How many of you changed your goal weight?

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Good morning! I've had this nagging thought in the back of my head for the last month, and I was just wondering how many veterans struggled with the same thought process I'm going through. When I originally started MF, I let Medifast recommend a goal weight, and I just went ahead and set my sights there. Now, five months later, I'm wondering if I'm out of my mind. I'm 5'3, 37 years old, and my current goal weight is 122. I think the last time I weighed 122, I was about 13 years old. My 15-year-old DD weighs 122, she's an inch shorter, and wears a size 1-3.

I'm also very active. I run OR do T-Tapp every single day. So now I'm entertaining the thought of changing my goal weight to about 135, where I expect to be somewhere in the size 4-6 range. I have an hourglass figure (skirt size typically 1-2 sizes smaller than pants size), and my hip bones are already getting prominent. My butt could use some toning, as well as my thighs, but I'm not sure I could actually get my skeletal structure into something much smaller than a 4 (unless I am, in fact, a skeleton).

BUT IT FEELS LIKE QUITTING. A stubborn part of me does not want to give up the original goal, simply because that stubborn part of me does NOT quit.

Did any of you struggle with this sort of thinking? What did you ultimately do?..

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Good Morning liahana,.

I did have some second thoughts about my goal weight of 135. But when I got down to my desired pant size of 10, I knew what I wanted to do. I started T&M today and I don't look at as quitting, but having reach my other goal. I still hope to lose more weight if possible, if not I would be happy if I could maintain what I have lost already. Plus I figured if I tone up my mid-section, thighs and butt and will drop even lower in pant size...

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I think that first number you pick is a guess. Is tough to what 135 or 150 or whatever will look like on YOU! I did NOT follow the Medifast suggestion. I've been thin enough times to know what weight I'm comfortable with and what I can maintain. And maintaining is really what it's about. You might also ask your dr what he/she suggests. The charts are just a starting point...

Good luck on your decision, and remember you can always change it later! Congrats on your great success so far!..

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Hi liahana,.

It sounds like you and I have very simular shapes. I'm 5'2" and felt the most comfortable at 135 lbs. Back then (15 or so years ago) I was in a size 10, but I am getting in to size 10s now at 148, so I'm guessing I will be in a size 8 when I get to 135 this time...

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I try to think of it as minigoals-sort of what I want to DO at each weight. I let my MD tell me what a good weight was for my and is my BMI and cholesterol that is guiding my goals, I look at dress size as the bonus!.

Try to go back to your stated goals and be sure they are written in a positive way that reminds you WHY you set a pound number. I find cutting my chiolesterol nearly in half and being healthy WAY more inspirational than my weight goal- over 50 pounds to lose..


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I'm glad I read this. My suggested weight was 122 also. But I'm losing the weight for cholesteral and thyroid function. I weight 130 from 7th grade through the day I graduated college. But I felt like it would be quiting too if I "setteled" for 130. I think I'm going to have my blood tests done at 130 and see what they come back like and then decide...

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I am so very, very lucky, because I am in perfect health. My cholesterol is 136, my BP is 120/70, I'm not diabetic or even pre-diabetic. My thyroid function is normal, and aside from the occasional back spasm and a bum ankle (I fractured it twice when I was younger), I don't even have any aches and pains. My ultimate goal is to prevent or at least delay any of those ailments, but the final decision on what my ideal weight pure vanity! Once I pass that last hurdle and have a BMI in the "normal" range (at 141), there's no other marker to go by other than my own personal preference. In a way, I wish it were as "simple" as pointing to a health factor and improving it, because at least then I could point out to myself the world of good I did. But I have nothing other than my own vanity...

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You too huh? LOL I let Medifast set my goal weight - at 155. Okay, I'm 5'10", 38 yrs old and I've got the bone structure of a line backer. "Big boned" doesn't cover it. I weighed 155, once, for about a week in my early 20's. Wore a size 12 and was damned happy about it. Then my doctor burst my bubble and told me not to drop below 160 - just wasn't healthy for how I was built.

Now that the weight is coming off (well, was coming off! Plateau's suck) I'm looking at it little more realistically. Found bones I thought were long gone (hellllloooo hips!), the girly curves are coming back, my DH tells me I'm getting back my "sexy legs" (thanks Liahana!! Run girl run!) and I'm thinking "Self, do we honestly think we can or want to be 155lbs?" For me the answer, right now, was NOPE. So I bumped mine up to 165lbs. If I get there and I think, hmmm, still got some jiggle in my wiggle, I can always drop it down.

I've decided it's not so much a number on the scale that's going to "do it" for me; it's going to be the way I look and the way I feel. When I loose enough weight to enjoy the muscles I've built (there is definition under those chicken wings I swear!) I'll be happy as can be - no matter what the scale says!.

Now that I've rambled on (too much coffee today me thinks!) let me just say - stop where you're happy. Forget the number on the scale. Do you like the way your butt looks in your skinny jeans? Ta da!..

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I will NEVER like the way my butt looks in skinny jeans, but that's genetics (oooh, if only I could afford to get the fat removed from my belly and injected into my rump, I'd be a happy girl!)..

What I do know: five years ago, I weighed between 148-152, and stayed in that range for over two years. I wore 8-10, I was fit, but I wasn't completely happy. I still wanted to lose more, and my BMI was still "overweight." When I was in high school, I weighed between 120-130, but I felt like a COW. The thing about high school, though, was that I was delusional. I can't say what size I was, I don't remember, but I do know that I regularly starved myself, or made myself throw up, or did all of the sorts of things that stupid girls do. And I've never been anything in-between! I don't know how I'll feel at 140...or 135....

I just don't want to be a quitter...

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I have changed my goal weight about 50 times. It started out at 130, then 134, then 150, then 138, and now at 144 (I think, is that what my ticker says?) The thing is I'm very pear shaped! I am already quite small on top, but I am still a 10-12 in pants. I can wear size 8 dresses. I am large framed and almost 5'6". I continue to lose all over so my upper body just gets smaller along with my lower so I dont' think I will ever have the right proportions without liposuction of the saddlebags and a breast implants (neither of which are in the budget unfortunately). 134 was the lowest I have weighed as an adult and I was quite thin, I didn't maintain that weight for very long.

Anyway, I thought a few weeks ago about moving my goal from 134 to 150, but like you I felt like I would be "failing" if I didn't go all the way. I think I have since decided on 144 because 150 felt good, and the range of 144-150 would give me some wiggle room (with 150 being max). I have had to come to terms that after 3 children I am not going to look like a supermodel! I could get to 134 I'm sure, but I will have to kill myself maintaining it. I think I look healthy now and my BMI is healthy. My "happy" weight according to Self magazine is 146.6. So my goal isn't far off I don't think.

I am trying very hard to not feeling like I am not failing by changing my goal...

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Girls, take it from a a gal that's been there. Everyone should go to the weight where they feel the best or suggested by their doctor. Sometimes we become obsessed with a number and it might not be what is right for us. You are NOT FAILING.... YOU ARE BEING SENSIBLE...Back in 2006 I went from 200 to 140 and my DR. said GAIN 10 pounds, that was a SHOCK for one ever told me to gain weight.

We want to be HEALTHY when we come to the end of our journey. Came back for wonderful inspiration and help I need to get back on track with MF..


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YES! You brought up another point. I think I could get down to 122, but can I realistically maintain it for the rest of my life???? If I couldn't maintain 122 when I was a teenager with a variety of eating disorders, is it realistic to believe I can maintain 122 as a middle-aged mother of three who is striving to have a healthy relationship with food??? THAT was the thought tumbling around in my head but never actualized into a coherent thought. Put that way, the answer is a roaring, "OF COURSE NOT!! DUH!!!".

My "Self" magazine "happy weight" was 136. And you know what? I think that that's very reasonable.

I'm changing my goal weight.... thanks!!!..

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Hi all if I can chime in age also affects what your weight should be. I am 56, 5' and a118lbs which is the least I have weighed in my life the most being 160. My original goal was 125 what I weighed in my 20s. I personally don't look at the charts just try to keep the weight in a range where I feel comfortable, can breathe (that's important) and my cholesterol, sugar, triglicerides, etc. etc. are in a normal range.

Pick what you are most comfortable with and also what you feel you can achieve and maintain..

Good luck..


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I think your goal weight is very personal. Its HOW YOU FEEL in your own body..

I have changed my goal weight & I may again. I make sure my goal weight is my healthy BMI. My healthy BMI Is 145. Medifast suggested 122 for my goal weight. When I worked ER & I didnt eat (at all) I was 130 lbs size 4 & people told me I was too skinny..

I am currently 155 & I am 5'4 size 9. I am really happy with my looks. REALLY happy.

I love how running has shaped my legs. I have people telling me I am perfect not to thin not to fat. I had a neighbor yesterday ask me if I was sick ( WHAT ??? LOL).

So I changed my goal of 130, I chose that as that is the thinnest I ever have been as an adult. I had a hard time staying at 130 so I went with 140 as it's more realistic with the healthy BMI of 145. Now I have it at 145 as most people lose weight in T & M.

SO I think if I get to 145, & then lose 5 more lbs in T & M will be good.

I am 41 years old. I want to look healthy, I am not a supre model nor do I want to be.

I am just so happy not to be obese anymore.

GL with you choices..

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Ok so in this picture, I am the lightest weight but I have the biggest butt, so not fair.

I also have the largest pant size. this is why I run/wog to shape this booty up.

I am second one in. Those pants are now tooo big. I am down 2 sizes from this picture, it was good for me to look at..

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I guess it's kind of like how the curly-haired girl always wants straight hair and the one with straight hair gets a perm, huh?.

In my case, my lack-of-bootiness is on the extreme side. Ever see those Asian women who look great from the front, but when you see them from the back, their jeans are saggy? That's ME! Even when I'm fat, my rump doesn't fill out, it spreads out! I have broad hips and no booty-bump. I'm always the one complaining about how my butt hurts when sitting in the bleachers, cuz I have no padding. I would LOVE to have your!..

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*** transplant it is! I'll be a donor. I can sit on anything for hours without a problem.. LOTS of padding...

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Oh count me in to donate some booty! I've got plenty of round rump to spare for Liahana!..

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HA!! You guys are cracking me up as I'm catching up on the posts. My sister likes to call me flat a** sooooooooooo, I'm feeling ya.......Liahana!.

The post title caught my eye since I had just recently changed my goal weight to 135 which I think will be more realistic. Medifast set my goal at 122. I'm 5'3 and can't even remember the last time I weighed 122........maybe junior high.....grade school.... But I think I'm going to just go and see where I feel comfortable, when I hit the healthy BMI range (142) then I will play around with the numbers..


Ht: 5'3".

Age: 39.

Start date: 5/24.

Month 1 (-7.9, -1.4, -3.4, -5.0) - 17.7.

Month 2 (-2.1, 0, -1.8, 2.4 ) - 6.3.

Month 3 (-3, -1.5 )..

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I originally set my goal at 150, but moved it up to 160. That just seems more reasonable to me and honestly I'm not sure if 150 will even be too thin. I used to weigh 145 (in HS) but I've got lots more muscle now, plus been fat for a LONG time. I want a weight I can be happy with and maintain..

FWIW, I'm 5'10"..

I did the Happy weight calculator and that's around the weight it recommended, so I'll go there and then see. Honestly, if I can get my butt into a size 12, I won't care what I weigh - and BMI is NOT the best indicator, bodyfat% is better to tell if you are actually healthy or not...

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I hear ya! I'm also 5'10" and the day I can get back into a size 12 you'll hear me hootin' and hollerin' over there by the Bay all the way from Rio Vista - no matter what the scale says!..

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I changed my goal weight from 145 to 135 to 125. Then back to 135. I'm 5'2" and almost 54 yrs old. I couldn't imagine getting that low. So I thought - just get to healthy BMI. Besides, I've got a whole lot of extra skin hanging around - nothing I can do to get rid of it other than go under the knife..

I set a goal DATE and then stuck with it. I just couldn't get my head wrapped around a weight once I got close. Oh - I'm in size 4s & 6s. Just fine with me!..

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Thanks for the input everybody. It really helped.

CAULTI'm with you. 4-6 is great by me...

Comment #22

Has anyone had their body fat % tested? I'm wondering where to do this. I don't have a gym membership, I just go to the Y and pay for the water aerobics class. Any suggestions on where to go?.

P.S. The happy weight calculator was more in line with my thinking. I was thinking 130, it said 129.2. I could do that...

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I definitely changed my goal weight! I just blogged about this yesterday. I have a lean body mass of 150 pounds so a healthy weight for me is 195. More than I initially thought it would be, that's for sure! I do have bones sticking out everywhere (welcome to the world, everybody!) and of course excess skin, but I am almost there. I build muscle very easily and think that plays a big part in this. By the way, I went to the Colorado Athletic Club to have a metabolic/fat assessment by a trained professional. If you're in the Denver area, the club is in the Tech center.

To me, it was WELL worth the time and money to find out where I should be. If I had gone with the Medifast recommendation of, gee, I think it was around 165 or so, I would have been way way too thin. But in fairness, those calculations don't necessarily take lean body mass into consideration.

Great thread!..

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I'm so proud of all of you for being reasonible about your goal weight. HEALTHY is the key. Remember we can all just pick a number, but to maintain is also key..

You will all be amazed at how you look & feel at a healthy weight..

It will be a happier you!!.


Hang in there, YOU ARE WORTH IT.


You are all my HERO"S.


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I'm considering lowering mine. I'm now the thinnest Ive been in a decade. I started out saying "if I could get into _ size I would be happy". I thought I would be happy at 150 but now at 170 I'm not so sure. My body has changed drastically. Things are in different spots than they used to be. Its really going to be a per 10 lbs thing after I hit 150...

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I'm 5'3" and last time I lost my weight, I was in my late 20s. I went down to 135 and was a size 7, and my doctor yelled at me for being too thin, said I was big boned (I almost fell off the exam table laughing at that one!).

She was a large woman herself though, and didn't approve of the diet I was on.

This time around, we'll see. Self mag puts my happy weight at 139.2, which is pretty cool. My doctor told me 160 and I'm not settling for that. My sister is about that now, she's 3 inches taller than me and shaped the same, and she's NOT happy with her weight. I have the feeling that is not going to do me.

But I agree, we should decide when we get there. I have promised myself (and my boyfriend) that I will not become a bag of bones... I'll stay shapely and sexy. Especially since I have daughters, I want to model health.

Thanks for starting this thread, and I hope you don't mind me chiming in. I'm new to Medifast, but I've been dealing with body image issues all my life.....

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What a great thread! I am 5' 3" and 74 years young...about 20 years ago, I got down to 155, only with constant working out and dieting, and then it would come back up to 165 and seemed like it would maintainable.... I looked at a chart for bmi, and the dividing line between "obese" and "overweight" was 169#, so I made that my great to get out of the "obese" catagory....i have lost 50# and have 30 # more to go...then I will worry about it...ALSO, I am going by Dr. Oz's book, YOU ON A DIET, and when I get my 39 inch waistline down to 32, i'll feel I am there....!!! and I always said when I could wear size 12 jeans, i'll be happy!!! so, you see, I have several goals to look forward to, and i'll see what one fits me the best!!..

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Great thread! I totally "get" feeling like you are failing. My "original" goal was 187 (50 lbs) and when I got there, I changed it to 175. Then when I got there, I lowered it to 160. I have been STUCK at 170 for literally months! I, too, am beginning to wonder if maybe I got a little overzealous. I have NEVER been 170 in my entire adult life so I am contemplating maintaining here but, like you, feel like maybe I am failing myself.

I sure appreciated reading all the input. Makes me feel like if I decide to change my goal (higher this time) it wouldn't be so bad. Although, for now, I am keeping it at 160...still feeling positive;-).

Thanks for sharing!..

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I'm not a veteran of Medifast, but of other weight loss systems that were similar. I have a photo over on MyPage from when I was last at the weight I've set at my current goal. 145 pounds. According to the Medifast BMI thing, I should be below 140 to be 'healthy' weight. I felt fine in mid-140's and would be happy to be there again. But I remember very well that whenever I get below 175 (which is the weight I was when I graduated high school) I start feeling like "that's enough"..

So we'll see when I get there..

I do think a professional fat analysis is a good thing to do if you want reassurance when you have reached a good weight for how you look and feel..

Great thread, thank you!..

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I think i've reached my goal weight, too. The BMI calculators don't take into consideration age, body type, lean muscle mass and other factors and should only be used as a rough guide to your health. I've asked both my physician and Nutrisystem here at Medifast about it, and they both think that i'm right where I should be. I'm tall at six foot two and under all the weight I have an athletic frame. I'm thin. I'm in a size 32 mens pants and medium sized mens shirts.

Most, if not all of my borderline medical conditions are improved if not 100% reversed..

I'd love to reach my BMI goal of 194 lbs., but after everyone I know has been telling me that i've been looking gaunt, too thin, that I think it's time for me to transition. I've just got a few days to my birthday, and i'm going to start my transition then as a victory celebration. My maintenance goal is to stay under 200 lbs. and remain in the same clothing sizes for the rest of my life...

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