How old do you have to be to buy stuff like creatine in the VitaminShoppe store?

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My first question is: How old do you have to be to buy stuff like creatine in the VitaminShoppe store?.

My next question is: Hi,.

I am about to start my 1st cycle and thought I'd share my experience with anyone looking to do the same. Firstly let me say that I am serious about bodybuilding and have been lifting now for nearly 4 years. I have sorted my diet and fully researched many different steroids and side so I have not taken this decision lightly. I am 27 years old, 6ft and weigh in at a hefty 12 stone... well perhaps not that hefty ha ha!.

In the last 3 years I have put on 2 stone and I am naturally quite skinny. Unfortunately over the past 6 months my gains have tailed of and I am stuck in a bit of a rut. I really enjoy lifting and the buzz it gives me and got into it as a way of getting of class A drugs which were screwing up my life at the time. Now I am looking to push on a bit further!.

My 1st Cycle:.

30mg Winstrol everyday for 4 weeks..

I will be taking every precaution to protect my liver even though it is a small and very short cycle but this is just a trial and I am not expecting to become Arnie overnight, or ever in fact. So I am also taking Liv-52 for liver protection, Glucosamine Sulphate and cod liver oil (for joints), plenty of Cranberry juice (again for liver), and the usual multivits..

I will also be taking Pro-v's from the 14th day for 21 days..

As for PCT... there will be none. 'There is no real use for Clomid or Nolva post-cycle for Winny specifically since there is no post-cycle aromatisation to cause negative feedback' sourced from - Big Cat - In Depth Winstrol Profile! among other places..

I am doing this cycle purely as a test to put my mind at rest before I try and source a test cycle. Also Winny was all I could source because I have always worked out at home so don't have many friends who are interested in bodybuilding although I think I still would have opted for a simple oral cycle for a 1st time tester..

My workout plan is as follows:.

Mon - Chest & Abs.

1- Bench Press Flat - 10 warm up, 10,8,6.

1- Crunches Weighted - 25,25,25.

2- Bench Press Decline - 10,8.

2- Decline Crunches Weighted - 25,25,25.

3- Bench Press Incline - 8,8.

3- Leg Raises - 25,25,25.

4- Dumbell Flyes Incline - 10,8,6.

Finally For a good stretch....

5- Dumbell Pullovers 10,8,6.

Tue - Back and Shoulders.

1- Deadlift - 10 warm up, 10,8,8,6.

1- Lateral Raises 10,8,6.

2- Military Press 10,8,6.

2- Bent Over 1 Arm Rows 10,8,6.

3- Shrugs 10,8,6.

For final stretch....

4- Supermen on floor or Back Hyper Extensions.

Wed - Off (Cardio Biking).

Thu - Legs and Abs.

1- Squats 10 warm up, 10,8,8,6.

1- Leg Raises 25,25,25.

2- Calf Rasies 20,18,15.

2- Crunches Weighted 25,25,25.

3- Leg Curls 15,12,10.

3- Decline Crunches Weighted 25,25,25.

4- Leg Extensions 18-15-12.

For Stretching.

4- Lunges with light weights.

Fri - Biceps & Triceps.

1- Barbell Curls EZ Bar 10,8,8,6.

1- Dips 10,10,10.

2- Decline Tricep Extensions 10,8,6,6.

2- Dumbell Curl With Twist 10,8,6.

3- Preacher Curls 10,8,6,6.

3- Overhead Tricep Extensions 10,8,6.

4- Tricep Pulldowns 10,10,10.

4- Hammer Curls Light 10,10,10.


Any advice or help on this cycle or my next planned test cycle would be greatly appreciated. Please don't just tell me a Winstrol cycle only is pointless or a waste of money as I have read lots of the advise in previous threads and found it very helpful but also decided upon this oral cycle as a starting point..

Thanks in advance for any help given... I will keep the post updated with my progress for anyone looking at doing a similar starting cycle...

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Your question was: How old do you have to be to buy stuff like creatine in the VitaminShoppe store?.

Hi Ste_F,.

Thanks for your reply. What makes you think I am over training? I have read alot about bodybuilding on forums such as this and other media. My workouts last no longer than 1 hour focusing on each body part once per week. I focus on a the main compound exercises as the basis of my routine finishing up with lighter isolation exercises for a good stretch. My progress has been really good until now as I am naturally light and skinny but now have a reasonable looking chest and back. My arms are lacking but they are very long and spindley looking...

Comment #1

Hi Hound-Dawg,.

Thanks for your reply. I have given up all drugs 4 years ago when I started bodybuilding and wouldn't change that for anything. My diet is very good and clean as I have read alot about what I should and shouldn't eat and am consuming around 3000-3300 cals a day with the correct amount of protein. I have been bulking for a while now whilst researching my 1st cycle but I am genetically very thin. My build is also identical to your old picture on your post and I just want to fill out a bit more. I would have done a test cycle but couldn't source any because I work at home and not at the gym..

Perhaps you're right that I am wasting my time on a winny only cycle but there isn't anything I can do about that. I am very serious about filling out and I am not just looking for a quick fix. I love bodybuilding and just can't wait to take it to another level. I will continue to gain going as I am but it will be a long time before I am anywhere near where I want to be, and I am realistic... I could never be Arnie nor would ever want to be...

Comment #2

I think your under lifting mate as opposed to overtraining(altho thats defo possible).

It simply a lot of exercises..

You only need to stimulate a muscle to get it to grow.....

Annhillating a muscle group to get it grow is in my opinion an advanced trainers option and easy to misinterpret and get it wrong which does lead to serious under training..

Not sure why you`d put crunches in between chest exercise?.

Is this the routine youve been following until recently?..

Comment #3

Hi Crazycal1,.

I change my routine completely every 8-10 weeks sometimes going back to a workout which has worked in the past. I have done this a routine a couple of times and got results from it. I do the crunches on my leg and chest days in between sets as I rest and prepare for another set. I find this keeps my heart rate up, let's me recover for the next set, plus means I don't have to do a separate day for ABs..

Like follows....

10 reps bench press.

25 stomach crunches.

8 reps bench press.

25 stomach crunch etc......

Sorry I didn't make it clearer..

Comment #4

Im sorry. I wasn't too clear on what I meant. I think your doing too many exercises. When you could be doing far less more beneficial exercises. Full body workout say twice a week. More simple routine and getting better results.

Higher weights. If the routine you have been using is no longer working. Try something else...

Comment #5

You should at least add test to it, I took the advice of the forum members as I want to do a oral only cycle, and so I did a d-bol and test cycle, my strength went up massively and after I finish I lost a little bit but kept what I beleive to be a good amount. I cant comment on your training as I do 20 pull ups in between every exercise, but I'm training for something that gonna need alot of body strength and endurance anyway...

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