How long to see results in Medifast?

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I love reading the Medifast official success stories, but know that "results aren't typical" and wanted to collect "real people's" stats in one place..

How many pounds did you lose on MF, in what amount of time?..

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Hey there..

I started in mid-Sept of 2007 at 220 lbs and started T&M at the end of February 2008 weighing in at 151 lbs. In total, I lost 69 lbs...and then a few more when I was in T&M. On average, I lost about 3 lbs per week. I worked out pretty consistently when I was on more than the 45 minutes indicated by MF..

It depends on how much weight you have to lose, your metabolism, how many times you've dieted, etc. Everyone loses at a different rate, but I can guarantee you this...if you follow the plan, it works. You will get to goal..

Hugs and best of luck,.


Comment #1

I lost 116 lbs in 5 months....

In my particular case, developing a regular exercise routine was one of the key components to my consistent losses during the 5/1 phase (exercise continues to be critical to my success in maintaining, as well)...

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I lost 30 lbs in 11 weeks> I stuck to the plan and made goal in the eleventh week. This is life changing and I will always have Medifast in my diet. I have learned to eat right...lots of water and 6 times a day> I did not start back to the gym until today! I feel great and so will you. STICK TO THE PLAN>..

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Well Im still in the process of losing but Ive lost 32lbs in 8 weeks. I exercise regularly 5ish days a week...

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70 pounds in six months and so far I've kept it off for six months...

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43 pounds in 5 months, and over 30 inches...

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Down 111 lbs in 9+ months...9 lbs from goal!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.