How to cope with Medifast cravings?

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Well where do I start. I am currently on week 3 and so far I have been on plan.. I just keep having these cravings for anything... like I could kill just to have a slice of pizza, or some spaghetti and meatballs..... (im italian). It has been soooo hard to stay OP for this long, and it is getting easier I just am starting to have overwhelming cravings.

How do you guys cope with these cravings?? I realize no food will taste as good as goal will feel... but I just need some insiration....


Does anyone have any recipes for some L&G Chili, Taco Salad, or even a steak or chicken recipe???? thanks!.


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Hi Ryan, Have you checked out the recipe thread. There is a cauliflower pizza recipe which takes a little work but it is really good. If you have a magic bullet or something like that it makes the cauliflower really mushy so that is belnds right into a "dough" Add toppings and it was really good..

I use Soopermommy's marinara recipe and make chili by adding chili powder, I use it as a sauce for spaghetti squash to get my pasta fix. I have found using 99% FF turkey to make meatballs I don't add any crackers, egg beaters, just a little spice, make small meatballs then let them simmer in the sauce for a minimum of two hours..

There was a good looking taco salad on a blog where they used a ranch dressing spritzer and topped lettuce with ground meat, taco seasoning, cheese..

Do you enjoy cooking? I think my experience here would be much more difficult if I didn't. I have lots of the Mrs. Dashs for my steak and chicken and even though it is winter, we still grill outside...

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Hi ya Ryan! Good luck to you.

You really just need to get creative. I had spaghetti and italian sausage last week. I used Shirataki noodles (they're really not bad - kinda like overcooked spaghetti), made my own tomato gravy and had chicken sausage. It was really good.

Pizza, I make "bread" out of the tomato soup and make little round pizzas from that using low fat mozzerella cheese and a little pizza sauce..

The recipe board is a great resource but you need to be careful b/c not everyone puts the right cals/carbs/etc. My rule of thumb is I put any recipe into the myplan section and let it tell me the right cals/carbs, etc.. It's a pain in the butt at first, but once it's in it makes it much easier to log...

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Thank you guys for the tips! I really do love to cook, but I work full time and I'm also a full time student so it gets crazy sometimes. I will definately look into my options. At least it's just mental hunger lol, I'm never really hungry.......

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Ryan for a quick quick pizza crust you can use portabella mushrooms. That will count towards your green, there is a turkey pepperoni you can use for your lean. Then it just taste like pepperoni pizza with mushrooms...

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Another thing, Ryan, since you are a busy student, you may want to do what I do..

I make a lot of the Medifast recipes by the dozen and freeze them so they are ready when my craving hit..

For example, right now I have a dozen Cauli-Pizza crusts, Medifast muffins, waffles, Brownies, and Bread in my freezer..

The hardest thing for me was if my family wanted to do something impromtu, I would be left scrambling to make 2 dinners or find something that would keep me from eating Off Plan..

This tip has worked for me quite well..

One more thing: Once your body is in the mild ketosis that Medifast puts it into, your cravings do subside and are much more manageable. Especially when your mind knows it will be getting fed again in 2 hours. In order to keep your body in that great fat burning state, you gotta stay on plan. Even a little extra cinnamon or another condiment can throw your body off. Medifast is a very structured plan, for a reason. Super simple, but not always easy..

Also feel free to click on the links in my siggy. I have them there for newbees, but I get PMs from oldies who have enjoyed them as well..

Bon Appetito and good luck with school...

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L&G taco salad: Saute a pound or so of ground beef or turkey and add in chili powder and a can of low salt diced tomatoes (drained). This can be kept in the fridge and weigh out the amount when you want a taco salad. Put chopped lettuce, celery, etc. in a bowl and top with your sauteed meat mixture (cold or warm it a bit if you like the meat that way) and add a couple Teaspoons of salsa on top as your dressing and stir..

(I wrote this quickly so make sure you measure and account for all condiments to stay on plan)..

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The taco salad recipe above looks good. I think I'll try that. Hang in there Ryan...

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Last night I made chicken breast and sliced it open put in a wedge of laughing cow cheese closed the chicken and topped it off with salsa baked it a 350 degrees for 25 min and it takes amazing! Had some red peppers and cucumbers for my green. great meal..

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I loved this recipe for Taco salad. Thanks Sheddingit. Also when I get a craving. I journal becuase being an emotional eater. I get bad cravings when I want to avoid whatever else it is that's bothering me.. I also nix the cravings by looking at the recipe boards and putting whatever I am craving in the SEARCH area.

IT is a journey but you are so worth it...

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Here's my recipe for "Italian Boca Burger"...I buy the larger ones from Sam's, so instead of eating 2 (a HUGE amt.), I add cheese to make up for the little bit of lean. If you buy the reg. size ones at Kroger or wherever, you'll have to adjust the recipe. You can make it in less than 15 mins. if you use canned green beans :-).

1 Boca Burger-grilled.

1 ounce Kraft Mex.Style Four Cheese blend (low-fat).

1 cup cooked green beans.

1/2 cup Italian style diced tomatoes.

1 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese.

Layer in a small casserole: green beans, tomatoes, grilled Boca, cheese...micro or heat in oven til cheese melts, top with Parmesan...

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In addition to the wonderful food suggstions, I have an attitude suggestion to make. You really, truly have to get to the point where losing the weight and regaining your health/freedom/appearance/personal respect is more important than any cuisine, food, taste or feeling of fullness. You have to really WANT to do this for it to REALLY WORK. Once you get the Medifast Success Bug, nothing can hold you down!.

Hang in there!.


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You will get through it! My husband always wants to bring home a pizza and I'm actually starting to feel sorry for him b/c I always say no...poor thing. Anyway, I also make pizzas out of the COT or COB soups (they both taste the same with seasonings). Try mixing things up a bit...You're doing great!..

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Thanks for the recipes everyone... I am actually pretty good with avoiding all temptation.. I have no problem with it at all... it's just the dreams and the mental thoughts of the food I "used to' love.....

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I make a simple taco salad a couple nights a week..

Either ground turkey or ground beef, iceburg lettuce and 3 tbs of salsa.

If I use the leaner version of the meat and I have a healthy fat to use I put a tsp of sour cream in there..

I put it all in tupperware with a lid and shake it up really good so everything is coated with the salsa...

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I have the mental hunger sometimes, too. It's more difficult to deal with than real hunger in many ways, because the real hunger gets satisfied by the Medifast meals. In my experience, a few things have really help hold the longing for off plan foods to a minimum.

1. Going off plan is EXPENSIVE! Each slip up that pulls you out of ketosis is three more days on the program - about $40. Suddenly that slice of pizza just doesn't seem worth it..

2. Remove yourself from the situation when you feel the craving get triggered. For me, it's commercials for foods I used to eat all the time (like McDonalds). I either leave the room or turn off the tv for a minute. In social situations, I go to the bathroom. You'd be amazed how much the mirror in there helps get me through a tough day..

3. Start including things in your L&G or Medifast foods that satisfies that craving a little. There are lots of different ways to fake a pizza, and you can have meatballs - they just might be a little different than the way you used to eat them..

Just always remember that it's worth it, that YOU are worth it. Slipping up is never as tasty as you wanted it to be, and the consequences pretty much suck...

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Ryan, I am so happy to read your post and I just have to laugh. I am only on day 3 of Medifast and last night I had the most overwhelming craving for potato chips and macaroni and cheese, mixed together, which I never eat that way! LOL!.

I am definitely going to be reading these boards heavily in the upcoming weeks to stay motivated...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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