How much is too much water during Medifast?

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Yall just wondering how much is too much water I have had 19 as of right now.I cheated yesterday so I am trying to get in as much water as possible to flush.Please let me know.

Thanks Tina..

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Tina, that is probably plenty! I usually drink 16 over a days time and no problems but you can have too much, I would say you have had enough..........I assume you have an output that matches your input! Girl, you are going to be up all night long!!!!!! But just think of the calories you are burning walking to and from the bathroom! lol..

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If you consider that 19 is 2 1/2 days worth of the required water in 1 day, I think you are good. If whatever it was ain't flushed out by now it ain't going out! Seriously though I think you should stop. Too much water can flush nutrients out of your system and you don't want that either...

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Ok yall I have kinda metal taste in my mouth. I will not drink any more...

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You can actually become intoxicated by drinking abundances of water. Seriously..

I had a patient in a mental institution while I was in nursing school who was on water restriction because he'd drink it until he was silly. He'd try to be sneaky and hit up different girls for a drink...which usually worked to some extent...except they made him drink out of those tiny Dixie cups..

Let us know how it goes.

(and don't operate heavy machinery for a few hours )..

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Hmmm. I routinely drink from 18 - 24 8 oz glasses of water daily, and have not run into any problems. I wondered if there really was "too much", but I like water and don't drink anything else. Maybe we should post in Nutrisystem .....


Comment #5

You can actually die from drinking too much water! I had a guy in my Army unit do that. Be careful!..

Comment #6

You really can die if you drink too much water, so don't overdo it. You'd have to really drink a LOT for that to happen though... You die because it flushes all the salt out of your system. If you feel funny go have something with salt in it and it will help...

Comment #7

The warnings are very true...there really is something called "water intoxication". When a person drinks too much water it can throw off the body's electolyte balance...and can even cause death.

I'm a criminal investigator for the state of Missouri and handle child fatality/homicide cases...I just worked one like that in which some school kids were having a contest to see how much water they could drink (to become intoxicated) and one pre-teen died as a result..

Be careful and be smart..


Comment #8

Oh My Gosh, I had no idea about water intoxication.....thanks.


Comment #9

I am a trained life guard and water safety instructor. Water intoxication has happened in Florida many times to toddlers who drink too much pool water during swim lessons. This is something everyone should discuss with their children if they swim for long periods of time or are taking swim lessons. NEVER drink the water you are swimming in!.

Also, the reason that Gatorade was invented was to help athletes replenish the nutrients, electrolytes, and minerals they lose through excessive water intake and sweating. It is very important to your health to make sure that your sodium and potassium levels stay where they should be. Drinking too much water without replenishing these things is not a good idea...

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Tina, I had read an article a few years ago in a Science and Health magazine that said you shouldn't drink more than 100 oz of water per day or you will wash away essential nutrients and actually hurt your health and weight loss efforts..

When I first started Medifast in March 06, I posted a question about max water to Nutrisystem (on the old boards) and they confirmed that 100 oz should be the upper limit (with 64oz the lower limit). You may want to ask them their current thinking...

Comment #11

There was that recent case in California where a woman died from drinking too much water during a radio contest to win a Wii....pronouced "WEE"...get it? Nice play on words, but a dead woman results along with a couple of lawsuits.

I'd's no joke..


Comment #12

I work in critical care and over the last 2-3 years there have been approxinately 4 people in that time who were admitted into my unit for water intoxication. Nutrisystem had it right. It flushes out a lot of your electrolytes. This causes problems with the electrical workings in your body (heart rhythms, brain activity, muscles contracting, etc.) It is not pleasant to go through as a patient and it isn't a picnic for the family either. It is a scary situation and takes a while to reverse. One of the people ended up coding (heart and breathing stops).

I have increased my water a few times when I felt something tasted to good to be not cheating. I have a problem with that perception. But anyway, my muscles in my legs and feet start cramping. Usually this is relieved when I have some boullion and/or potassium chloride. I do not recommend anyone taking potassium unless under the care of a physician, however. Too much can cause problems as well.

Anyways, this is just my 2 cents..

Have a great night!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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