is the BEST one there is. At first when I didnt' really like the taste of the food, I pretended I was an astronaut and this was the ONLY way I could get any nutrition. And I literally forced myself to eat I tend to stick to the shakes when I feel like that.

You can do it you are doing so great!.


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LOL - Astronaut food!!! Good call!!!.

And thanks vie, I just got up and made a hot cocoa instead of my usual cup of afternoon tea!!!.

I'm thinking maybe if I increase my exercise, I'll get a little more hungry?..

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I agree....and I am on the same page usually.....just do it and get in the habit of eating regularly every 2-3 hours...I don't know about you but preMF I only ate one large meal a day and that is a habit that needs breaking....hang in there.....

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Just do it. I'd eliminate the bars and soycrisps for a while if you are eating them and stick to the shakes and cold drinks. The beauty of this program is that it virtually eliminates hungry...

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I agree. Very often I have to make myself eat because I am not hungry..

When you think about it, it's a benefit of the program...

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I am sooo jealous. Wish I could trade with ya...I am always hungry even if my body says I am not, my crazy hungry brain does not want to listen...

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I went through the same thing - I think I even posted about it a month ago or so (maybe more like 6 weeks...) Anyway, I just used a lot of liquid meals during that time. Your appetite will come back - and then go away again, etc. I find that before my TOM I am wanting more crunchy or salty foods now. This is totally different for me because I always used to crave sweet foods. I think because there is so much sweet on MF, I don't feel like I'm not getting it. Sorry, a little rambling there.

Just use the liquids during this time and save the soups and bars for the times when you are really hungry. Don't worry, it's actually one of the benefits of this program!..

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