How to cook chicken during Medifast?

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Ok...we make a lot of jokes around my house hoping that the smoke alarm's battery is charged. Otherwise however would I know that my chicken is done?.

I blame it on being a vegetarian for over ten years..

I blame it on having got an uncooked piece before ..

I blame it on no one ever teaching me how..

Ok...I'm out of excuses..

I do not know how to cook chicken. This has become a very serious goal for me. For me to succeed long term I must master this...especially since chicken and fish are really the only meats that I like..

So I am on quest to learn how to cook chicken. I need some serious help!..

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Boil it!.

I take boneless/skinless chicken breast tenderloins and boil them in chicken broth until done. Just watch it turn white and then take it out and cut it open when you think it may be done. Should take just a few minutes boiling it,.

Hope that helps!!!..

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Thermometer, thermometer, thermometer!.

I always use a thermometer and cook poultry to temperature. The times listed on the packages are never correct for me and always leave the meat underdone when I check it with my meat thermometer.

You can also use the "cook until juices run clear" trick if baking..

Crock pots are also good since you can basically leave the chickens in the pot all day and never have to worry about them getting too dry as long as there is liquid in the bottom..

You also don't need to cook the whole breast, you can cube it small and cook it in a pan like a stir fry...

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I swear by my George Foreman grill...13 mins start to finish for a boneless chicken breast. I ALWAYS check any kind of meat with thermometer tho...even steak which I know some people eat rare but YUK, not me! I have one like this:

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Rule of thumb for chicken, is 20 minutes per pound. If you have bone in, add another 20 min to that total. That's for a 350 degree oven. Meat thermometer is the best bet...

Comment #4

I grill mine with a little olive oil and garlic for seasoning. Grill 7 minutes each side.

Good Luck...

Comment #5

Definitely get yourself a thermometer. A chicken breast should not cook past 161 (at least not if you want to be able to chew it), the thighs should be 180 degrees. Take it out and cover with foil and let it set for a few minutes. Perfect every time...

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I get the large packages of chicken breasts to save some money. Problem is, one side is super thin and the other really thick. Hard to cook when it's not an even thickness..

I cut each breast in half lengthwise, then put a half in a ziplock or cover with plastic wrap. Set it on the counter and beat it until it is the same thickness throughout. This does 2 things, tenderizes the chicken and creates a uniform thickness for even cooking.

I just throw it in my George Foreman grill for 5 minutes or so... doesn't take long since I've pounded them pretty thin. Comes out tender and juicy every time...

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The george foreman grill is my best friend for pretty much everything! you cant burn anything in those!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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