How to buy a gift card?

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My question is: How to buy a gift card?.

My 2nd question is: So I start talking to this guy online for 3 months and we hung out twice. He just got out of the relationship (thru and didn't want to start a new relationship (thru so we decided to become friends. He went back to his ex shortly after that because he wants to give it a try but it doesn't work out so well, they fight a lot because she wants to be exclusive but he wasn't ready and it's only been 2 months since they got back together. He invited me to his friend's birthday party next weekend and his ex (the girl that he's dating) will be there too. My question is what am I suppose to do if he introduce me to her? If she start asking question how I met her man? I don't want it to be awkward that I met him online but we are friends. I think it is good idea that he introduce me to her too so I know what kind of person she is because I only know her from what he told me but on the other hand I don't want her to get jealous because she never knew anything about me...

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I totally agree.  I might add that this guy's willingness to put both of these girls into such an awkward situation doesn't seem to speak too well for him...

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I agree it may be the best idea to avoid the party. If you do still decide to go and she somehow asks how you met, just say you knew one another online for a while. It's the truth right? I can't see the both of you coexisting in this guy's life for too long but don't feel the need to give away too many details...

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Blairbear89, i'm not in High School, I actually 32 yrs. old. and the fact that he invited me to his friend's party is because I just moved to the area and do not know anyone that why I went on the dating (online dating with site to look for new friend and I met him. His friend is from my country and he thinks it is a good idea for me to meet with him and he and his wife live really close to me so I can have friend to hang out sometimes. And I don't have to meet her. Or if her showed up I would say the truth that I met him online long time ago.

I work from home also that makes it more harder to find friends.thank you for the advice tho...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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