How many boxes of Medifast meals is each case of RTD shakes worth?

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Ok, I just can't seem to figure it out. How many boxes of Medifast meals is each case of RTD shakes worth?..

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I think there are 24 RTD shakes in a case. If that is so, 1 box of Medifast meals has 7 servings. 7x3=21 7x4=28, so it is somewhere in the vicinity of 3.4 boxes of Medifast meals in a case of RTD shakes...

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Sbshaw is right, there are 24 shakes in a case. What are you trying to calculate?..

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I was trying to figure out how many boxes of other Medifast foods I needed to order if I order 2 cases of RTD. It really upped the cost, so I'm not sure if I'm going to take RTD on vacation with me next month...

Comment #3

Yeaunfortunately you really pay "through the nose" for the convenience of those shakes!! Is there any way that you can take your Bullit with you? I'm going out of town soon and am planning to take it with me to the hotel...and requesting a mini-fridge in the room so that I can pre-make them..

Speaking of RTDshas anyone ever frozen those things? Does the box hold up (not explode?) I'd like to do that for the bus trip but am afraid to "ruin" one of those expensive shakes..

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Oh I see. Well the RTDs are expensive but worth it in my opinion, if you can afford it. Great convenience. I haven't frozen them...

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I worked out the math to justify the cost and as long as you order enough to qualify for free shipping, the RTDs are only about 15 cents extra per serving if you use bottled or filtered water to make the other meals. Once you take out the cost of the water you add to the other meals, the RTDs are so worth the extra 15 cents for the convenience...

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I don't use bottled or filtered water to make my Medifast meals. Still not sure what to do. We'll have a huge cooler (and the free hotel ice) but no fridge. There are some things I like without the blender, but I don't know if having 5 meals of raspberry ice tea for 5 days will cause me to make excuses for going off plan. Also, I'd have to bring dish soap and a sponge, I guess. I've been trying to get used to the shakes without the blender, but I'd still need to wash the shakers...

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For those who asked, the RTD shakes freeze just fine. I eat them like a fudgesicle.....

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I use the RTD shakes for work...and I freeze then I have one idea to throw out there.....I have a very small personal can fit right in my cost like less then 15 bucks at wal-mart or k-mart...H Beach...and there are others...might be worth looking into....dry shakes take up less space and weigh less then the RTD..I also carry plastic spoons and my trusty shaker a big zip lock own personal travel coffee mug....can have my cocoa....with my morning takes a bit of planning but we can fit the plan around what we do..everyone is so busy...well nobody even notices...hell I would not care if they did.....LOL....just a thought...later Prez..

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