How fast is weight loss for vegetarians on Medifast?

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I'm new here. Haven't even received my food yet. I chose to do this because you can do it as a vegetarian. But as I am reading closer it seems that the non-meat options have more carbs and keeping the balance to stay in the fat burning mode is a bit more of a balancing act..

What has been your experience? Do you still lose weight at 2-5 lbs per week?..

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Hi, redheadgal ~.

It's great to have you here! Medifast has been amazing so far! I've been choosing mostly the meat-free options (vegan) for my LG, and so far I've lost 8.8 lbs. in 9 days. I don't think you need to worry about it. Seems like Medifast has it all figured out to work just as well either way. Anyway, some of the carbs in the meat substitutes are actually grams of fiber, and the more fiber the better, whether you're an omni, veg, or vegan! (Obviously not talking about egg and dairy options here )..

Oh, and you don't have to weigh your serving either, since they're already portioned for you 2 patties or whatever. This helps me having one less thing to think about, and one less way for me to lie to myself on portion size!!!.

Hope this helps! Welcome to this wonderful Medifast journey!.

Blessings to you,..

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Thanks. That does help. Since I haven't received my food yet I'm not using that tracking tool and I don't know how it works. I really don't want to eat meat..

Also, do you know if there is a team fro vegetarians?..

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Also I have read (have not made the switch yet) to diabetic shakes and bars. I guess they are lower carbs? When I get ready to reorder I might try that too. I've actually been having egg white omelets for breakfast (not MF, but only 100 cals) and I need to look and see if I can use the WHITES only as my L for the L&G. I'm actually getting tired of the Boca burgers! ).

I need to look into beans. Black beans are a good protein..not sure how Medifast friendly they are...

Comment #3

Chicklet ~.

Here's a link to the list of meatless options for your Lean choices:.


Fourteen egg whites equal one lean portion for one day's LG meal. So your breakfast egg white omelet could be 1/2 of your lean if you make it with 7 whites. Then you can choose another half portion (like one Boca burger) to have later with your Green. That way you'll still be OP..

As far as beans, that's something you'll wait and enjoy during maintenance and for the rest of your life! Beans are a great food, especially for vegans, with protein and loads of fiber, and so versatile. But if Medifast is going to be your weight loss plan of choice, you'll want to leave beans off your menu until maintenance. Not forever... just for now!.

Here's the way Medifast puts it: "Once you transition to the Maintenance phase of the program, we encourage you to include ALL vegetables for long-term health." including all the wonderful varieties of legumes..

Blessings to you!..

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I alternate between "meat" and "meatless" options and I don't think my weight loss has been affected. Boca and Morning star patties do have more carbs than chicken breasts though so if you use the patties, you need to ensure you use the lower carb veggies so you don't exceed your allotment for the day. Only certain patties are allowed (below 6g/carbs per patty?) so you need to check the nutrition data while you are shopping..

Egg whites and eggbeaters make huge omlettes. I place olives, canned mushrooms and cooked brocolli into mine and mix everything together...

Comment #5

More on beans....

Have you tried Medifast chili? I haven't, but I just ordered some. You can see beans in the picture, so if you really feel a need for beans, go for Medifast chili!!!.

PS ~ Wow! I am so impressed with myself that I actually figured out how to add a picture. Cool! LOL..

Comment #6

So the chili does look good! ) Let us know how it tastes! YUMMMM.

Especially with football season coming upon us!..

Comment #7

Know all about personal preferences but the Medifast chilli was the only Medifast meal I could not eat!!!..

Comment #8

The chili is awful unless I prepare it just right. Using no more than a 1/4 cup water and letting it soak ahead of time helps. If I am making it at work, I add chili powder or tabasco sauce. If I am making it at home I add tomatoes or salsa. I like it with the snack crackers. It is more filling then some other mini meals even though it makes a tiny portion...

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Remember when splitting your LG meal that Nutrisystem suggests that you have both a lean and green in each split. So if you have 7 egg whites for bfast, also include some greens in there. Then for dinner you could have 1 boca plus the rest of your greens. See the meatless options chart for specifics...

Comment #10

I agree, it is so bad I can't get it down. I really like chili and wish they would work on improving it. But 1 or 2 bad meals out of so many isn't bad...

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I have to say the Medifast Chili is not vegetarian. It has beef stock in it's if you are a vegetarian/vegan, this is not an option!..

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Hey all.

I lose 1 to 2 lbs a day staying on Medifast and eating veg. the thought of meat makes me sick I eat nothing that can look back at me!!!! I am 41 and know what works for my and that is staying far away from sugar and carbs and man made food items!!!!.

Everyone is different this is what works for me I also have to workout everyday to make a real difference. I was almost 300lbs at the end of my last pregnancy and looked like a bloated alien. I am so done being in the land on the obese range.

I just cleaned out my closet and got rid of ALL size 16 and frumpy clothes.

I left myself nothing but new and attractive looking clothes. I feel so good doing this I left not even one pair of "fat pants" to look back on!!!!!.

I plan on reaching my goal of entering onederland by the end of this month!!!!!!.

To your questionfor me eating veggies is the faster way to lose weight.

Happy shaking all..

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I guess I did not realize the chilli was vegetarian! Might have to try it...

Comment #14

The Chili could be vegitarian ,they make it with fake meat but flavor it with cattle. I am only on day 5 of my medifast journey but when I use the tracker I come up on the low end of the carbs. I have been losing quite a bit. I have been using a lot of tofu and cottage cheese. or my lean.


Comment #15

I have heard the chili is so-so, not the best but not disgusting. But, if you are a vegetarian, it is not on the "vegetarian approved" list. I think it must use beef stock or something in the ingredients. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, I wouldnt chance it. If you dont mind eating meat, then id be willing to give it a whirl..

Comment #16

Hi Medifast Vegetarians,.

I am planning to get back on Medifast to lose the remaining 40 lbs that I have and I need to be on a vegan diet. So I chose the Ready to Drink shakes as my Medifast meals and know what I will be eating for my L&G. Can you tell me: Do you lose weight slower and how about exercise? Do you have energy or feel more hungry? Thanks...

Comment #17

I figure they don't get near as constipated if at all...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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