Any Medifast maintenance success stories?

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I am doing great on Medifast so far13lbs down!! But as I get closer to goal, I am worried about maintaining. Would love to hear about some Medifast maintenance success stories and tips!.


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Hello toreachgoal! I started Medifast in May, 2006. I hit goal the end of December 2006 and have maintained now for over 2 and 1/2 yearsI still follow guidelines set by Medifast in the transition/maintenance literature, except I only occasionally use one of my favorite Medifast cappacinos or hot choc,,(either hot or blended with ice) as a treat. I avoid "trigger' foods as much as possible, like hot breads, things made with refined sugar or white flour. I sub half of the white flour called for in any recipe with 1/4 whole grain or wheat, and 1/4 soy flour,and I cut the sugar as low as possible,,to make a healthier baked good. it took me a bit to realise I can maintain very well by estimating my calories roughly between 1400-1500 a day. if I don't know the calorie content of something, I don't eat it! I have found I don't have to think much about my eating after all this time..

I recommend highly that when you hit goal, that you have already read and have it in your head the transition and maintenance guidelines. I really feel this is where the real "learning' begins as far as knowing how to eat for the rest of your life. Continuing the water drinking has helped me too, in fact, I don't feel as well if I get behind on my water through the day, and find myself stepping it up to get it all in..

Lastly, stay active with these boards. they are here for you in maintenance just like during 5/1. By staying active here and keeping in touch with others, you also help keep your own mind in the game, so to speak. Too many have dropped away after hitting goal, only to show up a year or so later with a gain. Maintenance is something you will have to do for life, get over the idea that "food will be there for me when I lose the weight", because it can NEVER be there the same as it was before,,,,,the saying"If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got", is so true about maintenance. Work during your 5/1 and transition phases to change how you look at food, develop your taste for healthier options, and learn about portion control..

You can do this!! Lots of people here can help you reach AND maintain your goal! Best wishes on this amazing journey called Medifast!..

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Thanks so much for your advice. I took a peek at your before and after photosyou look awesome! You are an inspiration!!.

Thanks again!..

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Thanks, and you are welcome,,from looking at your ticker you are well on your way! Hope to see those goal pics before too long! best wishes!!..

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I've been maintaining for about 8 months now..

I agree with much of what Sharon wrote - I always do!.

I stick with the boards and my team - I exercise - and I eat right every day (except for my weekly/bi-weekly/vacation splurge)..

I wish you all the best!..

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These MFers are great, and so is their advice! I can add a few things NOT to do.

The good news is I've kept off 35 pounds or more for 2 years, after losing 50. I still feel great and still fit into most of my size 10 jeans after they stretch out a little LOL... can still cross my legs and fit into airplane seats.

But obviously I've had trouble keeping off that "final 15." I've bobbed up and down a LOT within that range for the past year or so....

What I've learned:.

* THE BIGGIE: When I stop daily weighing, I start gaining! I don't know which comes first I gain because I don't weigh, or I don't weigh because I know I'm gaining. Either way, I have to weigh daily and stay accountable. I have to remember that making small adjustments is much easier than losing 15 pounds... again..

* An occasional treat is fine. I won't gain from a pasta dinner now and then. I WILL gain from eating major carbs 4 or 5 times a week. I most easily keep weight off when I watch my carbs..

* I can gain a lot of weight VERY quickly. As in 10 pounds in one month..

* Going back on Medifast works. I've lost those "not-so-final 15" twice since hitting goal and I'm doing it again now by going back on 5&1 for a bit. This is not the perfect way to go, and I'm working to get better at maintenance every day... but it still beats weighing 205..

I have to accept that keeping it off is always going to be a challenge for me. But that's okay I accept that fact because the alternative is NOT acceptable..

Hope some of this helps...

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PS. Hey Kiki, you're doing great! And we have the same start weight..

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The above tips are right on point, and I can't add too much. I am back since I didn't transition and maintain after I reached goal when I first came on board with MF. I can only add here that my mistake (and maybe others can learn from it) is when I got to goal, I considered myself pretty much "DONE". I was a bit too pleased with myself and thought I could just go back to a few of my old eating habits once in a while. That quickly turned into gaining most of my weight back over two years. I learned the hard lesson that the real work starts after you get to goal weight, and doing the transition plan and then maintenance is vital to the success of keeping the weight off..

You will do great if you stick to the plan, and think it over and get prepared for transition ahead of time... and many of us will be right behind you!..

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Hi Everyone,.

I started Medifast at 196.5 in October '08 and reached my original Goal of 135 in early May of '09. During my 12 week Transition, I continued to lose until I was down to 129.

"and change" as I call it. Since the end of my Transition I have maintained the same weight within a few ounces from week to week but have never gone above 130..

**I learned to give myself a "range" rather than a set number, so that fluid fluctuations or one day of a higher caloric intake (IF it did show on the scale) would not blow my mind!.

**I weigh daily (as someone has already mentioned) so that I never let things get out of hand..

**I STILL drink my water and never feel as well when I short myself..

** I make up 4 24 oz. bottles w/ my fiber & 1 Infuser in the a.m. and sit them on my desk so they are in my way!! (Gotta drink them to make room!).

**I love the FAGE Greek yogurt and have made it a permanent part of my diet..

**I still use 1-2 Medifast products per day as I like the balanced nutrition and the Chai and Capuccino make GREAT and "cheap" in calories meals..

**I stay around 1,100 - 1,300 calories and try my *best* to stay in the middle of those numbers..

**I STILL (and always will) LOG MY FOOD here on the Medifast site. I know there are other Diet websites, but I am comfortable with this one and when I need info for a Private Food, I just Google for that food and enter the specs into the MY Plan page..

Maintenance IS the hardest part. But just think about where you were this time last year!..

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I really don't have anything profound to add to the excellent comments & advice that you have already received, other than to say that regular exercise has been one of the most important components of my ability to maintain for the past year+. Adhering to a regular workout routine has made all the difference and the ongoing benefits have almost surpassed the original weight loss itself, at least in my particular case..

Re-training yourself to make healthy food choices is obviously the other part (including drinking lots of water) and as Sharon (one of the best examples of a successful maintainer) said so aptly, Medifast provides a great deal of helpful information in the transition/maintenance guides. This includes fairly accurate calculations for determining daily calorie levels based upon ones activities, specific food and portion suggestions, ect. If you take the time to read and apply the info (just as I and others have), then the whole 'mystery' surrounding successful maintenance becomes quite clear..

Congratulations on your progress to date - you are doing great! I wish you all the best as you work towards your goals...don't give up!..

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This month marks 2 1/2 years on maintenance for me!.

I started in August 2006 and lost 70 pounds by Feb. 2007. Its important to follow transition exactly as Medifast suggests. Then, incorporate what you've learned from Medifast in your post-Medifast eating routine: Small portions, sensible mix of things: eggs, oatmeal, lots of water, etc..

I've had pizza, ice cream and all that "bad" stuff, but the point is to not get into that spiral of having it the next day, and the next and so on. Here and there, but that's it. The phrase really is true: everything in moderation..

I also try to exercise about 3-4 times a week; I do it in the morning. It's a great way to get energized for the day and then I don't have to worry about it after a long work day..

Hope this helps. Good luck!.


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I've maintained for over a year, with one gain of 22 pounds when on prednisone (that stuff is nasty!). I hopped back on 5&1 and lost 15 of that. I really think I'm gonna stay a little over goal - my friends now tell me I looked a little anorexic at my lowest weight. I'll live here for a while and then decide..

I still incorporate Medifast (or other similar weight loss supplements) nearly every day. I just like the flavor and feel they give me the most bang (protein for hunger) for the calories. Besides, I'm a choco-holic and at least I know the chocolate is healthy! I still basically do a L&G at dinner. It's become a habit and I really like that meal!.

I log my food daily - if I put it in my mouth, I put it in my log. I use The Daily Plate, which can also be found on I also log my exercise (4-6 times a week) there. I really like that site: it has just about every known food in it's database, including the Medifast foods. All brand names, just about every restaurant's menu's, etc. You can also create your own meals, so if it's a combination you eat often, you can just add the meal, not each item separately.

I agree with what has been said earlier. Losing the weight was the easy part. Just open a packet every 2-3 hours. Now, I actually have to plan what I'm having for the whole day! ARGHHH!!!!..

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Hey Neighbor Dan so cool to see you!.

I've maintained my goal size for a year and a half. I went vegan, soy-free, gluten-free..

So, it's super easy to maintain and I've never felt better. (I also cycle 120+ miles a week.)..

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Hi Sz⁢'s great to see you as well! It's been a while since I have been on the boards. I'm glad you have done so well maintaining and I'm impressed that you have taken your nutrition to the next level (and beyond) and put in that amount of milege on the bike! It's amazing how Medifast ends up being the foundation/launching pad for an entire new series of lifestyle choices and challenges..


Echoing what Chris mentioned in regards to logging food, I also use the Daily Plate @ Livestrong to track my food/nutritional info and workouts. As she stated, the site is extremely user friendly and a very effective tool for maintaining (for those of us with the desire for that level of detail). Most of the tools are free, but you can pay a nominal annual fee in order to access a couple of additional features (not critical, but kind of cool). The food data base is massive, just as Chris said...

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Dan I totally agree. Medifast was the instrumental first step to many positive changes and fabulous results!..

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This is so inspiring reading that it can be done. Congrats to you all for maintaining!!!..

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I've now been maintaining for about 1 yr and 4 months. I think the biggest thing for me is BE SLIM!.

B = breakfast EVERY day.

E = Exercise regularly (I now run and am training right now for my 3rd marathon in less than a year!).

S = Support (I still like to come on the boards, and my family and friend provide support, too).

L = lowfat meals every 3 hours or so (this is HUGE - eat small meals frequently!).

I = individualized plan (there might be trigger foods that YOU need to avoid. Everyone is different and you need to determine what works for you. I pretty much have to avoid potato chips).

M = Measure! (I weigh daily to catch any blips before they become bombs. You could use a tight pair of jeans once a week or a measuring tape. Just make sure to catch any changes quickly before they become problems)..

Oddly I was more scared going into maintenance than once I got there. Follow the transition plan and slowly add new foods and find what works for you. Good luck!..

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Wow you are all inspiring ... I had lost over 20# two years ago and have gained it all back. I want to start again, I am to the point of saying to the mirror "look at what you have done". I liked the structure of Medifast plan and was never hungry. Right now I am trying to figure out how to order without using customer service because I have read nothing but discouraging comments about it, yet, I can't have UPS deliveries and need FedEx or USPS. Any suggestions? Thank you for your inspiration...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.