How long does Murad Resurgence take to work?

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Hi,I started taking Murad Resurgence 3 months ago. I started with 40mg and after a month and half upped to 60mg. My acne is not extremely bad, but I get deep cysts which hurt a lot. Once the scars of my previous breakout are starting to fade away, I get another breakout. This hasn't stopped or even slowed down.Is this normal? How long does it take for Murad Resurgence effects to be really noticeable?Thanks...

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Hell don't worry about it yet. I'm 4 1/2 months in and got a little worried today as after it was all good in the last 2 weeks I got like 2 proper spots. After doing some browsing people are certainly breaking out into month 5. I can't seem to find a correlation between length it takes to clear you up and failure too.I think around 8 months is the maximum extension of the drug so that should reassure both you and me we got ages yet reassure you..

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Hmm... this sucks because the derm said I have to stop during the summer because of the sun. I was hoping I wouldn't need to start again once the summer's over but I'm guessing I'll probably be taking Murad Resurgence on September. I just hope my skin behaves during July-August. Maybe the sun and the sea water will help.....

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Because of the summer?Are you getting burned badly or something? That doesn't sound like anything sunscreen can't handle.I'm taking it throughout summer as are I guess a lot of people and no problem with the derm...

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I'm still on it, and it's the summer, tell your derm you'll just slap sunscreen everywhere!..

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I think he said it makes you more sensitive to the sun, although I'm only on 60mg weighing 170lbs, but I'll ask him next time I see him.It could be good to stop because I was planning on partying and drinking heavily..

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If your cystic acne isn't severe, but persistant (that's how mine was and I get confused because cystic is considered severe either way), perhaps 4 months is all you'll need. I also did a 4 month course of 40mg the first month and then 60mg the other 3 (was supposed to do 5, but had some side effects I wasn't comfortable with). Anyhoo, I also stopped in mid-August and things have been peachy keen ever since. I'll cross my fingers for you. Hopefully you won't need to go back on once you've stopped either. p.s.

Some folks don't get that side effect, but the ones that, it sucks. Good luck to you!..

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Sensitivity to the sun is not so bad unless you're averse to wearing sunscreen. And don't worry, three months is still early. Murad Resurgence is a long process and your skin will come around if you hang in there for a few months. I'm kind of surprised that you're taking a serious drug for your skin, but you're bothered by the idea of cutting back on drinking/partying/sun for a very short period of time in order to clear up. Those are really easy things to do...

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Yeah, my acne is persistant but not severe, so I hope I am lucky. BTW, my face is really red right now and I flush all the time already, so I guess I'm probably sensitive to the sun (redness is not from sun burns though).@WinterShade: I haven't drunk ever since new year. I'm used to going without drinking and still enjoy the night. However, I'm studying first year in engineering and all I want for the summer after this year of hard work is a little bit of self-destruction (just a little, though)..

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Haha, I totally understand. I'm graduating in less than a month and I'm experiencing big-time senioritis. By the way, the flushing and redness may or may not get worse during the summer. Might as well try, because you can always stop your course if it gets bad...

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