How to add Laughing Cow Cheese to Medifast foods?

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How does this fit in? Is it a condiment or part of a lean? I see many recipes with it and I am just confused. Mainly Im trying to make a L and G "lasagna" using cheese as my lean But I dont really see laughing cow in there.. (unless LC means something else and I am totally off?!)..

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Laughing Cow cheese is one of those things that nutritional support tells us that Medifast doesn't officially recommend, but if we choose on our own to integrate them in our plan, 1 LC wedge counts as 1 healthy fat, or 2 LC light wedges count as 1 healthy fat..

I use them sparingly - I kind of consider them a luxury - but there is something so satisfying about having Medifast multi-grain crackers with 2 LC light wedges as a snack. I haven't noticed them affecting my weight loss at all - I just try to limit my snacks in general and my favorite way to use them is with a snack...

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Ah okay, was just trying to figure it out..

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Np! I haven't dabbled with using cheese as a lean before, I'm not sure what types would be good - I think the hardest part is making sure that your cheese has enough protein per serving and that it's low in fat..

L&G lasagna sure does sound good though! I've been thinking about trying a recipe that uses spinach instead of noodles. I used to eat it when I did Atkins in the past and it was really tasty. Just need to lower the fat and calories a bit though...

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I think I saw one that contained eggplant as it's base- have to check the veggie list.

Thanks again!..

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Bumping this to ask, how do you log the Laughing Cow Lite Swiss? I can't seem to find an exact entry for it even though most other LC cheeses seem to be there. Also I my "Private Foods" thing says that feature will "return soon" so I can't do it that way...

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MominVA, the recipe section of Private Foods is not available, but you can still enter a new private food. Just click the link at the bottom that says "create private food". I just entered something, and it works fine. Just know that while it will show up on the list of your daily meals, and the nutrition info you enter will be factored in, it will NOT fill in the left side of your my plan page...

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Ricotta and cottage cheese are both approved leans and are easily incorporated into lasagna-type dishes. Mozzarella is also an approved lean and can help bulk up a thinner cheese.

I use cheese as part of my lean pretty much every day!! Love it. I don't use any Laughing Cow though. Check out the meatless options sheet for clarification on how much fat to how many oz equals a lean. Mmmmm...

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Sflraven, Thank you! I didn't even notice that little, itty, bitty link to enter new foods...

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I eat 2 wedges of lite LC cheese every night and not had it affect my losses BUT I also eat from the leaner/leanest category ALL the time (we don't do red meat much-only out). I love them spread on Medifast Cream of Chix soup chips YUMMO!..

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LOL! I know, it took me quite a while to find it, myself...

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I had no idea there was a link to enter your own foods! I've been grousing to myself that it's a feature they really NEED to have if their list of foods is so limited... and there it was, available all along! I feel silly now!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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