How long will my hair grow by September if i take VitaminShoppe ultranourish hair?

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My first question is: How long will my hair grow by September if I take VitaminShoppe ultranourish hair?.

My next question is: Hi, was due to take my first course of gear in two weeks (ten weeks supply of deca @200ml every 4 days with nolvadex as p.c.t)been reading and researching for months on forums and the like,a few threads on other forums putting first time uses off deca to use just sustanon on it's own or test enenthate (due to deca having 100% shutdown and other nasties) ive trained for 15 years nat and weigh 13st I would like to gain and hold 8-10 pounds of quality musclesorry to go on a bit just would appreciate your views/explanation. thanks ...

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Your question was: How long will my hair grow by September if I take VitaminShoppe ultranourish hair?.

Hi Ian, in response to your request on the Heart thread I've come in to have a look.

I think this has been answered before (more or less)..

I personally think deca is a better drug of choice for a first time user. Mainly on account of the total side effects likely; compared to those of test..

Shutdown will typically take 3 weeks to really kick in and as previously said the shutdown is the same for either (although the shutdown with Pure test is more rapid, the endf reslut is the same). The suppression of the libido, is also going to be the same end result for either, test just feels better initially as your body see's a higher androgen count, but after a few weeks they fall of regardless of which one you use. Therefore side effects such as aromatization to DHT & Estrogen should be of a main concern. As Deca doesn't/cannot convert to DHT and only has a slight estrogenic conversion. This is why I favour Deca..

The previous thread is as follows.

Deca on it's own ?

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Thanks again neil for your advice.yeah I know you did answer this before just making sure (pre course nerves).will my pct (nolvadex)bring my own test levels back soon after completing course,ive read that your baseline test levels can take upto a month to return to normal -is that why most people suggest deca is a bad first choice? thanks again mate...

Comment #2

How long it takes natural test levels to return to normal depends predominantly on the dose & duration of the course. As you are planning on a 10 week course (which would mean your last shot should go in at the start of week 9) I would imagin 4 weeks to be a resonable time period..

I would probably opt for Clomid as opposed to Nolvadex, due the the fact that the Deca has a lesser aromatisation to estrogen and clomid tends to be a bit easier on the system than nolvadex. However this is just my personal preferance and others may respond better to nolvadex.

If you only have Nolva's then stick with that and, as Bushidodad said, start the nolva at the start of week 10. 20 mg a day should be sufficient. If you feel the need for extra help in restoring your test levels then add as herbal test booster in ( I like S.A.N's Endotest & Interactives -Tribolan)...

Comment #3

Nice one ,thanks mate i'll be starting in two weeks. I'll probably post my gains on here.Thanks again...

Comment #4

Post up your results mate. id be interested in seeing how you get on. everyone has there opinion on these things, but it's good to hear from ppl 1nce theyve tried it. I did a test only cycle - worked out pretty well. nxt time I may try deca on it's own...

Comment #5

Yes no problems i,ll post my pre course weight and lifts ,then one during and one,one month out...

Comment #6

The main issue I see with a deca only cycle is the drop in libido and the enevatable Decca d1ck I can see this happening big time on a 10 week cycle, the next issue is as Neil has pointed out is the recovery time he is correct in waiting 4 weeks but if you are doing a 10 week cycle then your last shot will be in week 10 not 9 so you will need to wait until week 14 to start a PCT in this time that it takes your Natty levels to start to restore I see you dropping a fair amount of the mass your have gained this for me is the biggest drawback with Deca only cycles......

Comment #7

Wont that depend on the ester used??.

I was assuming he'd be usin' Nandrolone Decanoate which is active for roughly 2 weeks, so a shot in week ten would be working through week 10 and through week 11, which would mean that his first week 'off', he would actually still be 'on'.

But if it's Nandrolone Phenyl propionate then as thats only approx 5 days action, then week 10 would be fine...

Comment #8

I see your point Neil but Nandrolone decanate has a half life of 15 days so some will be still around after the 2 week period obvouisly depending on dose taken..

A 10 week cycle is injecting or using orals for 10 weeks if your going to only use the deca for nine weeks then it is a nine week cycle but this all goes to the main reason why I always end with fat esters..

Comment #9

Hi mate yes the course did go o.k until the 5th week and I started getting pins and needles in my fingers ,went to docs he said I had carpel tunnel didnt know whether the deca was causing this ,so I stopped using it after week 8But I had gained 8lbs up until then ,my dosage was only 200 every 5 days(this wasnt enough I dont think) better to start low though and work your way up!!..

Comment #10

Ian, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome it's unrelated to your course of deca, for one it wouldn't develop out of nothing in 6 weeks..

I went to the doctor at 21 and complained about pins and needles in my hands and he said I wasn't finished growing! I went back about 4 years later (I started training at 23) and was a different shape to when I went the first time, he asked if I was on anabolics and I said yes, obviously it was the gear that was causing it so he could not treat me..

I got both hands operated on last year after 5 years of being clean and they said it was so bad they didn't know how I could even hold a pen. Since the operation it has been great but I've alsobeen told it can and often does come back again after a few years...

Comment #11

I think ive finished growing i'm 37 years old!! maybe it was just a coincidence but I thought better to be safe than sorry!..

Comment #12

So, is the sydrome related to the gear ?????..

Comment #13

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by a rapid short term weight gain, usually brought about by excessive water retention. hence the reason why hgh and heavy testosterone courses sometimes bring on the condition. if this is the cause, the problem should receed when the water retention does. however, carpal tunnel syndrome is surprisingly common and is usually nothing to do with steroid use. it's also a bast*rd of a condition. I know at least 5 people who've had the corrective surgery, and none of them are any better afterwards...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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