How to deal with gas from Medifast?

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Hi all. I've been away from the boards and the plan for several

I've gained back several pounds and decided to give it another "go". The primary reason for my lapse is that I just could NOT take the gas any longer. I started back with the Diabetic Medifast 5 and 1 yesterday and by now (Tuesday afternoon)...around 4:30pm...I'm in agony again..

When I started in November, 2006...the reports that I saw from all of you who had such astounding losses helped me just "ignore" the gut and bowel rumbling. I lost 35 lbs by July, 2007...and was so happy, I thought I could put up with any discomfort for that kind of result..

When I weighed this past Sunday and realized how much my weight had crept back up....7lbs!!! I resolved to try again. However two days back in the program...and I'm back to doubled over with the pressure of gas in my bowels.

If a customer came to the garden center right now, I would have a very hard time getting up to assist them....

How have any of you handled this "delicate" issue??? And if Nutrition is out there reading this....HELP!!! I want to lose the last of my weight..aprox 20 more pounds...but not like this....thanks in and peace...lynnann..

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Just wanted to say HEY! I've missed your posts and your avatar!.

I hope Nutrisystem can help you find a way to be more comfortable...sounds miserable!~..

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Good to see you again! But, so sorry to hear of your problem. Why don't you give Nutrisystem a call? This sounds too urgent to wait for them to reply here. Here's the contact info:.

If you would like to contact a Nutrition Support person confidentially you can do so by phone at 800.509.1281 or via email:Our team of registered dietitians is available Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time)...

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Try Beano, you take it before meals and helps prevent the gas...

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I agree with NS....and give the over the counter stuff a shot....Welcome back..I sure hope this will helps......Let us know..Later Prez..

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And I thought I was the only one with that problem! OK, so I'm not doubling over in pain, but I have had a lot of expulsions on this diet. (I do a lot of making faces and glancing at someone else near me, just in case anyone else notices, if you know what I mean.) I have considered some of the OTC medications, as they have worked for me in the past. Are you getting in all your water? Just wondering if that might be part of it.....

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Have you tried using a probiotic? It does wonders for the digestive system and, for me, helps with gas and the pain associated with it..

Good luck!!!.


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I had about three miserable weeks with constant gas, but after that it pretty much went away. I was told to hang in there for about that long, and I have to say it worked. I thought my DH and dog were going to move into the garage for a while there!.

I was told that it was a reaction to eating soy (or the milk based products) but I adapted over time. You might search in the Medifast Nutrition support, as there are questions they already addressed about this issue.

Good luck!!!..

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Thank you all so much for your help with this delicate issue. I think the culprit for me is that I love the oatmeal first thing in the morning. The past few days I've been trying to eat or drink something else...I also dug out the Beano and the Acidopholus and started taking them in the morning with my first cup of coffee. I'll keep you updated as whether these work. It's 1:42pm here and it's starting to churn and bubble and "move" 3:30pm I'll be "out watering the plants" in the breeze that is blowing and peace...lynnann..

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A fiber supplement has been the answer for me. I take 5 fiber pills (metamucil) in the evening before I go to bed (I also use flax seed in the oatmeal) and this causes my digestive system to "firm" up and a lot of the gas problems are taken care of. That along with the gasx hopefully will help. Nutrisystem will probably have othe tips. I am in maintenance now and find that the increase in fruits, milk and veggies are causing the gas again...

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I had some chicken noodle soup the other day I have not had that in months.. within an hour and a half I was slumped over my husband said what is wrong.. I said I don't know but I think I'm going to give birth !!!! I took three tums and laid on my tummy with my legs pulled up... within thirty mins it was all over with ! Now I'm afraid to try the soup again ! I hear you on the pain level.... it was horrible... as my DIL came into the house she said what is wrong? I told her "I think I'm in labor here" I'm 54 years old....

What do I have to lose???? LOL..

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You may be having a bit of lactose intolerance and according to Nutrisystem you might want to dry the 70 shakes which have less lactose. Hope you feel better soon...

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The gas comes and goes for me too. I carry an "emergency supply" of GasX and that takes care of it in about a half hour!.

Good luck!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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