How to buy a gift subscription?

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My question is: How to buy a gift subscription?.

My 2nd question is: Hi there,Just wondering if you have a sage advice for me, I met this guy over two years ago after a bad break up, wasn't sure what his intentions were then, but I think he was looking for a girlfriend and I wasn't fit emotionally to be in another relationship. So I had him meet my friends to see if they connect. He took me off myspace and facebook and kept the friendship online with instant messenger, I really didn't question him about the facebook or the myspace since I think they are stupid anyway ( real friends are not just on myspace and facebook) but I must admit I was a bit hurt. Anyhow, I welcomed his friendship, even offered to be his wingwoman, but didn't really take up with any of my friends. One of my friend even asked him point blank, if he was interested in me, of course his answer was, we are just friends, that again kinda burn after hearing it from my friend. We kept in touch via instant messenger and occassionally hung out,he even asked me what I wanted as in what do I want? I said I didn't want to be in a relationship (thru right now.

I was puzzled again, because no real question was asked there. Anyhow, we still kept in touch even said we should hang out again and I said I thought of him and he seem excited to hear about it, then disappears again for three weeks and makes me puke thinking what the hell happened with him? I wondered if he got into an accident or worse, dead. I have his phone number, but I hate to call a guy just to check up on him if he is alive or not, seems like a caring thing, but since he took me off of facebook and myspace, I really am not sure if we are even friends? Sounds weird doesn't it?..

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Thanks, lo and behold, he sent me an IM, so he is alive. He was going through a 6 week crash course summer class. He said he was in class for six hours and has no personal life. I was just a little freaked out because I really want to be his friend. I am sorry, I didn't have much info from post but I want to get some opinion sort of a birds eyeview. Believe me, I have moved on, but there is something about this guy that makes me want to stick around even for his friendship.

During the time of the break-up. I met this guy and started talking to him. He understood my situation and we just forged a friendship because I was in so much pain, I needed someone to lean on. He visited me and I cried on his shoulder. He brought me a CD and was really kind.

I caught him glancing at me but I was too caught up with my misery to even make any meaning into it. I made dinner for friends and introduced him to some of my girl friends. They really like him and tried to go out with him. One of my friend seemed to notice that he was looking at me the whole time. I never paid attention to it, until one day, I went to my parents house and found myself thinking about him.

I find that I can mentally connect with him and he is very charismatic too. I think he is very handsome and I think he is sexy, I was just into myself and never really gave it a chance. I had gone out a couple of times after him and the guys were either going too fast to want an "instant relationship" as in trying to have sex too soon. Which I find repulsive with these guys. I on the other hand find this guys interesting and really think about him a lot..

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Starrynight.. girl.. you're so funny lol.

You go "Believe me, I have moved on".. and then proceed to write paragraphs demonstrating how you've not moved on whatsoever..

Look.  I went to Paris this summer and brought back a souvenir for a male friend.  Well, I found out he is interested in me and totally misinterpreted my gift to him.  He thought it was a sign I liked him too.  And you can see how he can twist in his mind like -oh, she was thinking about me while she was there etc.. But I wasn't at all.  I mean, I was in Paris with my bf, hello.  In fact, I didn't even buy that souvenir specifically for him, it was just something I bought and when I got back, decided to give to him..

What I'm saying is, just bec someone gives you a gift or is there for you, doesn't mean he likes you romantically.  Could just be a good person or friend.  And even if they liked you then, doesn't mena they like you now.  Again, time to move on..

If he wre interested, he would have straight asked you out.  But he didn't bec *he is not interested*.  Neways, didn't you say he has a gf?  Don't be the girl who goes after someone else's bf..

And get real, you are not seeking just a friendship with him.  If you were, you wouldn't be writing about it here, a dating (online dating with forum, and thinking about how you danced around hanging out..

Move on.  You deserve better. ..

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Wow, you really know a guys mind huh.I moved on because I was dating (online dating with or at least trying to date using other people.He did ask me "what do I want?" and we did hang out "in my term, maybe, anyone else could have interpreted those were dates.I was not interested because I was in funk then. When I was intesterested, he found a gf, many months after....he sent me an IM asking if I had a bf and if I was still after latin men. I laughed it off. I never did ask him if he is still with a GF. At that point, I didn't care. I wanted him as a friend.

Yes, I don't like it when a guy has a gf and still talks to me, but I never asked,and he was being really friendly with me, why would I shut him off, he was there fore me before.and if he had a gf why couldn't I be his friend. I could have had a bf, but didn't want any of the guys that I went out with. I was not desperate to have one. I wanted a friend, and he was that. If we were not meant to be, then I still want him as a friend, I could count him as being there if I needed him for anything.

He is that good of a guy. I am confident enough to get lover or a boyfriend, but I don't want that, I want his friendship...

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Girl, let get real like the other posters want him... lol..Friends doesn't have to talk every day..they could disappear for a while and when they come back we just picked up what we left off..But you worry about him when he did not contact you for weeks. U explained every details about him like you are falling for him but tried to deny that you just wanted a honest to yourself.....

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Well,  I am honest with myself, I love my friend and if it stays that way fine....of course I was freaking out when he didn't contact me,  we were going to hang out.  BTW the guys is waiting to get married before having sex, so it is not like I can do anything with him or him with anyone for that matter, he is not a virgin, but he is a bonafide born again christian or something and is wearing a chastity ring.  I am too earthly for that.  Which is why I didn't really paid him much attention.  He wants to get married someday, and I have already and it wasn't that great.  He made me rethink of a lot of things mainly going back to basics.  Like waiting for the right person and having more respect for myself.   I don't fall for guys that easily anymore,  it takes a lot of respect for me to like a guy nowadays especially what I have been through.  Thanks anyway.  Chao. ..

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