How much did you lose per week from Nutrisystem?

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Hi All,.

I am a newbie. 3 days in and starving but I am determined I am going to stick with this. I am at 170 which is very uncomfortable for me and would love to get back down to 140 that I weighed years ago. I know nutrisystem says to expect 1-2 lbs per week. I was really hoping to see a big change in 3 months. Is that possible? How much do you all typically lose per week?.

I can't wait to get my first bear at 10 lbs!!!.

Happy losing!!!..

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Your question was: How much did you lose per week from Nutrisystem?.

My numbers were bigger in the beginning, then for the last 5 or so pounds it slowed down quite a bit. But overall, I averaged 2 pounds per week (not bad!)...

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Lost 9 pounds my first 2 weeks- plus 7.5" overall- (2.5 in hips!) I will slow down they say- but in 2 1/2 weeks now I am down a jean size. Yipee! But my numbers may not be that common they say- more than most. Following it strictly, alot of physical exercise, alot of water. You will be pleased- get Beano or GasX tho. :-)..

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First weeks will be the greatest, but afterwards 1-3 per week is normal...

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Everyone is different and I think it also depends on the amount of activity that you do. My first month on NS, I lost 25 pounds. I go to the gym everyday and eat exactly to the plan. You can do this! That feeling is starvation will go away. Your stomach will shrink and adjust to the meal size that you are consuming. Just make sure you eat your snacks when you should be.

Also, make sure you drink your water! Good luck and have a great day!..

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I know what you mean - it is easy to get disappointed when you see big numbers from others and just a little from yourself. But, there are so many factors. I think you need to give yourself a timeframe when if you don't lose weight on this program by this time and you've used the Boards, the counseling, the tracker when you have to move on to something else. I don't think that is a discouragement but it gives you a way to focus out longer term..

I told myself 10 weeks. Which is the same amount of time I gave my personal trainer earlier in the year. If I didn't see results, I would definitely reassess my position. It worked for the trainer. I'm definitely stronger and fitter than I have been in a long time. Like NS, I don't measure myself every week and I don't weight myself every day..

So, at first weigh in, I did not see the dramatic weight loss I was hoping for but I only got a little disappointed and I didn't fall off plan. I focused on my goal and continued.

Am I losing weight....I don't know... but I do feel better. I don't crave food as much and I like the eating of little portions throughout the day. Because I ate out A LOT - I'm actually saving a little bit of money on the plan. My husband is very supportive and I no longer have to cook a meal when I get home from work..

You can do it! Just set your mind to it and focus on the results you want. But, definitely look at EVERYTHING here - so many great tips..

Good Luck!..

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Hey orlandoshell!.

I'm basically in the same boat-I started at just under 170, and I'm trying to get down to 135ish in time for my wedding in October. I lost 4 the first week, but since then it's pretty much evened out and I lose about 1-2 a week, or sometimes not at all! I'm only on week 5 though, down 9 total, so i'm truckin' goes fast-stick with it!.

PS I want that bear too! lol..

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I just did the math...twice because I had to make sure I was doing it correctly. I started January 13th, so I have been doing this for 18 weeks. I am averaging 2.07 per week. I hope that this works out as great for you as it has for me. Our start and end weights are pretty similar...

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These have all been good answers, so I have nothing new to add on the "how much" question.

I am concerned about you "starving"! My first few days, I was so surprised at how much food there was to eat! I couldn't hardly eat it all! Are you eating all of the recommended add-ins? (veggies, fruits, extra dairy/proteins) If so, perhaps we can still offer some suggestions, like eat bigger salads - they are very filling. Drink more water. And we can also refer you to the free foods list too, if you are not familiar with it..


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The third day was the worst for me! There is a rule of "3's" that many have posted before. The hunger goes away very quickly! Use all of the old standbys:.


Free veggies.

Do something else to occupy your mind.

If you lose 1-2 pounds a week, in three months that is 12-24 pounds (conservatively)...

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If you look on my page I posted my loss each week since I started in November 09. It really does seem to average out over time...Some weeks I lost only .2 lbs, and others I lost over 3...

The program definitely works if you stick to it! The rate that you will lose also depends on how much exercise you do...

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This is my 2nd round of Nutrisystem weight loss, whi"see"h proves that it needs to be"see"ome a lifestyle. A few years ago I lost 72 lb.s & from 14-2 in 7 months. My weight drops 5lb.s the first week, & 10 lb.s the first month. Then it's 1-2 lb.s a week, with an o"see""see"asional plateau of 1-2 weeks. When I plateau, I don't lose lb.s, but I do lose in"see"hes. The 10 lb.s from 118-108 is a lot slower "see'oming off, but it definitely does, provided I'm patient.

Of water daily, you will su"see""see"eed to your goal. Maintainan"see" is, for me, the toughest part. In other words Nutrisystem works...

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Thank you to everyone for the help and info! I am doing much better and am not as hungry and love these boards. Happy Losing!..

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1. Eat bigger salads! Mixing bowl sized. Make that a part of your program!.

2. 3#/week (but I was heavier than you.)..

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