How many times can you restart Medifast?

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I want to know from you veterans, how many times you actually started & quit Medifast before it finally "stuck"!!?? You hear the quote "doing the same thing & expecting different results is madness..." or something like that. I have restarted a million times, feels like...

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Maybe you don't really need to do it. Looking at your ticker it seems like you are barely overweight. Slightly overweight people actually live LONGER so perhaps you should reconsider and just accept your body as it is...

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Hi Journey.

I dont have a ton of weight to lose either but this is my second time around on medifastI was on it 2 years ago , lost the weight and it has slowly crept back up. I think the issue is that I didnt really do transition after I lost the weight. I think this time I will get to my goal and actually do the transition. I also stopped logging meals which just lead me to getting a little careless with what I ate..Sick of losing it only to gain it backGood luck to you and your weight loss goals...

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Hi there, I ordered my first box, did 3 one week starts with breaks of several weeks (added up to around 8 weeks altogether) and couldn't seem to stick with it. I recommended it to a friend and when she told me she was at a 20 pound loss using the program that motivated me to finally stick with it and i'm starting week 5 tomorrow. Seeing her success really did it for me. I will continue this until I get to my goal. good luck!..

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This is my second time on Medifast. I tried it about a year ago and fell off the plan quickly. I had a nutty work and school schedule which made it difficult to mix up packets. I also wasn't psychologically ready to commit to the necessary changes. After seeing an appallingly high number on my scale at New Years, I decided I was ready. I started again on 1/4/10 and have stayed on plan.

I'm seeing enough success that I'm motivated to stay on the plan and keep going until I reach my goal...

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I have used Medifast off and on for many years....lost 80lbs twice but never reached goal. For me the difference was coming out of denial about my food addiction and realizing that as long as I made excuses or tried to play with the plan it would not work. It was also a spiritual journey for me once I admitted to the food addiction...

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I started in November for the first time. Will never, ever, go back. Food addiction gone, thoughts of sugar, gone, food obsession gone. Never going back to that way of life...

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I started on August 24,2009 that was the first day of school. I always need a date and I have been OP ever since no stops. Today is 7 months and I have lost 71 pounds!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.