How much is a dating website like

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My first question is: How much is a dating website like

My next question is: Ok, just an update to my previous post about my guy and my birthday. Well, I did text him and ask him if I was going to get to spend anytime with him for my bday and he replied and said "I will try ok. Just busy time at work ok." Then I text him back and told him that I was hurt because I didn't even at the very least get a card or get to spend anytime with  him for my bday. I said that I always make time for him and I did for his bday. I never tell him that I will try.  He replied and said "once again you put that in my face thanks. sorry and we will do something.

He replied and said "stop texting me I'm at work now. have a great day. I didn't reply but I am clearly hurt more than you know. Later I text him and said that I don't do things for him to get anything in return and I wanted to make that clear. He replied back and said "if you want to come and get your stuff you bought you can come tomorrow.

He hasn't text me goodnight the last couple nights like he always does and he seems to be a little distant. I text him goodnight last night and nothing. So I text him asking why he stopped replying to my texts and he then text me in the morning and said "I have been to work since 3am. can you please chilld the F**K OUT OK" I replied and said you could have said that you were busy instead of talking to me like that, I won't text you again. He never replied..

So I don't know what is going on now, or what I should be doing. I didn't expect any gift from him, I would of been happy with his time or even a $2 card, at least that would show me that he cares about me. Last week he text my best friend and asked her for ideas about what to get me for xmas and that he wanted it to be really nice since I do so much for him and I am always sweet to him but then to completely just disregard my bday? I'm lost and confused? Why does he act this way? Is it possible doing things all the time for someone is worse? Do I do too much? How do I change things?.


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Your question was: How much is a dating website like

Why on earth would you text him at work to try and have a conversation that should have waited until you were together and it could have been talked about calmly and rationally?  You are driving him nuts with all your texting, you are acting very childish, it a wonder he has not blocked your texts, I would have.  You are coming off as very desperate and needy, a real turn off for most men.  You need to get a life of your own outside of your bf.  Dont be surprised if he breaks it off with you..

I hope this is a lesson learned for you, good luck.



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You expect the same treatment from him whether or not he is stressed - romance, cards and thoughtfulness.  He doesnt agree. Right now all he is doing is taking care of himself.  He's looking out for #1 and I suggest you do the same.  If you want that type of attention regardless of life's circumstances...this is not your guy...

Comment #2

You DO need to chill out with the texts. That would drive anyone nuts, and as yankee said it can be a turn off for many men. On top of that, you are texting him when he is at work. He will think that you do not respect the fact that he's at work and you are needy. Texting him to ask him why he was not replying made things worse.

I have to add that the things you were texting would have been better dealt with face-to-face..

You need to STOP contacting him for a while and let him contact you. If he realises that you are busy with your time, and not texting him for what seems like 24/7 he just might change his attitude.


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Comment #3

I really don't think you should be having these discussions over text messaging. When you're talking to somebody about what you want out of the relationship, the tone of voice that you use is very important. When you text something, they have no idea what tone of voice you're using, and it's easy to assume the worse.I still think his reaction was over-the-top though. You brought up an issue that you had with him, and he got defensive. It escalated into a fight. Okay, that happens to most couples from time to time.

What I don't understand is that it's been a few days, and he's STILL holding a grudge over it. In every relationship, there are going to be things the other person does or doesn't do that disappoint you. It's important to be able to feel like you can bring up these issues. If he is so sensitive that he can't accept any criticism, you may as well end the relationship (thru right now. It's not going to work if you can't talk to him about things when there are problems in the relationship...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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