How many Boca servings allowed during Medifast?

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Hi there....

I apologize, I am a newbie! I wanted to check on the Boca products. I LOVE the Boca Chicken patty as well as the Grilled All American Burger.. I just wanted to make sure we are allowed TWO boca servings a day? That is any boca product right? So, really I can have one boca at lunch and another boca item at dinner.. even split up my green portions between both meals.. right???.

Just want to make sure I am getting it right...


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You need to be carefull with the meatless patties. Meatless patties are higher in carbs than lean meats. Several patties are too high in carbs to be allowed on the weight loss phase of MF. You need to choose patties that have less than 6gm of carbs per patty..

In the "meatless options" brochure:.


MF lists Boca Meatless burgers original, Vegetable burgers, cheeseburger patties and flame grilled patties (72 gm patty size) as allowed...

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I second what Mike just said.

And on the days when you do decide to eat the meatless patties, you may want to pick veggies from the lower end of the carb rating (if you're looking at the veggies .pdf, these would be the ones marked in green, like celery, collards, cucumber, turnip greens, lettuce, mushrooms (but not portabellas, which are higher in carbs), radishes, spinach, sprouts, and watercress)...

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Ditto. I use them, but I always eat more scrambled eggs (at least 2) meals those days as they are the lowest in carbs (10 g). That helps.


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Ok, I am sure when I get the food and the guide I will make since of it all. I just found this morning that the Quick start guide is here on the site too.. that is handy! I totally get what everyone is telling me and I do like to combine a salad (lettuce) with my Bocas.. yum!!.

Any other Boca tips???.


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I don't combine the eggs with the Boca burgers. I eat the eggs for 1 or 2 of my Medifast meals. I like to keep my carbs in the 80's, which is really hard to do if you are eating Boca burgers. So I try to eat the eggs for my other meals..

I hope this helps..


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I think (check in the "my plan", "Add food" area) meatless breakfast sausages and crumbles are allowed. You could use half your egg beaters or egg/egg white combo allowed with half the meatless sausage to make a spicy egg scramble for the lean meal..

I believe all he printed information is also available in the Medifast Guides and Tools page:.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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