How much Water do you drink each day on Medifast?

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What is your typical water consumption and does adding Crystal Lite or those other "no calerie sweeteners" slow down the loss? Also, how do you deal drinking so much water with traveling when you are in the car or plane for a long duration? I have a weak bladder so it is so disruptive during the day at work, in meetings, on the way to and from work, on planes, etc.

Also, can you share your typical daily food diary.....

Thanks so very much!.

Robin (I love me at 50!)..

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I drink at least 24 8oz glasses of water per day. There aren't enough check boxes on the page for me... ;-) I've always been a thirsty girl, and thank goodness I love water - and that I have a bladder to match.

I do add Crystal Light maybe once a day, but not since I've been using the flavor infusers. Although they make me a little jittery, I'm giving them a fair chance......

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Wow! That is so much water! I am definitely going to step up my water intake! I will drink more when I get home from work since I have so many meetings during the day.


Robin (I love me at 50!)..

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Ilovemeat is a cute name..

I have no idea how much I drink. I gave up trying to keep track. I always have 16 oz with me and drink it whenever I glance at it.

Typical food diary? Like....

Caramel Nut Bar.

French Vanilla Shake.

Beef Stew.

Banana Pudding.

L& G: Chicken with cayenne pepper and Spinach.

Hot Cocoa.

2-3 hrs apart.

I find myself wanting one of the hot drinks after the L&G because I am so far away from hungry I can't handle a shake or pudding...

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I try to drink 5L a day and I notice weight loss with that. If I don't have that much it seems I don't lose that much...

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I drink at least 100oz per day, and often more than that. I crave water and for the most part it is all I drink any more.

Typical day:.

Breakfast - Medifast Hot Cocoa w/ coffee.

Morn Snack - Oatmeal or a Shake.

Lunch - Cappuccino or Sammich made from COT soup & light cheese - sometimes with a little sliced turkey.

Afternoon Snack - Banana Bread or Bar.

Dinner - Chicken & Salad or veggies. Sometimes Tri Tip & Veggies. Friday night Crab & Caesar salad.

Night Time snack - Hot Cocoa, Shake, or Hot Cocoa brownie...

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I have a system for the water...5 water bottles (16.9 oz) that have numbers 1-5 on the lid..

I HAVE to drink 1-3 before I leave work at 3pm then the other two at home..

When travelling...I am not so good at it because I have an aversion to public (and airplane) bathrooms. I make up for it when I reach my destination..

It's alot but let me tell you...the water is HUGE. You have to drink enough to get your body to release fat..

My Day:.

8am oatmeal or eggs.

11am cocoa.

1pm chili.

4pm shake or bar.

6pm L & G.

9pm pudding..

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I probably average 5 liters/day. I make myself drink 2 liters before lunch (then I can have a diet coke with my lunch). Then I drink one in the afternoon. One at the gym (that one I add crystal lite to) and one in the evening. I also have coffee and tea during the day... so as you can imagine, I get a lot of exercise on walking to the bathroom.

My body is used to this amount, and if I have less (which sometimes happens on the weekends), I don't feel very good. Soooo, drink up!.


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I found a water calculator of sorts. You plug in your weight (it only goes up to 299, but close enough for me) and take a short quiz and it tells you how much water you should be drinking. Mine came out to 149.9 0z. I currently am drinking eight of the 16.9 oz bottles which is 135 oz. I hope this helps, here is the link.

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I drink tons of water....I usually drink at least 18-8 oz. glasses a day...sometimes more. I have always been a heavy water drinker, so I don't think it's the norm. I usually drink 1 L of water before coming to work....2 or 3 while at work...and 1 or 2 when I get home.

My usual food intake when on MF:.

Breakfast: Oatmeal.

Mid-Morning: Orange or Strawberry 70 Shake.

Lunch: Frozen chocolate pudding, small garden salad, light dressing.

Mid-Afternoon: Diabetic Chocolate Shake made into a cookie.

Dinner: I'm a vegetarian, so it is a little different. I often have Boca veggie burger or some cottage cheese or some eggbeaters, etc...I usually had a low fat cheese stick and 1/2 cup of SF gelatin..

Evening: Hot drink or Cold Drink or RTD shake.

I don't usually use the Crystal Light and what not...since I like pure, natural water. Just remember if you use it...that even though they say it has zero just means it has less than one. I find that if I push the water...I end up not wanting the diet coke and crystal light and what not..


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101.4 oz. each day. I have just upped my water intake to 6 (16.9 oz.) bottles per day. I also number the caps of the bottles so I can keep track. I never thought I would EVER be able to drink so much water. But I REALLY like it! Wow!.


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I'm good at getting in the water but I just bought the momentum green tea and that helps two cups go down easier...

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Hi Robin,.

I drink 16-8 oz glasses of plain water each day. Then, I drink Crystal Light or diet coke if I want. When I'm traveling, which isn't very often, I make sure I get in 8-8oz glasses of water.

What I eat does vary quite a bit depending on what I'm in the mood for, but here is a good example:.

As soon as I wake up: Cup of coffee with 1 Tbsp half & half and a 1/2 packet of splenda.

Breakfast (about 2 hours after I wake up): Cappuccino made with brewed coffee.

Mid-morning (10:00 am): Oatmeal with spray butter and splenda.

Lunch (12:00 pm): Soup and a coke zero.

Afternoon (3:00 pm): pudding or a shake.

Dinner (5:00 or 6:00 pm): Lean & green...usually grilled chicken and lettuce or green beans.

Evening (7:00 pm): Bar...usually chocolate mint..

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Number the caps! Genius. Thanks..

I forgot to mention my morning green tea. One cup first thing. Smells so good. It's a nice wake up...

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OOOO..this is fun! LOL.

I get between 64-100 oz water a day (closer to the 100 most days).

Typical Day of Meals:.

Breakfast - Bar.

Mid-Morning - Shake.

Lunch - L&G - usually Chicken Breast/salad.

Afternoon - Oatmeal "muffin" or Soup "bread".

Dinner - Shake.

Evening - Pudding or Hot Cocoa.

Thats pretty standard almost everyday!..

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Wow, y'all amaze me!.

I am LUCKY if I can get down the 2 qts. of water required on MyPlan... I just can't drink much...

Ok, I'm going to try this week.....

On long road trips, I DO try to drink water regularly.... it forces me to stop every couple hours and walk around a little at the rest areas...

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Thanks so much for sharing! I am going to start bringing in multiple bottles of water to work and label them! It makes it fun and I stay on point! I am starting to like water more and more..I used to just drink diet lemonade from Chick-fil-A! It is so good!! I am going to stick to just water until I get under the 180s! Have a great day!..

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