How much is worth?

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My question is: How much is worth?.

My 2nd question is: Can someone please shed a light on this situation?.

I am new to the dating (online dating with scene and a friend of mine suggested a free dating (online dating with website I could check out.  Last Saturday, I finally got the time to sit down and check it out, wrote my profile and started skimming through the pages.  This is the 1st ever that I have to do this (online dating) so I don't know the rules.  I just went with my gut and confidence.  I saw one guy that was new to the area and I sent him a msg saying that I could show him around and to send me a msg if he's interested.  Not even 10 minutes after I sent that msg, he responded.  I guess he was online at that time.  We exchanged msg for a bit and then we chatted online.  Our chat was flowing so easily and instantaneous that before we knew it we were planning on meeting that night.  Now I am a very cautious person but something tells me to trust this guy.  I was suppose to go out with a friend that night but my friend blow me off so I agreed to meet him for dinner. .

On my way to meeting him, that is when I realized what I just did.  I can't believe I am meeting a guy that I just chat with 3 hours ago!!!!  What was I thinking????  It turned out that this guy is for real and he was really nice and all.  We had a blast and his sense of humor blow me away.  He says that he couldn't believe his luck tonight because his expectation about what I look like based on the pics that I sent him exceeded way too much.  That I was really pretty and genuinely a nice person.  He has been complimenting me the whole time we were eating and kind of made me a little embarrassed.  We talked about lots of things; family background, exes, growing up, you know, the usual talk when you're getting to know a person for the 1st time.  He made comments like my mom would love you and things like doing a road trip together on Thanksgiving as I mentioned that my company is shutting down that whole week. He gave me the impression that he is really interested in seeing me more.  We were out till almost 2AM. .

Before we said our goodbyes, he made a joke about what a mistake I did for giving him my number.  I joked but that he better not give me a reason to block him off my phone.  He texted me right after I got home and said that he had such a great time we should go out again soon.  I texted him back and said that I agree, we should.  That was last weekend.  I haven't heard from him since.  I am interested in seeing him again but I am beginning to think that he is not interested.  My question is, should I contact him?  How many days is the usual "call back" after a great night out? ..

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"My question is, should I contact him?  How many days is the usual "call back" after a great night out?  ".

If it were me, no I wouldn't contact him, you made it clear that you would be willing to go out again, the ball is in his court now.  There is no usual, for me a week or longer isn't a stretch, because he has other things going on in his I hope  you would.  Could be any number of things, work, family, probably dating (online dating with other people, possible gf/ don't know him well enough yet to know if anything he told you is true. .

Maybe he thought he would get lucky (not saying this is what he thought as I said could be any number of reasons), after all you barely talked with each other before deciding on a date using that very same night (If someone actually asked me on a date using 3 hrs after talking with them online, that would be a little scary not to mention desperate) but that is just me..

With OLD you will have to grow a thick skin, and take things they tell you "my mother would love you" with a huge grain of salt, until you actually get to know them..

Just relax for now, continue on just like before you went on the date, if he is interested he will let you know...

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Thank you for your response.  I know what you mean about deciding to meet up too soon.  It's obvious that he is dating (online dating with other people since he is in a dating (online dating with site.  Like I said, I am a neophyte in the OLD thing so I guess I have more to learn.  I am browsing through the discussions here and it helped a bit.  It's scary putting yourself out there.  I am in no rush to start something right away anyway.  I guess I just need to relax and take everything in stride. .


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You will learn as you go along.  It is different than "regular" dating, and you will need to grow a thick skin, but you will do fine.  Always be safe, always meet them in a public place, I never let them pick me up at my house the first few times, I always meet them somewhere.  .

Have you tried the OLD board here at ivillage? There is some good advice over there...

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No, no, no!!! Whatever you do, please do not contact him... welcome to the world of on-line dating... perhaps someone else has come along that interested him more.  Move along, and keep dating (online dating with other people, lots of people..

On line dating (online dating with requires really thick skin... it's brutal... I was doing it for a while, and just couldn't handle it.  I'm much happier on my own..

Good luck... but IMO, if a guy is really interested, he won't let you get away.  He will call, he will pursue.  It sounds like "he's just not that into you"..

Move on from him already..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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