How does one make a connection with ''?

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My first question is: How does one make a connection with ''?.

My next question is: Here is an interesting story on how sad some people can be. .

I joined a sky group over a year ago and met someone who I really enjoyed hanging out with and we had a lot of fun.  Then, for some reason, we started to have problems and stopped hanging out a few times.  At first I was confused as to why we were having problems and then I began to realize that other people (for whatever reason) were interferring with our friendship.  I didn't want to cause him any problems so I stepped back and minded my own business.  I figured that he would eventually "see" what was happening (because he is very smart) and would set the record straight.  He is the only one in the group that knows me on a more pesonal level, so I figured he would see through any misperceptions of me by others.  I could be wrong about that now that I can look at it objectively. .

Anyway, our group went on a day trip to the slopes yesterday (he didn't go) and I was hit with a BIG dose of reality.  I decided to take a break from the slopes and headed into the lodge.  I had a brief conversation with the "social director" on my way in and then continued on my way.  I thought nothing else of our interaction - to me it was just mindless conversation.  Well, later on, the conversation I had with this woman came back to me twisted up into the biggest form of LIE about me I have ever heard in my life.  Have you ever had a moment of clarity that validated your intuitions about a person?  Intuitions you had from the moment you met them?  I did yesterday!  I always knew that her "nice veneer" wasn't genuine, so I kept her at a distance and now I am sooo glad I did.  You can "dress up" and polish the exterior as much as you want, but it's what is on the inside that reveals who you are as a person.  If you are feeling "twisted up" on the inside that is what will vibrate to others on the outside.  I may have my issues (which are totally fixable), but at least I'm not all twisted on the inside and the people who know me KNOW THAT..

I was always kind of fuzzy about "who" was interferring with our friendship and now I am NOT!  I have all the evidence I need as to who these people are.  It is really sad and I actually feel sorry for them.  Why would people want to try to interfere with someone's life who minds their own business?  It baffles me. .

They can think what they want because I don't really care.  I happen to like who I am and to me that is all that matters.  .

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Your question was: How does one make a connection with ''?.

I've pulled myself out of that drama because I don't need it.  There are plenty of other fish in the sea...

Comment #1

"It sounds high school but there is always that girl that can't have the guy and doesn't want anyone else to have him. The true test of the guy is how HE handles it.".

Very true...

Comment #2

Sometimes the best thing to do is to totally remove yourself from the drama and venture outside your normal group of friends or acquaintances to date.  I'm sure you'll find another guy you like...

Comment #3

Yes, agreed.  I am not going to put off other opportunities anymore.  I am not even sure why I did in the first place, but that's done now and it's time to move on.  If something is meant to be then it happens and flows naturally.  So I guess it's time to stop putting off meeting the people friends and family keep bugging me about.  I've been out of the dating (online dating with scene for a while and it's going to take some getting use to, but I will eventually.   .

Thanks for your response and good luck to you. ..

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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