How to combat hunger from Medifast?

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Hi there!.

YES, I am new to Medifast. YES, I have been absolutely 100% On Plan since I started on the 1st of November. YES, I am EXTREMELY happy with the results..

I fill in my nutritional guide faithfully every single day. I have 5MF and 1L&G per day. I do not have any snacks, nor do I have any condiments or any extras at all. I do not sample food, nor do I taste anything other than my 5MP and 1L&G (living alone right now, this is very simple!). I have no problem sticking with the plan or the diet. I sort my carbs out to be 90g or less each day though mixing/matching my Medifast products and my L&G meals.

I did not experience any hunger for the first three weeks of this program..

SO WHY am I experiencing hunger NOW, on days 22 and 23?? I AM STARVING within 1.5 hours of eating!!!.

NOTE: I will NOT go off plan, and I WILL endure the discomfort. It won't kill me. And I'm not complaining. I'm just wondering if there is something that I am overlooking!.

Can anyone help me out?.


"I didn't go to EVIL medical school for seven years to be called MR. Evil..."..

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Maya, i've had the very same thing happen to me. go ahead and eat your next Medifast meal a bit early. it really won't hurt, and then you won't be hungry then go to bed early tonight if you can. that's my strategy for getting through days like that...

Comment #1

I actually did the same thing. What helped me was splitting my L&G up a bit. For example .... add a little of your protein to your eggs at breakfast or have a little protein with some salad at lunch.

It helped for me and also - it's okay to add a snack with you're hungry..

Comment #2

Maya -.

I started 4 1/2 weeks ago, so just a week before you. I have had incredible hunger on some random days here and there. Hormones might have something to do with it, more exercise on some days. I have been NOT been able to pinpoint a reason each time it happened. A few people have said they notice hunger a day or two before a big weight drop!!!.

I'll cross my fingers that this is your reason!!..

Comment #3

Oh BOY, I hope the BIG DROP theory is true! Although I am truly grateful for every pound lost! Thanks to all for the advice so far! I hope I hear from more vets on this topic!!!.


Comment #4

Hi Maya. So far you have had some great responses, don't you love this board?.

I have those fact I find they usually coincide with one of a few things. PMS, really stressful days or a nice loss. And occasionally they are just completely random!.

To battle this I usually have my 5 Medifast and then divide my l&g into 2 meals. That way I end up eating closer together but still eating the right amounts. Oh and a ton of water! Also I have found keeping my hands and brain busy helps too. And if all else fails I take trish's advice and go to bed early!.

This too shall pass.........hopefully..

Comment #5

Hi Maya,.

I have that hunger every once in awhile. I will also drink more water even though that's not what I want and it helps. I will eat half a cucumber or drink a cup of broth and that does help/ I also sometimes eat a cup of salad with Galeos dressing and only have 2 cups of green for my LG. That does the trickAlso have a pickle or olives handy.

I also agree with Pam to stay busy and it will pass. I've heard that when you are hungry you are losing weight so watch your loss for those weeks and see if it's increased and watch for more inches lost then.

Best of luck to youIt sounds like you will do great and are commited 100% and you are doing great!..

Comment #6

Normally mine is around TOM. I will usually buy a bag of salad greens and have an extra green salad handy. I know this puts me over on my green, but I don't want to binge on something else. Two cups of spinach has like 30 calories and 3 or 4 carbs. I figure some people consume more than that in their half and half...

Comment #7

Thanks, everyone!.

I will absolutely persevere, and I will get over it soon enough, I'm sure..

Thanks for all the support! I will try some of the ideas above when I become absolutely desperate and the cat food starts to look appealing..

Thanks again.


Comment #8

Week 3-4 was my toughest! I believe that your body now really realizes that you are "serious" about this weight loss thing.. and you have passed the point where it thinks you will give up! Now it is trying to sabotage you because it WANTS to hang on to the fat!.

Keep pressing... it WILL get better, I promise!.

ANd for me.. when I starve like means I am about to drop weight! Push through the results are worth it!.

Great job!..

Comment #9

Thanks, Ms Rad!.

I certainly won't be giving up at all. I WILL be on plan. 100%. For sure. And I know that it will be worth it!.

Thanks again,.


Comment #10

WTG, Maya - you are right on track. Some very good suggestions here, nothing new that I could add except my encouragement. Keep it going, you can do it!!..

Comment #11

Hey Maya...hang in there!.

I am hungrier now as my body grows more efficient. I noticed that a couple of months ago. It's a good means we have a metabolism that's working again! Do whatever you can to make yourself comfortable and know that you will make it!.

Tea...extra water...a diversion...all great suggestions...and I agree, the REALLY hungry weeks generally resulted in a big loss!~..

Comment #12

I am going through the same thing. It's week four for me. The first two weeks were a breeze. Now my body doesn't want to lose any of this fat!!..

Comment #13

I know that nutritionally, the Medifast meals are supposed to be interchangeable, but I've found that on days when I have mostly shakes, I am ravenous. They just don't stick with me.

What has worked best for me in keeping the hunger down is:B: shakeM: oatmeal or scr. eggs + decaf coffeeL: soup + 1 veggieA: shake or shake cookiesD: protein + 2 veggiesE: pudding or cocoaS: herbal tea + Medifast apple cinn soy crisps if I feel snacky I'm also extremely active so I will probably always be on the hungry & fatigued side as my body just doesn't have enough fuel to support that amount of activity. So if you're very active that could be a factor too..

Also, many times I will opt for the more "dense" L&G options like poultry or fish (more ounces) & cooked veggies vs salad (more filling & satisfying to me). It took a while to see what combo of things worked best for me. Good luck & hope you have a less hungry weight loss journey!..

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