How much is per month?

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My question is: How much is per month?.

My 2nd question is: Ive been single for a while now, dating (online dating with here and there.  Most of the men I meet are reserved, they dont say what they are feeling.  Mostly keep to themselves, some have treated me good, some have treated me badly.  Ive met a new man and he is very vocal about how he feels.  He will tell me he misses me after a few hours, he loves hearing my voice, he writes me poetry, he will say he just wants to hold me stuff like that.  Honestly Im a little taken aback about it.  My ex never showed emotion unless it was anger.  At first with this guy I was turned off, I guess I just didnt know how to take it.  Im not used to a clingy, needy emotional guy, and Im still unsure of how to deal with it.  Anyone have any advice?  Is it creepy or sweet?  I have only known him two weeks and we have went out twice.  Thanks..

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He is expressive and that throws you off - just remember an expressive person will express ALL emotions (good and bad) so... pick your poison.  You can have a non-expressive who bottles things up and never expresses discontent (so they appear to leave without warning) or you can have someone who likes to swim in his emotions...

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I had been involved with closed-off men for the longest time, it was what I'd known growing up. My Dad showed his love by working hard so we could have what we needed, and maybe once in a while playing catch with us or taking us to a theme park. That was it. My Dad is awesome and old-school macho, emotions just are not going to be bubbling over, you know? So that was what I knew growing up.After all kinds of closed-off guys, I went out with a guy VERY similar to the one you describe, in fact, is your guy Colombian with gorgeous green eyes? They could be the same guy! '-) But that was too much for my sensibilities and having grown up with something so very different.I know now that in a partner I need some affection, both physical and emotional in order to be happy and satisfied in the relationship (thru but not overboard, that's too much for me. Not wrong for them, but just too much for me.I've found happiness with a guy who is a really great combination for me. He's an artist, and while he expresses himself beautifully in his art and music, he's a little closed-off, but does make an effort, a bit clumsy at times, to verbally express himself with me.

It's just how he is and it's possible that may be a bit much for you based on what's been ingrained in you. Good luck,.


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Someone you've known for only two weeks doesn't have enough information yet to really know how he feels. He doesn't miss you since he doesn't know you, he instead misses the person he imagines you are. Same thing with writing poetry, that would be the same exact poetry he'd be writing to any random person he'd just met and didn't know yet. I've encountered someone like that in my past, same thing with saying nice things and writing poetry and all. He was saying he loved me after only a couple of weeks. In my case, it turned out that after a couple of months passed and we started to really get to know each other, we weren't actually compatible. I felt resentful that he'd said so many nice things before that weren't true once he got to know the real me...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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