How long is the trial period?

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My question is: How long is the trial period?.

My 2nd question is: This male friend wrote me a poem saying he liked me.  Well, I didnt know what to say so I needed time to process.  A mere day later he writes again and says that it was a joke lol .

Wow. SUPER LAME to write me something so intense and then try and back-pedal about it just a day later, why-just cause I took a second to think about it? Jeez!  There goes my respect for you!! .

And then later on he calls me and apologizes and asks if we can still be friends.  I was like huh??  I said I needed a day to chillax or something because his erratic behavior has seriously repelled me.   Then he writes me a text saying he can tell what my choice is already and he wishes me luck in life and so on. ZOMG what a drama.. Im so over this kid...

Ok, so thanx for letting me vent.



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Meowzers!  sorry for being 19! lol ;D.

Yah I hear you.  I did think it was cool of him to put himself out there but it doesnt matter cause he back-pedaled.  I mean, really.. Have the balls to stand by your words and feelings.  It shows poor character otherwise.  Another one bites the dust.  Oh wells...

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Wow - well, this guy obviously has a very thin skin and you're better off without him!.


Comment #2

Aww dating (online dating with doyenne!! thank you ))).



P.s. ahaaa he just texted me just now and asked if it was alright if he emailed me.  I wasnt sure at first who it was - I had to ask - because I already deleted him from my phone!  I said he can call me - thats better!  I really very seriously prefer person to person interaction if it can be helped.  I dont understand why people are afraid of this. .

Btw, I am very exasperrated at this point.  what does he want to talk about now?  tel me that his poem wasnt a joke afterall? lol  I already know that..

I am entertaining a communication bec well, we were friends before his poem.. plus ive been accused of being quick to discard people.  I'm trying to alleviate that a bit and give the guy a chance to speak.. but I dunno...

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Comment #3

Wait, are you already dating (online dating with someone?? You responded to someone else's post with "my boyfriend is so sweet" blah blah blah so was this guy even a possibility or did you just like him?..

Comment #4

Yah my bf is def super sweet and "blahblahblah". .

No, not interested in this guy.  but he was my friend so I still needed time to process what he said and how to react sensitively.   ive already had to deal with a smilar situation before and I had to chuck the friend.  I was trying to avoid doing that again..


Comment #5

Oh. Well then he's kind of an idiot for doing this to a friend with a boyfriend...

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