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My question is: How to block user from

My 2nd question is: Hello everyone!I believe I am in a happy relationship! Hopefully it remains so...The problem is more mine than his or ours. At the moment my bf is in Kuwait visiting family and I am in UK studying. We will se each other in a month but are online every day together. We are kind of used to this, and the moments when we get together are the best ever. The anticipation and desire is there....A couple of days ago he was amazing. He said he loved me, misses me etc.

I miss everyone a lot, him especially. I have usually kept it to myself but now I am all over him, crying every time we talk. I tell him I miss him 100 times a day. The result is....he doesnt really tell me he misses me first any more, or that he cant wait for me to go back. It is like I am pushing him away by being so soppy.What do you think?I really want to come back to earth and focus on myself..

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Here's my answer to your question: How to block user from

Worrying is normal, but it sounds like you got this extra rush of worry lately.  Your actions (telling him you miss him constantly and crying) tell me that you had a bad premonition about something in regards to him or your relationship (thru with him..

If you feel the need to tell him you miss him...just say it out loud to his picture.  True, a person who hears "I miss you" 100+ times a day may eventually grow concerned about you - not necessarily to break up - but wondering what is wrong and why are you becoming scared..

It is nice to hear a guy say he misses you, isnt it?  Why not address it head-on the next time you speak to him and just tell him that you've been spazzing a little and getting emotional but you didnt mean to be "all over him" - it's just that you care and you want him to know that.  That might smooth things over..


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Hi hermione89,.

Welcome to the board!!.

Try to relax.  guys don't need to hear the same thing over and over again.  and it's not in their nature to say things over and over again..

Snafu had a good idea to say it to his picture..



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Long Distance is the PITS..

I have had anxiety just like you are experiencing..

I found what helped me was to let him know that for some reason I was feeling really insecure and followed it up with an apology..

He appreciated this - and it actually helped me to determine where my insecurity was coming from.  Learning this  helped me to deal with it and put it to rest..

LDR's are difficult enough as it is.  You may want to check out the Long Distance Board here. ..

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Here's the thing - you are feeding your own feelings of anxiety and 'missing' him by dweling on those very things. The truth is - that feeling of separation is just that - a feeling. And feels are not facts or calls to action. They are feelings - and all feelings pass. Not all feelings are pleasant - but they all pass. Learn to deal withthem constructively..

Acknowledge your feelings - why do you feel separate from him or anyone else - the love is still there- but hte physical expression is not. Is there a way that you can show yourself expressions of love?  What is his absence keeping you from doing that allow you to enjoy life and the good feelings you have for him? .

Rather than focus on how bad his absence is - focus on the good things in life. the memories you share, plans you can make, etc. By holding onto negative energy, you jusst set yourself up to feel worse. STOP IT!.

He likely doesn't understand your unhappiness and crying - he is where he is and it just is a fact. Crying about it doesn't change it and knowing that you can't be happy regardless of your circumstances likely makes him feel bad about his choices and also cause him to wonder what happened to the happy vibrant woman he knew.

Hon, your happiness IS NOT contingent upon his presence. Wallowing in your self pity and unhappiness would imply that it is. Rather than focus on what yo ucan't change - his absence - focus on what you can - your own life, career, health and interests. Those things are always there - just like the feeling of love.

It is your choice to wallow and be miserable or to face his time away maturely and with as much self confidence as possible.  Crying and being soppy won't bring you closer - in fact, consider how you;d feel if the roles were reversed!.

Hon - let him know that you realize you've been overly emotional lately and that you allowed yourself to get swallowed up by the wrong focus. Thank him for his patience and share some plans with him on what you will be doing - take up a new interest or class if you can. Use this time to your benefit - it's here whether you wallow through it miserably or take it in stride - why not use it productively. That is a choice you must make.


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Hi misalesgal,.

Welcome to the board..

Good suggestion to be upfront with the men in our lives.  I can have my anxiety at times too.  And your right that it is so much easier once you know where it comes from..




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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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