How many pretzels can I eat per day on Medifast?

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Hey all, I'm on day 5 of medifast.. Getting used to it, but I have a quick question..

I want to reorder another two weeks worth of food, and wanted to know if the pretzels and cheese puff meals are limited to ONE a day?.

Can I still have a bar on the same day I choose to eat pretzels or cheese puffs?.

Thank you!..

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The only food limited to 1 a day is the maintenence bars (in the green wrappers). The rest you can mix and match as you choose. I typically have 2-3 bars in a day and a bag of puffs at least, I'm a grab and go kind of person.... Hasn't affected me at all...

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Honey mustard pretzels are great...just take several bites and enjoy them slowly..

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I love the Cinnamon pretzels and both kids of cheese puffs. I usually have a bag every day as well as the Smore Crunch bar- my fave!..

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I love the pretzels/puffs partly because they feel like cheating and partly because I can stretch the meal (sometimes for an hour) and it really keeps me from being hungry. They also come in vending-machine type packaging, so it's less obvious I'm on a diet if I'm in a meeting at work. This month I decided on 1 puff and 1 pretzel a day - partly because I love bars, but eat them way too fast. I don't think it's affected my weight so far, but it means I have to watch the carbs in my L&G more carefully because the puffs/pretzels have more than the shakes..



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I love the cheese puffs (both flavors) and the cinnamon pretzels, too. They are interchangeable with any other Medifast meal except the Maintenance Bars. I am so glad they are, too! When I was on the 5+1 I often had 2-3 meals of pretzels and puffs in a day. As Emma said, they are pretty easy to stretch out over a length of time, so it seems like you are eating more. I would have a bag of puffs for my lunch at work for that reason. Somehow, at my lunch break at work, it always seemed like I needed to be eating during the whole time.

My only problem with the pretzels and puffs is that they are very high in sodium. I really have to watch how much sodium I eat, so having 300+ milligrams per serving makes it hard to do some days. Now that I am in transition, I try to limit my puffs and pretzels to once per day just for that reason...

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