How to block someone on

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My question is: How to block someone on

My 2nd question is: Hi, I am on here trying to get some help. I have a strange situation on my hands. Now I dated a guy for 6 years. Things were ok between us, but he had a problem with being treated good. So it ended due to me not trusting him and so on. Well that was in 2005.

The best friend lives and works with him and we hang out and talk on the phone. We are close like siblings. So last summer he had been dating (online dating with someone else and she didn't want us talking as friends since she was insecure about it. So he and I ended up stopping contact. Then I had a motor vehicle accident and went to see our best friend and he avoided me since his gf at the time was there.

For awhile I didn't talk to the common friend since he was part to due with it. But ok, so he was dumped by that gf the day after he and I stopped talking. Well months went by, I started talking to my old best friend again, not my ex. Well recently he came out to hang out with the best friend and I. It has been almost 8 months of nothing and he pops up.

Now when he is out, our best friend will leave us together and so wont most of the other people around. Now he didn't ask for my number, he said he would get it from the best friend. Now I can understand coming out once, he told me his sister, got married. Her and I used to be close as well. Now things never change with us, he spent half the night staring at me and the other half playing with my cell phone or his, or trying to make jokes.

I would have been fine the way it was before, but with him recently coming out the old feelings have started to come back. I'm not sure what to do. Now also the best friend we have likes me, the guy knows I would never date using him since he is my ex's best friend. But most people tell me if he came out more then once and was like old times that is a good sign? I'm confused. I know what my heart tells me, I know what my head tells me.

I have gone up and up and he has gone down and down. Any advice?..

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Im not lonely. I am just curious on why now?..

Comment #1

Sounds like a lot of drama.  Are you sure you want this?..

Comment #2

Hey Cherry,.

Welcome to the board!!.

I think I'd double think this whole thing again.  He's an ex for a reason and it doens't seem like he's changed.  Well except that he's not seeing anyone right now.  If the two of you can sit down and talk this all through, and you still feel good about getting back together - than okay. Only you can know what is right for you..

Good Luck,.



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With him it is easier said then done. I am just confused on why he would come out. Not like he didnt know I was going to be there and he acted like he always did with me. Our bff does not want us together because he would rather I be with him, so that causes an issue.  But I'm just curious why once we were for good out of each others life he comes out, and not only once. I mean they can go places that I am not at.. I will always be in love with the man I knew.

We were on and off again for years since he would get scared and run. But me I have gotten my own place again and have build my life up. Him he has a roomate and cant even afford to buy a new car. The last gf took him for all he was worth. I just dont know, I wish we could talk.

I told him I did not know him anymore and it was odd to have him out. Im just confused on what to do,...

Comment #4


If all you want is freinds, than keep it at that.  He's coming out looking for some friendship and I'd guess more.  If this last gf left him cold and in a moutain of debt, he's feeling bad and most likely looking for some comfort.  He remembers the good times too.  But you said you don't want what he's become and that's great that you've made that decision.  Stick to your guns and make this what YOU want. .

Good Luck,.



Comment #5

Ironically I feel he wanted more or he wouldnt have broken the not being in each others life. Now the only bad thing is our common friend is who really controls the cards. He wont invite him out when we meet up at the bar and he wont give my ex my number. My ex said he would get my number from him and I just laughed. This guy and I are good friends and sometimes he doesnt understand he and I will never be together. People see this kid as something that came between me and my ex.

But all I can do is hope that my ex will take it on himself to find a way to contact me or come out. Since I wont go to him. I will always love the man I fell in love with, but not the man he became...

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