How important are pictures on profile? Do I need to be "having" fun?

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My first question is: How important are pictures on profile? Do I need to be "having" fun?.

My next question is: I've been seeing someone for a couple of months and I've met a few of his friends here and there. They're friendly but I don't know them well at all. He is having a party this weekend with about 20 people or so.most of whom I have not met. I am a fairly outgoing person when in a small group but a larger group situation tends to make me shy and quiet and I always feel out of place. I don't want to be the sort of girl who needs to stay by her guy the entire night because I've been on the other end of that and it's rather annoying to try to entertain guests but have to pay particular attention to your date. He's asked me to bring a friend so that I don't feel left out or ignored and I am appreciative of that.but here's the thing.most of my friends are in the hospitality industry and are either waitresses or work at hotels at night particularly on weekends and will most likely not be available. The friends of his that I have met, are nice and polite but I don't know them at all really so I think I will feel really out of place since they ALL know each otherDoes anyone have any advice on how to make the best of a highly potentially awkward situation less awkward...

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Your question was: How important are pictures on profile? Do I need to be "having" fun?.

Hi Squirrel!My suggestion would be to latch yourself onto one of his friends that you have met in the past. This is something my girls and I do when one of us is hosting and they are worried about their boyfriend. I usually get the babysitting job and totally enjoy doing so. Usually at the beginning of the night or even before in a quick email a friend will often let me know that they are worried about their new significant other fitting in and ask me to look out for them. Its kind of fun for someone who knows everyone at the party to be the one to introduce you around, and "show off" the hosts new significant other. My friends want to meet my new guy and I am a bit concerned because while the girls are welcoming some of their boyfriends are clique-y and best friends outside of their girls being super close BUT I know the guys that aren't and a quick shout out before the party along the lines of "can your boyfriend try to include my new guy, he is shy and you know how X and Y carry on when they are around each other and there is booze"...


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Technically you'll be co-hosting the party with him eventhough you have not met these people - and that is kind of awkward.  You can start out by mingling with the friends you have already met.  People will walk up to them and say hello, so through them you can be introduced to some of the new people.   Everyone likes to mingle at parties...not just stick to one or two you can mix slowly with the others and then make your way back to your BF every so often.  Hopefully he seeks you out during the night too.  Since you are a co-host some of the guests may approach you with requests and it is also a way for you to open up seeing that they have plenty to eat or drink.  I'm sure you'll be able to handle 20 people.  .  What is nice is when the friends of the BF take a moment to introduce themselves to you, so that you are made to feel welcome.  That doesnt happen very often because people are usually caught up in talking to their friends and having a good time themselves. ..

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I always try to find out as much as possible about the people I am going to meet before hand. I ask about occupations, hobbies etc. so that I can have an ice breaker if the conversation lags. "So, my boyfriend tells me that you're into too!" Or something along those lines. I also try to get the lay of the land relationship (thru wise, get the dirt so to speak. That way I don't unintentionally bring up a subject that is off limits to a particular person.



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He really does sound very considerate - that's very sweet.  He should stay by you quite a bit but yes you don't want him to feel chained to you. Perhaps you both can be planted somewhere on chairs or couches or whatever the set up is...that way people come to you and it's small groupings, not standing around.

Perhaps a couple of his friends have very similar interests that he knows about and can "matchmake" the two of you..

Relax.  He likes you, wants you to feel comfortable, and his friends likely will too.


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