How to cure salt cravings during Medifast?

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Ok So I am in week one on program. I would not have said I was a salty person, but I am starting to crave potatoe chips, fries, etc. Any ideas or tips on how to cure the salt craving? Are their any good Medifast options that didn't come in the variety pack to order for next time?.

Any and all ideas are apprciate!.

I am sooooo glad I cleaned my pantry before I started this, or I am sure I would have found some stale chips to fill this craving! lol..

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I love the puffs for a salty fix - did you get any of those in the variety pack? There are also honey-mustard pretzels, although they aren't my taste.

There is also a recipe if you search the boards for making chips out of different soups.

Also, an on-plan snack of dill pickles really fixes my taste for salt. I get the sandwich thin slices and 5 of them are one snack. (Just make sure they don't have any added ingredients like HFCS - weird, but many of the sandwich stackers ones do have added sugar!! Organic ones seem to not have any. I get a big thing of them at GFS that don't have any, and the Trader Joe's brand doesn't have any.)..

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I'm becoming less of a salty person every day, but let me tell you, if they'd had a crunchy, ranch flavored salt lick at work before I started MF, I'd have shown up early and stayed late every day. Do you have any packets of the cream soups? I haven't tried with the others, but the cream of broccoli soups make the most amazing chips! They've cured any salty/crunchy urge I've had, and don't need any additions at all. DH even likes them, and he wouldn't touch broccoli with somebody ELSE'S ten-foot pole.

Just mix the soup powder with 3 Tablespoons of water until it's spreadable, take a pie plate (or a dinner plate..I like the clear pie plate so I can check the progress, but no matter) sprayed with Pam.. spread the "batter" as evenly as possible (pretty thin) and microwave for 2 minutes. If you're using the glass pie plate, check underneath and see if the middle is browning at all. If not, microwave in 30 second increments until it is. Cool for a few minutes, break in to pieces, and eat!..

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I don't remember the name of the thread but someone make a caramel crunch bar with a little kosher salt (I think kosher) and it was a sweet and salty granola bar..

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I've found that when I reeeeeeeeally need salty/crunchy I take my lean as grated RF cheddar and just melt it in the microwave (on parchment paper or a pam-sprayed plate) until it's stiff and crunchy. Actually, it won't be stiff until it cools a bit, so just watch it until it's browning around the edges and then pull it out. It costs me my entire lean; but my goodness it answers the mail for salty/crunchy...

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The puffs are great for this, but my favorite salt fix are the ranch and white cheddar soy crisps. I used them for my optional daily snack pretty often during the first month or two.

Eventually those cravings completely disappeared, so I stopped eating the soy crisps - I didn't notice them slowing my weight loss at all during those first months...

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OhMyGosh, Sandi, are you really 0.8 lbs from 50 lb loss!?!?!? WOW! Congrats and great job!!!..

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The soups made into chips are a super fix for those salty/crunchy cravings!.

I also quite enjoy the HM pretzels. The Ranch soy crisps (optional snack) are AWESOME, but they cause me to have severe cravings and so I won't be ordering more of those.....

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I love the Parmesan Puffs and the Ranch Soy Crisps for my crunchy/salty fix...

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When on rare occasion I crave salt...I do the soup and add bouillon cube in it. Enough to make it salty. The draw back is water retention in my case so probably not a good idea for you...

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Thanks for all of the great ideas! I didn't get any puffs with the variety pack. I guess I will have to order some. In the interium the melted cheese sounds awesome, and I will need to try the soup chips!..

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