How often do you get weighed on Medifast?

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Ok fellow MFrs...How often do you get weighed? I know we all have a specific weigh in day, but does anyone cheat and check more often? Until I broke my ankle 6 weeks ago, I pretty got weighed on a daily basis if for no other reason than to use it as a check on whether or not I was drinking enough water. So far, I have managed to avoid the temptation of geting on the scale but Thursday (my first official weigh in since I started the program) seems so far away...So, be truthful and 'fess up. What do you do?..

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I always weighed every day during 5&1... some people can't handle that because if the scale goes up (which it often does due to water retention, TOM, etc.), they freak out. I just prefer to know what's going on so I weigh every day and don;t let the little blips get to me...

There isn't any right or wrong time to weigh. But if you tend to obsess over the scale, it's probably better not to weigh more often than once a week...

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If you weight once a week what if you weight on a bad day when your retaining water or something... I weigh everyday then once a week use the lowest as my weight for the week.. I need the check everyday to keep me sane and on track..

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I weigh EVERY day. It keeps me on tract and accountable to myself...

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I do best doing every day. I do it with the understanding that there will be ups and down and to not go crazy if I see an odd number..

My theory is that if I weighed weekly and that weight hit a "big scale day" I would be sad for a week. This way I know I will way the next day and it will likely be okay..

I can retain water with my cycles (sometimes days before my cycle) - which are irregular - so I don't know for sure when I am working up to a water retention day..

This way I take every reading with the understanding that if I see a trend after a few days and my behavior is less than perfect THEN I have a problem. If I have been a good girl and scale raise is temporary and related to my body's chemistry...

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I weigh every single morning, I am obsessed about the scale. Yesterday I weighed twice, morning and night, but that is just me. I just don't go crazy if it is up and down a lb or two..I just drink more water and let it all flush out....

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I weighed every day, but only entered my official weight on my official day! That gave me an accurate weekly reading for losses, but also informed me of one food that definitely had higher sodium content and caused water retention and thus seemingly added weight (so I avoided higher sodium food close to official WI day.)..

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I actually find the scale very depressing. I only plan to weigh myelf once a month. I am currently following the plan 100% so as long as I don't fall off I should be fine. In the past a negative result on the scale has given me a reason to cheat or to have negative thoughs about the plan so no daily scale for me...

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Do what works best for you - how often you weigh is only a problem if you let it be a problem..

If it makes you crazy to see fluctuations, then weigh only on your scheduled day...

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Since I got the most wonderful scale ever at a local yardsale website for only $5!! and it cost voer 80 in the store... I weigh in everyday.. I have the Taylor body fat analyzer one that you can detach the screen and put on the wall.. I lOVE IT>> Weighing daily now keeps me on plan as far as keeping me from wanting to cheat. I'm a newfound scalaholic for sure. before I got this scale, I only weighed in once a week on Mondays...

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Sassy you've just started so you are beginning your routines now. You may be able to weigh every day and it be helpful others have found it to be defeating. I once stayed off the scales for about a month because the fluctuations worrying about if I was at my lowest weight on weigh-in day blah, blah, blah. Instead I put my effort into staying on plan. Imagine the fun when I got on the scale! I have been maintaining now for almost 7 months. I now get on the scale when I want to ( ..

If the needle (yes I am old fashioned) lands somewhere between the two lines then I am in range and okay. I don't focus on the numbers. Obsessions are what got me fat I fight them as hard as I do the eating stuff. I strive for balance. It is necessary durng weight loss to get a little off balance with food planning and logging taking it's share of our time but as we transition and maintain we have to learn how to put it into a "package" that includes all the parts of our lives that are life giving (relationships, exercise, civic and faith activities)..

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I weigh Every day. When I stopped weighing myself I stopped the plan for awhile, BIGGEST mistake!!! I was cocky enough to think I had a handle on it, NOT. I need the accountability...

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I weigh in about 2 or 3 times a week. Not sure if it's working for me or not. I was down 4.5 lbs on Friday and weigh in today (my official weigh in day) I back up the 4.5 lbs. I have to take what the scale says today as my official weight but I bet it will be down again tomorrow. I'm not sure if it will help me to get on the scale or not every day...

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I weigh officially on Monday but I check the scale everyday. Do I expect it to maybe go up and down a bit, sure but like someone else said, the day I stop weighing I'll be in trouble which is how I got here in the first place..

I can't handle it, if I could, I never would have gotten so heavy.

Of course you can't make yourself nuts because different things can influence your weight but I once read an article that said that people who weigh themselves everyday are more successful because if they gain something and they know they did something out of the ordinary they can pull it back before it becomes permanent weight. Just my thoughts on the matter...

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Very little! Excellent way to put it.

I weigh once a month or every 6 weeks depending on my schedule. I keep my scale at another location altogether. (Looking below I see I've weighed a total of 3 times so far since starting in September.).

I may weigh more frequently when I reach goal to get a good feel for transition and adding stuff back in, but I may not. Clothes are the best reality check for me...

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Hi, I'm new, this is my first post of anything. I did medifast quite a few years ago and it worked absolutely wonderfully for me. I'm 5'5" and 124 pounds and maintaining. I weigh myself every day. It keeps me accountable. If I'm up, I do a day or two of medifast, no matter what.

I just weigh, and if I'm above 126.5 pounds, I put myself back on Medifast for a day or two and the weight comes off...

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I am putting my son to bed and don't have time to read the responses to your question but......................we all have a weigh in day?!?!?! I don't! And I weigh EVERY DAY...Unless I have been off plan and watched the scale slowly creep up until I cannot stand it anymore. I am NOT a good example. Did you just pick a day to weigh? And then do it. Hmmmmmmmm...What a concept. Make up your mind and just do it. That is NOT how I got overweight in the first place. I should try that..

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