How to break bad habits during Nutrisystem?

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I was on such a roll with Nutrisystem for well over a month, I followed the program 100% and excercised everyday faithfully - I had lost 8 lbs and felt amazing - then family came to visit, 9 days was just long enough to send me back into every bad habit with food and drink. I gained every lb back. They have been gone for 3 weeks and I am just now getting back into exercise...why am I so easily derailed? Now I fear every holiday coming up and a 2 week visit home this summer...without my NS...

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Your question was: How to break bad habits during Nutrisystem?.

Were you having to cook for your guests? Were you having to entertain them with food and drink? I have stopped cooking for guests and do not entertain at home because it is too much work for me on top of trying to handle my own Nutrisystem foods. Everyone is told up front, "I am not cooking" and "I have my own special foods", please respect that...

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I wish that were possible - it was my mother in law - the queen bee - I had no choice but to make meals for her and I, breakfast and lunch and dinner - she is not the kind of guest that fends for herself -.

It was a fun visit but I found my days were totally different and therefore harder to plan meals/snacks - I am usually home 100% of the time and the visit derailed that..

Lesson is, I cannot lose weight only to gain it all back on a holiday. My mindset on holiday or during family visits has to remain the same -.

Overindulgence cant exceed one meal!?.

Thanks for everyones suggestions - when I visit my family I will take my food in my suitcase - deal with it!..

Comment #2

Make them eat what you eat... if they don't like it then they can fend for themselves or drive to McDonalds.

I hosted Memorial Day so that I would have 100% control over what was being made. I put out nothing but healthy foods and everyone was very content. I flexed through the meals for that day...

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You might have had to cook for her, tend to her, treat her to the houseguest treatment, BUT (and this is the big BUT): You didn't have to eat it..

And, overindulgence doesn't even have to extend to one meal. Wise choices do..

I finally, after so many years of being overweight and out of control, compared myself to the goose who is being force fed in order to have a fat liver and to provide good "fois gras" for the gourmets. I decided once and for all that I was going to refuse to be that goose any longer. Nothing or no one (not even ME) was going to force feed me again, ever..

Mindset is a powerful, amazing thing. I'm convinced that 99% of success in weightloss or any other human endeavor starts between the ears in our marvelous mind...

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There is no reason to "fear" the holidays and vacations. Want you need to do is plan for them.

First, be sure that everyone knows that you are on Nutrisystem and are very serious about loosing weight. That you are totally committed to the program and that you will be eating accordingly while you are visiting them.

Second, pack up and take you Nutrisystem meals with you. If your family has favorite meals that tend to get repeated during holidays and get togethers and there is a Nutrisystem food that is the same or similar be sure that you have it on hand to take with you. When I go home I make sure to always have a hamburger, chicken patty, barbeque wrap and an Italian dinner with me, plus whatever are my favorites and are available. I always take more dinners than I'll need so I'll have a little leeway to match as close as possible to what others are eating.

If I'm only going for a weekend, I take add ins/extras that I really like that may not be available in my mother's kitchen. If I'll be there longer I may bring my Ms. Dash and similar items that are just sporadic purchases but I make a trip the the grocery one of my first things to do there and pick up my add ins that are needed after having had the chance to check out what if available at home. I don't expect my family to have everything I'll need... but I do try to see how I can fit what I'm eating into what everyone else is having.

When the holiday meal is a potluck be sure to offer to bring things that are Nutrisystem friendly. Bring enough that you'll have what you need for your meal. I like to bring tossed salads, fruit and/or vegetable trays, deviled eggs, and if I'm at my mom's I'll take charge of the vegetables. (I'm expected to help with the cooking there.).

Also, make sure you are familiar with the flex plan for whichever program you are on. You need to know what goes into the entrees so you know how to flex them. For example, on Thanksgiving I don't want to eat a Nutrisystem boxed meal. I want turkey. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. I just need to know how many ounces of it I can have and what else I need to eat.

Remember to keep drinking your water. That's so important to helping you feel in control and to help curb your hunger when there are lots of temptations all around you. Be sure the desserts you take with you are things you really enjoy. Again, if I'm going home to celebrate a birthday I make sure to take a cake dessert along. If it's the 4th of July I make sure I have a brownie with me. Those are choosen because I can make an educated guess as to what type of desserts are going to be present and I know I'll be happier if I am eating something similar to what everyone else has.

If your trip is going to include eating at restaurants try to help steer the choice towards something that is Nutrisystem friendly. I like steak houses the best. I know I can get a steak (something Nutrisystem doesn't have) and steamed veggies, and a salad which will keep me within the Nutrisystem guidelines. And I either bring a bread with me or limit myself to one small roll or slice of bread for my carb for the meal. The thing to do is to know where you are going, check out the menu on-line and then have a plan so that when you go in you already know what you are going to order. Bring some of your own salad dressing with you so that you know you'll have a ff alternative.

Also, remember that restaurant foods have lots of salt in them, so up your water intake the day you go and for a couple of days afterwards to help get rid of all that extra salt.

You can make Nutrisystem work into your life. Remember that this really isn't a diet, it's a total reworking of your relationship with food. A lifestyle change. You need to learn how to integrate your new lifestyle into your family life and while you are loosing is the best time to do this. Otherwise, you'll have lots more trouble once you reach goal. Learn how to handle these challenges now.

And always remember that you are worth the time and effort that this journey asks of you. You can do this!..

Comment #5

I agree with you Pam. The mind is a very powerful thing. Good choices allows you to have a normal life outside of NS. Overeating is not normal. Using my mind to keep on track and to remind me to be disciplined has resulted in a 45 pound lost. I've learned things that will help me not to gain weight again. I do not see Nutrisystem as a diet plan, but as a training plan...

Comment #6

I suppose I am the exception rather than the rule when it comes to family dynamics and my relationship with my MIL I have always been an independent person and just because I got married I did not change. My MIL is the most wonderful woman I've ever known and she has always treated me like her own child (better than my own mother, in fact). She and my FIL have always worked outside the home and understand the lifestyle my DH and I have and they do not expect or want us to "fuss" over them when they come for a visit. As a matter of fact, they are the ones that do everything for us - at our house It bothers me to hear others discuss their in-laws the way you do or worse because it shows a very strained and uncomfortable relationship. IMO if your guests (related or not) expect you and your family to cater to them and go out of your way to accommodate them, then they should be staying at a hotel where people are paid to do so. You and other members of your household make the rules, so next time, set your guests straight on what those rules are or will be when they come...

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Wow - thank you everyone for the insightful help - I really appreciate it. You are all so very right - we cannot abandon the structure of this great eating plan when we are 'on holiday'.

It is really tough when you go home for a long visit and everyone wants to meet you for dinner or lunch and it is always out at restaurants - I never eat out so this is extra difficult for me..

I actually think the anxiety of the whole visit leads me to overeat/indulge. I have to find a way to get these feelings under control.

Why do we soothe ourselves with food/drink?..

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The planning ahead will make you feel more in control. You can meet for a meal if you want, most everywhere has a salad, you can get one that meets all the stats for a "flex" meal or get a regular salad and take a lunch bar. Suggest some other kind of get together, one that involves taking a walk maybe. Or a picnic, they bring their own food you bring yours so you can bring NS. You need to learn how to do this for a lifetime so consider this part as practice for when you reach maintenance and have to eat right all the time without NS. I have been doing that on weekends and it seems to be working well.

To used to it and holding on to pounds, the flex seems to help make things keep moving!.

Start planning now how you will handle being away and you will feel confident that you can do it!..

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