How to deal with cravings during Nutrisystem?

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When you are having a craving and you've already eaten all your Nutrisystem food for the day, what do you do with yourself? (Hopefully, NOT eat!!!)..

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Your question was: How to deal with cravings during Nutrisystem?.

Jello! Cauliflower with soy sauce! A cup of chicken/beef/veggie broth! The possibilities really are endless. Orrr, if the situation is really desperate I allow myself 20 calories of mini marshmallows. Mmm...

Comment #1

2 tricks for me.

1- sugar free gum.

2- brush my teeth!.


Comment #2

I usually drink a glass of water or two. Then, if it's not too late, I'll call someone since I'm not going to eat while talking on the phone or go to the gym in my building or for a walk (since my cravings usually subside if I hold out 20-30 minutes). Or,I'll take a bath since I'm not going to eat in the tub. If none of that works, then it's time for some SF Jello, or Crystal Light or some other flavored water. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm wondering if some of the SF syrups blended with ice might also be a "safe" way to deal with the situation, too...

Comment #3

I do needlework, ( hands are busy), or wash my hair, paint my nails, start laundry, etc. OR, I sit at the computer and read these boards!..

Comment #4

I drink diet soda or crystal light. It makes me feel like I'm "having" something...

Comment #5

Sugar free mints, brush teeth, water, get on computer and read boards and if it is close to bedtime I will go on to bed...

Comment #6

Hot beverage like decaf coffee or hot cocoa.

Sf jello with ff reddi whip.


If I'm at work and have no freebies available, I just tough it out. It will pass..

Change the tv channel, exercise, turn on the computer, walk the dog.


Comment #7

Normally I have my snack quite late in the evening...a lot of the time it's a "baked" apple with LF Vanilla Silk poured over it or yogurt/fruit either regular or as a smoothie..

I try to stretch my earlier meals out so that I'm not hungry during the afternoon (thereby saving the snack), then have dessert about an hour and a half after dinner (8:00-ish) and the snack about 9:30. (Evenings are a bad "munchie" time for having those two meals left over are very helpful.).

I've really only had one night in a little more than seven weeks when the munchies overtook me and I went a little crazy and had TWO Nutrisystem snacks!!!..

Comment #8

Non-fat milk with sugar free cholate syrup. Doesn't seem to hurt my weight, as I exercise tons every day...

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