How much did you lose your first week on Medifast?

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Just started on Wednesday. Interested in how much everyone has lost in their first week?.


Comments (31)

I lost 7 pounds.

But that was only by the week's end in the middle of the week, I actually had GAINED 4 pounds! It all came off in another day or two, though, and then some. I say this give heart to the newbies who may not get it yet that fluctuations are normal..

Best of luck to you and welcome to the club!..

Comment #1

I lost 10lbs BUT I have over 200 to lose, so the heavier you are the more weight you drop in the beginning..

Comment #2

I lost 7 the first week once I started Medifast, but I had lost 10 before I actually started Medifast, once I decided to lose weight. I had about 85 to lose...

Comment #3

I started at 201 and the very first week I lost shoes were to big...LOL...and it just gets better....Later Prez..

Comment #4

I lost nine pounds my first week but I had quite a bit to lose as well. I think more comes off if you have more to lose at first. It's evened out to about two to three pounds a week on average and as much as I'd like to lose nine pounds every week, as long as I'm losing it's good! Good luck to you!!..

Comment #5

Week 1: 5.6 lost.

Week 2: 2.6 lost.

Starting weight: 179.4.

Goal weight: 125..

Comment #6

I lost 7 my first week but had 116 total to lose...

Comment #7

I lost 8 the first week and 8 the second week and 3 the third week but that was Thanksgiving week. I've been averaging 10 lbs/month. :-).

Sue in Sunny San Diego..

Comment #8

14 pounds and I had a total of 45 to lose..

Comment #9

11.5 the first week and over 25lbs lost the first month. (I weigh in officially tomorrow. So, I will update my signature then.).

Best of luck - this is a great plan!..

Comment #10

I lost 8 lbs. the first week with 90 in all to lose. Still have 50 something to go.......

Comment #11

First week: 14lbs..

Second week : 5lbs..

Third week: 8lbs...

Comment #12

Last year I lost exactly 5 pounds my first week, this time around I am only on day 6 but so far I have lost 3.6, maybe I'll hit 5 tomorrow I hope!..

Comment #13

1st week 18 lost.

2nd week 5 lost.

3rd week 2 lost.

4th week 5 lost.

5th week 3 lost.

Total 33 pounds....

Yah Medifast!..

Comment #14

7 pounds first week, out of about 100 pounds to lose total..

Comment #15

I lost 8.5 my 1st week and 6.5 my second. Twenty pounds the first four weeks and 9 something the second four weeks came off.

Everyone is differentdifferent weight, different metabolism, different time of month..

For me the question isIs the weight coming off or going on? No matter how much I lose during the week, on Medifast it's coming offeven if it doesn't show on the scale...

Comment #16

7.6 for me!.

I am hoping that my next weign-in will show something as wonderful as this - it will be week 2. Yeah MF!.


Comment #17

I lost four the first week. I'm now down 13 in five weeks. I think it depends on how much you have to lose and certainly your age. It will come off just follow program and seek help when you need it. We are all winners...

Comment #18

I also only lost 4 pounds but I thought that was pretty good...

Comment #19

Lost 24 lbs after 2 weeks ....could not weigh at home weekly...scale did not go high enough..

Have now lost a total of 201.6 lbs. and counting. Looking for a total of 213 lbs lost...., it is coming eventually..

Just work your plan and it WILL come off...promise..

Good luck to you.

Started 05/24/05.


Comment #20

I lost 5 lbs exactly the first week and then consistently averaged about 1.8 to 1.9 lbs per week over any 4 week period (with ups, downs and plateaus each month)...

Comment #21

I lost 8 pounds in my first week. I remember being jealous of everyone who lost more...but then I think, holy moley...8 pounds in one week!!!!!!!.


Comment #22

Hi Annipag,.

Like you I started this week. So far I have gone from 202 to 188 so that is 14 lbs. Am very interested to see what it will be on Tuesday when I officially weigh in..

Good luck to you on your journey to you!..

Comment #23

Hey, I'm almost there! ha ha ha I know it will really slow down at this point but I don't care. I feel better now than I have for many years. My boyfriend started the same day as I did and lost 14 in the first week. He wants to lose 60 but the BMI charts say he should lose 100. Those dumb charts... If I weighed what they said I should... I would look anorexic! I think we should get to where we feel and look great and who cares what a generic chart says? We are all UNIQUE!..

Comment #24

I only lost 4.5 pounds during the first week but you know what I was so thrilled!..

Comment #25

I lost 5.5 the first week and 4.5 the second week. I have a terribly slow metabolism but in my book, any loss is a good one!..

Comment #26

Put me down for 12.6.

I suppose that most of that is water weight. I'm eager to see how much I lose during week 2...

Comment #27

I lost 11 lbs. and feel better than I've felt in a long time...

Comment #28

OKAY! Had my 1st official weight in today..

-17 lbs. for week one...

Comment #29

12 pounds!!! Very excited. Not bad for the first week!..

Comment #30

I lost 9 pounds, I was very pleased with this...I have continued to lose about an average of 2.2 pounds per week..again very very pleased.....I'm almost at goal, which I lowered to 135 from 145 and I may lower it again....I'll have to see what I look like at 135. I LOVE THIS PLAN!!!!..

Comment #31

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