How long did you do the Nutrisystem food tracker?

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Just curious- it is time consuming but gives you a good idea of how you have done. Have you done it for a long time, just till you got used to eating "right", still do it, quit soon after, ?????..

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Your question was: How long did you do the Nutrisystem food tracker?.

I have tracked online for 3 weeks now, and I intend to continue. The times in the past that I lost track of what I was consuming were times I began to gain weight back. So I make it a relaxing part of my day, just like checking my email. Only takes a few moments, really!..

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I tend to use it more when I am out and about or when I go out of town. When I am in my normal routine (going to work, etc) I don't really need to use it. I usually prepare my meals the night before and then I am good until I get home. Then I prepare the next days food while preparing my dinner. I think you should use it as long as you want to...

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Since I work from home and have my computer on ALL DAY, I have the Nutrisystem food tracker tab open all the time. Every time I eat something I log it. If I do go out, I try to write down what I've eaten and log it when I get home or the next day. I find it really helps me stay on track!..

Comment #3

I used the tracker here until I had the patterns memorized and then I moved onto better programs. I do log my food every single day from my smartphone but I do it with They have an excellent android app (which is what I use) and also iphone and blackberry support with a very extensive database of foods...

Comment #4

I think the online tracker is a good tool but is time comsuming and once I felt I had my food patterns downpat(about 6 months) I choose to use the meal planner instead. So much easier. Check off each food portion and your done for the day...

Comment #5

I used it for the first month and will rely on it when I am feeling challenged. I don't use it regularly now (in 3 months). Everyone is different...

Comment #6

I use the paper planner. I modified it for my maintenance plan, but I still use it most days..


Comment #7

I've been trying to incorporated non Nutrisystem foods lately and have found that using MyPlate on very useful. The variety of foods in their database (including NS) is great...

Comment #8

I use the online tracker and IPhone everyday except weekends. We're usually too busy on weekends for me to get online, and the IPhone app doesn't have access to alot of food...

Comment #9

I use it all the time as well. I find that it keeps me honest for now (into 2nd week) and makes me realize how much I can eat of the correct foods and feel full. Maybe after I've rewired my brain I won't use it...

Comment #10

I used it for about a month or so when I first started, but I use just the paper tracker now...

Comment #11

I have to use mine or I go off plan. Its a mental thing for me. Also studies show that when you write things down (what you eat and goals) you are more successful...

Comment #12

I've been using it daily for 11 months now and even though I've reached my goal and am in maintenance I am going to continue to use it every day. I also weigh all of my food so I can be sure that my serving is equal to an actual serving. I find when I don't weight or measure I always over estimate my portion size...

Comment #13

I think this will help us be successful in maintenance. I weigh and measure too, except I usually underestimate...well ok, except when there is Peanut Butter involved!.


Comment #14

God yes! That darn peanut butter. I was/am using it for my fat at night and I can never, repeat never- eat 1 friggin teaspoon! It is a huge scoop. Then I tried a fork- heck you can get more on it! It is my one downfall. I cannot leave jar by me- so I do just allow how much I can pile high on a tsp. Drats...

Comment #15

I began using the paper tracker that comes in the BBB when I began the program March 23rd. Now I use the online tracker and the iPhone app. It keeps me honest and helps me not forget to eat all my servings...

Comment #16

I don't use the online tracker, but after 8.5 months on program, I still make sure the paper meal planner they send me is filled in by the end of each day. (though it's often not until I'm home from work that I hit the checkboxes for breakfast, etc)..

Comment #17

Check the nutritional info on your peanut butter. The serving size for my brand is 1/2 tbsp. A fat serving should be 45 cals and 5 gr fat..


Comment #18

I probably used it for the first 2-3 months pretty diligently so that I could really hammer it into my brain. I didn't use it after that, but have recently stopped losing weight, so I started using the nutrisystem app for the iPhone. The nice part about this program is it also tracks calories. I was probably eating 1400-1450 a day when I ate everything. I'm not sure why maybe my proteins were too many calories or something like that. Well not that I pay attention to my caloric intake more (keeping it to a very strict 1200), I've started losing weight again...

Comment #19

I try to use it daily, when I stop the weight loss stops...

Comment #20

I use it almost daily, even after 10 months. I was never fond of the paper version, and figured since I'm online a few hours a day anyway, why not use the tracker I guess you just have to do whatever works for you...

Comment #21

I have a page of it posted on the fridge to remind me of what I need to eat,etc. I don't post online anymore due to time/and I forget. I pretty much have the routine down pat tho. I have been sharing my un-used meal planners with people who are interested/curious about the program.


Comment #22

I use the online tracker on a daily basis. I have to. It really helps me keep track. But, now I am leaving for Europe for 5 weeks so I will have to use my daily book. I have already shipped all my food over...

Comment #23

I quit using it after about a month, just moves to slow for me and although I hear it's been improved, I have a new system..

I made up my OWN sheet and it works GREAT for me..

I record what I eat within 15 minutes or sooner. Helps keep me on Track..

It's all about doing what works best for you. Dan..

Comment #24

I use mine daily, but I'm still new to this. I plan my meals the night before, log it all into the tracker, then go and put my breakfast and lunch together. Dinner I can put together when I get home. After logging it online, I write it out in my little notebook just to make it easier to put my meals together in the kitchen. I'm sure I could just write it out in my notebook, and be good, but this way I have everything tracked online and can easily track calories, fat, etc...

Comment #25

I used the paper tra(ker for the 7 months it took me to lose this weight the 1st time, & for a while on maintainan(e. I'm using it again, after 2 years of maintainan(e & regaining a lot of the weight. I'll use it 'til I hit goal again, & I'll use it on maintainan(e for the long haul, this time. Maintainan(e is harder for me than a(tually losing the weight. This time I want it to stay down!..

Comment #26

I have heard the single most effective tool to weight loss is a meal tracker. So no matter how you do it, you still need to do it!!! That way you'll know when you start slipping!..

Comment #27

+2! This app is great, and has the most obscure items in it's barcode database. I monitor everything on it...

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