How old do you have to be to work at, VitaminShoppe, or a gym. Im 16 lookin for work. plz help.?

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My first question is: How old do you have to be to work at, VitaminShoppe, or a gym. Im 16 lookin for work. plz help.?.

My next question is: Hi guys,.

I'm new to the forums and I'd appreciate any advice someone with experience would be able to give! I've been researching for the past two weeks about beginning a cycle. A little info about me, I'm 23, 5'11 and 155lbs. I've had an extremely healthy diet most of my life, and am fairly well learned on whats important in diet.

I'm reasonably new to attempting to gain some weight. I've always had some natural muscle definition and I've been lifting heavy (whenever I go to the gym I'm doing 4-5 sets of 6 max rep weights, which I'm told is what needs to be done to build muscle) for the past couple months. I go every second day if I'm able, as long as the muscle group I'm working isn't sore..

A little about my goals. I'm looking to gain about 10-15 lbs of quality lean muscle in about 3-4 months (which I figure will bring my overall body weight up to 175-180). I'm not interested in getting really big or bulky, I just want quality strength and a very defined look. Most importantly, I do not want to put anything in my body that puts too much of a strain on my system or causes bad (especially permanent) side effects.

That said, I've gone over countless sources about a wide variety of substances. A friend of mine has recommended starting with a short cycle of dianabol to put on some initial weight, then begin a cycle of 150mgs/week of primobolan depot for about 12-14 weeks and finish with a short cycle of anavar..

Keep in mind, I'm not looking to get huge, and I have no problem with working hard over the next 3 months to get the gains I want. I'm fully aware that Primo and Anavar will not induce much gain. It is my understanding that with hard work, primo will get the job done with quality muscle..

What I'm worried about is starting with the dbol. I know dbol is great for gains, and following with primo would probably allow me to turn those gains into lean mass. I am prepared for the potential liver strain with suppliments to protect my liver, lots of fluids, no drinking, etc. What I'm most worried about is the potential hair loss of both the dbol and the primo. My father's side of the family has no issues with baldness whatsoever (his 88 year old father still has a full head of hair) but my mother's father is bald. So there is definately a risk I may be predisposed to MPB.

I don't really want to take anything like propecia because of it's side effects but I am going to try some spironolactone cream to help with this possibility during my cycle..

Anyways, so thats the general backround of what I have in mind, I'm looking for any advice someone can offer. Is dbol ok to take for 2-3 weeks (fairly low doses)? If I do experience some hair loss, is this side effect temporary or is it possible that I will permanently begin to lose hair from that point on?.

Any advice on the overall cycle I am considering (pros, cons, etc)? Please keep in mind I am mostly concerned with any permanent health risks this cycle will cause, so any advice on this specifically would be great. As well, will a 12-14 cycle of primo with hard work allow me to gain what I want? I would really appreciate some help with this!.

As well, can anyone give me advice on what a good PCT would be?.

Thanks to all of those who took the time to read this very length post!..

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Your question was: How old do you have to be to work at, VitaminShoppe, or a gym. Im 16 lookin for work. plz help.?.

Dbol takes 2 weeks to kick in, you dont want to be running primo without a test becuase it will shut you down, effect your HPTA which you dont want....

Best advice I can give is.

Tbol cycle 6-8 weeks.

Test e or c -10 weeks.

Gains depend on diet and training.

When you know which compound ill do you a pct..

Comment #1

If you are 23 and have been lifting for a couple of months then the only thing you should be looking to do is eat some food and train hard, just by getting your food and training right you could add a good amount of muscle without resorting to drugs..

You seem to be very concerned about side effects from taking drugs and this coupled with your general lack of experience and age would suggest that you need a few more years of experience (at least) to reach anywhere near your potential before screwing with your endocrine system..

I'm sure if you look around on this site, you will find some good routines and diets that will see you add some good quality lean mass..

That's my two penneth anyway - Oh, also, stop training so frequently, you need to rest to grow....


Comment #2

Cminoz I agree with everything you've said and I do plan to stick to a solid regiment over the years but I'd like to gain 10-15 lbs of muscle over the next 3-4 months and then go natural from that point. I feel since I'm trying to do a 'safer' cycle to give me this boost it seems like a good option to reach this goal in this amount of time..

I'm now thinking of doing a 6-8 week cycle of tbol followed by a 12 week cycle of primobolan depot. Can anyone advise me about a PCT for this cycle and maybe some advice on precautions to take during the cycle?..

Comment #3

You should realise that if you havent been training for atleast a year or two you could do yourself some real injuries. Your tendons arent going to hold up well against sudden increases in stress through heavy training and you really dont want to tear something. Why not see if you can actually stick to a strict diet and training plan for a few months and then reconsider? I know how you feel, everyone wants the get buff fast solution but it is a marathon not a sprint, cut corners now and you will suffer for it in the long term...

Comment #4

Why are you in a rush to gain 10-15lbs of muscle? Also, why do you feel you are ready to take drugs when neither your training experience or knowledge of said drugs is great enough to be considering it?.

You should do a lot more research for yourself and at the same time try training hard and eating right, and you will put on muscle while just reading about steroids. Or you can take the advice of someone who you don't know and has no real investment in your longterm health and therefore just suggests a cycle for you..

Get real mate. swrutt is absolutely right, you will do yourself an injury and stop kidding yourself that you will "go natural" after - just how will you go back in time and "not take drugs"?.

I dont mean to rain on your parade because I know many people try and jump on the gear almost straight away, but you will do your self no favours..

I'm sure you will do whatever you do, so good luck, but be safe and dont just take the advice of people on the internet telling you "what's best for you" when it comes to drugs..

Comment #5

Coco where are you getting this info from? Dbol will begin to work within 48hrs, sides on Dbol are more down to diet than anything else I get no water and no sides when I use Dbol everyone reacts differently..

You can make quality keepable gains from D/bol as long as you sort the diet out and have a decent PCT.

Can you explain to me what this means please?.

This statement gives the impression that if you run Test with Primo you will not be shut down?? all steroids will cause suppression of the HPTA length and dose dictate when shutdown will occur and to what degree.

This statement in it's self tells me you are not ready to use steroids....also what is your rush to gain 10-15lbs of muscle in this short space of you will not gain this amount of lean tissue by using steroids at your stage....gaining muscle needs diet to make the gains and maintain the muscle with or without steroids and your weight and height tells me you have not reached your natural limit and are switching to steroids as you believe it will give you the gains you want.....the fact you are 5'11" and only 155lbs says your diet is not good enough and your not eating enough to gain this will not change just because you add steroids......

Post up your current diet..

Comment #6

Current diet:.


2 raw eggs.

20g whey isolate shake.

1 cup of organic high fibre/protein cereal with soy milk (9g protein 11g fibre).

1 shake comprised of greens and a hemp/flax powder (roughly 8-10g protein and a full servings of greens).


I typically mix it up, no set meal but it will usually consist of chicken or shrimp grilled in a couple wraps (approx 1 large chicken breast or about 15-18 tiger shrimp) with some avacado, I also have some hummus as a side..


Banana, yogurt, maybe some cottage cheese, etc..


Again I mix it up a lot but it's usually a fairly high protein meal such as a pasta made with a bison meat sauce, chicken with roasted yams, bison burgers, or baked salmon, all with some steamed veggies, etc.


Usually something random like fruit or a little more yogurt or hummus or whatever.

Before Bed.

25g Whey isolate shake.

I also drink a lot of water evenly throughout the day as well as I often have some green tea or Rooibos tea.

And I also take 5g glutamine powder 2-3 times evenly throughout the day a few minutes before eating a meal..

I know it's a little vague in some parts but I generally seem to consume about 130-150g protein per day and I make sure I have some good fat and low sugars in my diet..

What do you think?..

Comment #7

As well I see what most of you are saying about my body not being ready for getting bulked up so fast and I agree. But my initial cycle I just wanted to do primbolan depot for 12-14 weeks at 150mg/wk. As far as I understand primo does not cause any bulking, but rather small but very high quality gains which is what I want. I know everyone is just going to say "waste of gear" and I need to add bulking substances to the cycle but that's just simply not my goal. I am wrong to think that with both a quality diet, hard work, and a cycle of the primo over that amount of time would produce a very quality gain that my body should be able to tolerate?.

I posted my diet up on the previous post..

Comment #8

Sorry buddy but 150mg of primo will do nothing for you and I mean nothing, bulking has more to do with diet than the gear you use..

You can use sus250 yet not bulk to much...but my question is that if you don't want bulk why use steroids?? why not alter your diet and buy some OTC supplements like creatine/glutamine??.

I have just read your daily diet and that there is your problem you are not eating enough to build any sort of mass...sort this out before resorting to useing steroids..

Comment #9

I'm eating close to 1g protein per lb, seems like quite a bit. From my understanding your muscles can only build so fast and any excess protein will simply be converted to fat... What would you suggest?..

Comment #10

I was under the impression that your body can process 40 grams of protein per hour....

Comment #11

I'm sure it can, but like I said, how much of that protein is actually being used to build muscle and how much is just being converted to fat. Your muscles can only build up so fast, so where do you think all that excess protein is going?.

This is simply my understanding of this from what I've read and learned. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me but provide some material I can read to support it.....

Comment #12

Guys these number are b0llocks to be blunt, the amount of protein you can digest is down to you as an individual...things like metabolism, BF%, amount of muscle and even genetics effect the amount you can eat......

The normal range is 1-1.5g per lb your taking in 1g per lb so you are fine there.....but as I said before your goals are confusing you don't want to bulk but you want to use steroids??.

You are correct muscle can only grow at a certain speed but everytime you train you tear the muscle your protein goes towards fixing these tears but protein is used for many other things and as you train and walk around you use calories these are from all of the food groups not just Carbs and Fats.......

Comment #13

Honestly ..... this isnt the place for this either..

Comment #14

I would increase the protien to around 200 to 230 grms a day try to take it over 5 or six meals..

Comment #15

PScarb you said the problem is in my diet but you said 1g protein per lb a day is about right, so what am I missing?.

As for the confusion about not wanting to bulk but wanting to do a cycle, as I said before from everything I've researched on primo you don't get bulk from it, you just gain quality muscle in small quantities...but the more I think about it I think I'd rather just keep training naturally for now and see where that gets me...

Comment #16

I would say at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Running a cycle of just primo or any steroid without testosterone as a base is likely to lead to side effects, most namely erectile dysfunction. Although, you may be one of the lucky ones, but is it worth the risk?..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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