How to cook veggies during Nutrisystem plan?

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When the plan says to use cooked vegetables, does it mean like low fat cooked veggies or regular ones. I usually use butter and salt and sugar to cook my veggies is that allowed? confused..

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Your question was: How to cook veggies during Nutrisystem plan?.

You definitely don't want to use butter and sugar. That's interesting. I've heard of using butter and salt on vegetables, but not sugar..

You can also buy bags of the frozen vegetables that come in bags where you can throw them in the microwave and steam them...

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My MIL dumped butter and sugar in every vegetable she cooked. The first time I saw her do it I did a double take! (we're from the Gettysburg PA area - maybe it's regional)..

Comment #2

You can use the fat-free butter sprays on your veggies after cooked though to get the butter flavor...

Comment #3

It means use regular veggies..

I'm not sure where you get the idea that drowning them in butter, salt, and sugar is "regular". It certainly isn't for me!..

Comment #4

Someone alert the media! This has to be a first!..

Comment #5

Get rid of the butter and the sugar. try pepper, red pepper, herbs, etc...

Comment #6

I have a friend who puts some kind fat and sugar in all veggies and beans. Never had green beans with sugar and a little oil before but she tells me everyone loves her gr. beans and she takes them all events that she takes food too, as she is asked to bring them...

Comment #7

Cooked vegetables means vegetables that are cooked, not vegetables with added ingredients. Green bean casserole does not count as a cooked vegetable.

And please don't jump to conclusions and call someone with a question a troll. If you've read her other posts, it's clear that she just has questions...

Comment #8

Right, people accused me of being a tease as well...

Comment #9

She's not a troll...she is just lookin' for answers...

Comment #10

Join date isn't always your start date. I know mine isn't...

Comment #11

Definitely don't add anything to your veggies if you don't have to. I marinate mine in a fat free marindate with some fresh dill and grill them. I also steam and have recently started making cauliflower in a variety of ways from recipes I found over on one of the recipe boards here (cauliflower breadsticks and cauliflower pizza)...

Comment #12

OOOOOkay...I'll be patient with you.

I have spoken with her...she's not a troll.

Life is all about choices and I just chose not to be a dick and light you up...

Comment #13

*points at my "edit"*.

Indeed. A facepalm is most appropriate...

Comment #14

I lived in Texas for 12 years. Lots of southern folks season veggies that way. If you want similar flavor, (ook the veggies without fat, but add a pin(h or two of splenda, then serve sprayed with some I (an't Believe it's not Butter..

Kat D..

Comment #15

Whoa! You got an avatar Mimi!!! Sooooo nice to see the face behind the a$$!..

Comment #16

I know it says that I joined in 2007, but I only started the program last week. I posted that question because I am from the south and everyone I know around here adds those items to their food. I haven't been adding those to my food I was just curious. Oh well. Next time I will know better than to ask just anything. Thanks to those who took my question seriously...

Comment #17

Please don't let one or two negative responses scare you off. Most people here are very nice and helpful...

Comment #18

You weren't one of the negatives. I didn't think so, at least...

Comment #19

You just keep asking questions. All the questions you want. No matter how trivial others may act towards them, they do not own these boards. They are for use by all members and you being a member are more than welcome just like anybody else. Just tell the negative people to go pound sand...

Comment #20

I don't think anyone was trying to be nasty. I think we were just all floored at the idea that you're doing a weight loss program and you're not sure if you can add BUTTER to your vegetables? I mean, that kind of defeats the point...

Comment #21

Thanks guys!! I will try the suggestions offered. I am just looking for advice. Before I started this diet, I did use light margarine in my food. I understand that is not a good idea anymore. I have been looking for alternatives any suggestions??? I will still use the board because I need all the help I can get. Thanks again...

Comment #22

Pepper, herbs, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar..

Actually really the best thing is to use the SAUCE from your Nutrisystem entree. The entrees are too saucey. And the veggies, too boring. So mix them together and pepper up. Wa-la!..

Comment #23

Maybe it's a southern thing, because my grandmother frequently put sugar in vegetables....That's probably why diabetes run in my family!..

Comment #24

I agree with Poly about using veggies as a base for your entre. Delicious!.

There are also some sprays like Smart Balance (comes in a squeeze and a spray) and ICBINB (I Can't Believe It's Not Butter). Use in moderation. A "serving" of ICBINB is 0 ccalories...the entire bottle has over 900 calories.

If you roast veggies I think they taste as sweet as if you added sugar.

Ask away...and, enjoy!..

Comment #25

Foreman grilling makes them sweet. Roasted tastes like mush...

Comment #26

Hey I grew up with veggies fried in oil and others boiled with bacon grease and salt and pepper - hmmm could be why I'm here now. Green beans were gray not green. A little Sugar was sometimes added to cabbage but it never made it sweet just cut the bitterness... but of course that was also cooked with bacon. I stopped eating veggies like that along time ago but some still consider it "regular". Give her a break...

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