How do you store your Medifast meals?

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I'm looking for some ideas on how all of you veterans store your meals? Right now I have all the boxes in the original shipping box it all came in, and it is SUCH a pain to sort and dig thru them all to find what I want!HELP PLEASE!!!!.

Thanks in guys ROCK!.


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Hi Lisa!.

When I get a new shipment I take them all out and mix 5 meal selections in little baggies. I place them in my pantry so in the morning when i'm rushing to work, and can just grab a baggie and go. To me, it does save a lot of time..


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Yea, me too I'm doing the same thing you are. I keep the packing boxs in the guestroom and by evening, I have boxes all over the bed. I don't have any room in my pantry, except for a few boxes and even then I have to dig thru those to see what I have.


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When my order comes in I package up my meals for the month in baggies (5 packets per baggy). I keep all of them in the shipping box in the spare bedroom & then pull out 1 week's worth at a time to keep in the pantry...

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You will all laugh at me I have all the boxes sitting on my counter. Then, when I have company, I dump them all in a big box and hide them under my bed. Any better ideas would be welcomed...

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I keep them in two Hefty containers with box fronts as dividers. One for savory and one for sweet. Then night before I pick out my meals and set them on the counter...

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I've read some people get those things you hang from the back of a door and they have plastic pockets for shoes. They then empty their boxes and fill the pockets with the packets. If I didn't already have little shelves hanging on the back of my door for cleaning supplies, I'd be doing that. Those boxes do take up a lot of room...

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Since I'm not eating anything else, I cleared out two shelves in my pantry and filled them with Medifast boxes. I gave the food to a local food pantry..


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Oh how I wish I could stock the pantry with nothing but my MF, but I think DH & DD would have a problem with that!..

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I cleared the pantry shelves too... but then, I live alone..

I need to see the pictures on the boxes or I'll just stand there and stare at the packets wihtout comprehending what they say.... not a morning person!..

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We have a wet bar, and since there is no drinking on MF, I store all of my boxes in the cabinets. I have my blender there and everything. DH calls it my Medifast bar!.

But, if I didn't have that option, I would hang a clear shoe rack on the door of my pantry or any door. (as Jorian mentioned) I have to see what the options are!..

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Hi..I bought one of those 3 drawer plastic units with wheels at Target...I rip off the tops of the boxes , for easy access, and it works great for me..

Pat in So. Ca...

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Gatita, I about fell off my chair laughing when I read, "I'll just stand there and stare at the packets wihtout comprehending what they say.... not a morning person!".

... that's TOTALLY me!!!!.

Oh, to answer the question, I have a platic rolling cart that I keep everything in (which is easily hidden if unexpected company shows up). The most commonly used items stay in my kitchen pantry though..


Comment #12

Brooke - where did you get your plastic rolling cart? And - just to be nosy - where do you hide it when company comes?..

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I also store the boxes in the pantry. Then, at night, I tell my DH I am "going shopping" and wander back to the pantry shelf and pick out the next day's meals, and mix them up so I can dash off to work the next am with all of it done. I like to be able to choose each night what I want...

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Gatita & Brooke - I am usually up early, though not fully functioning, and then running out the door at the last minute. lol That's why I bag all of mine up ahead of time. Otherwise no telling what I would be grabbing as I run out the door...

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Hi April, I got my cart at Walmart. In my dining room I have a closet (sounds strange but it's like a coat closet - my first level is all open living) anyway, when company comes I roll it right into the closet next to the vacuum!!!.


P.S. it's not being nosy, I don't mind at all!..

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Thanks Brooke looks like I need to do a Walmart run. I unfortunately don't have a closet like that anywhere near my kitchen, but I could bring it upstairs and put it in one of my closets there when company comes. Better than the kitchen counter, that's for sure! thanks again!..

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I have a bookcase type shelf unit and I bought four or five colorful baskets - so at least now my Medifast food looks like it's part of the decor!..

Comment #18

Wow...thanks everyone for some great ideas! Looks like I need to make a trip to the storage dept of Wal-Mart!.

Happy MFing!.


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I'm cheap and tight on space so here's what I do:.

I have 3 boxes stacked on top of eachother. One big one on bottom, 1 medium and 1 small on top.

Bottom (Large) box: I have all my spare boxes.

Top Left (Medium) box: I keep 1 box of each item I use daily.

Top Right (Very small, Ultimate Shaker Jar box) box: I dump all my shakes into it for handy, dandy access..

Maybe that will help someone out!..

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I bought the over the door shoe rack-clear fronts cut the box picture out and place the packets behind. it's easy to see what I have and what I need to order plus allows for 24 different items..

Comment #21

I also use the 3 drawer rolling cart from works great for me, and can be hidden if need be!.

I just throw all the packs into the marked drawers, drinks, oatmeal/pudding/eggs and soups...I have to choose the morning of, can't think ahead of time!..

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I use the boxes that are for storing photos! They come with dividers- and a little square on the front for a label. I have one for shakes, one for soups, one for breakfast items, one of etc. They work out great, and don't take up too much room on the shelf!.


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I consolidated clothes in my dresser and emptied a large drawer. I put my boxes in the drawer and just grab what I want as needed...

Comment #24

I've got space in a cabinet under the breakfast bar - that works for me...

Comment #25

I put mine in gallon ziplock bags, depending upon the item. I have a breakfast bag (oatmeal and eggs), a hot drink bag, a few soup bags, shake bags with 2 flavors in each bag, and a pudding bag. I keep the bars in the original box as well as the snack crackers. I have all the bags in a nice wicker storage container (from WalMart) and keep them on the kitchen counter. I don't care who comes in my house and sees them, so I keep them there. Now work, that's a different story.

I only have the soups, oatmeal, hot cocoa, or a RTD shakes at work unless I pre-mix a shake. The days I have a few RTD shakes are my best days for weight loss..

I am not picky....I just pick something out of the bags. Like, all my soups are mixed up, and whatever I pull out of the bag is what I have. I like it this way, it forces me to eat all my foods and not be picky about what I have to eat. Like, if I want breakfast (sometimes a shake, sometimes eggs or oatmeal) whatever I pick out of the breakfast bag is what I have! Same for the soups, hot drinks, puddings, etc. I haven't found anything I really DISLIKE other than the chai tea, and I force myself to have that once a week to get rid of it. It's OK when I blend it in the MB the night before and add some B-52 Divinci's and heat it up.

Life isn't always fun and everything doesn't always taste good. That's how bad I want this!!!..

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I found three boxes.. the style of shoe boxes but without lids .. they fit perfectly in my cabinets. I cut the front of each medifast box to use as a file tag and then filed all my foods into the appropriate shoe box.. one for soups... one for shakes..

I can grab them easily, it's easy to see what I have, and get rid of the bulkey boxes they came in. I also just took a box of bars and cut the lid off. it can actullay hold a variety of about 14 bars if you pack them in there...

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I have one of those lovely cabinets with a lazy Susan. I put my Medifast boxes about 3 deep on the top shelf and moved the families stuff onto the botton shelf, then in my pantry I cleared out the very top shelf for my Medifast stuff that I am not ready to use yet. The lazy Susan is nice because I can just twirl it around and find what I feel like eating each day. DH noticed I seem to pick mostly chocolate on Tuesdays.

BTW - Your food is every much as important as DD DH DS etc. There is nothing wrong with taking over a shelf or two...

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I do the zip lock bag thing myself... less bulk than the boxes and more pliable...

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I got some white wire stacking bins from who else, Waliworld, and they fit nicely on my wire shelves on my 'inside' back porch. I have them organized by food type and it is pretty easy to pick what I want for the day..

I DO like the photo box idea - I may have to check them out!..

Comment #30

DH and I are both on the program and we cleared out one of the pull-out shelves in our kitchen cupboards. Here:.

He takes a bunch of food with him to work at the beginning of the week.

We both drink the RTDs and those are in an extra refrigerator in the garage. We stock up so that we don't run the risk of running out if there is a delay in shipping or other unplanned incident. I think I have 6 cases of my chocolate RTDs and he has at least 4 of the vanilla. LOL..

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I unbox them and put all the like food in the same gallon or quart sized ziplocs. Then I store all the soups in one bins, all the coffee mixes in one bin, etc. These are lined up on one shlf in my pantry. This works well in my family because any foods that are off limits are not on my shelf. I don't even look at the stuff stored on the other shelves for the rest of the family and I am not at all tempted...

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Jan, that's impressive! Are the dividers separating everything part of the drawer or are they separate containers? That setup rocks!..

Comment #33

I just rip the tops off the individual boxes so that everything stays put.

It is quite handy...

Comment #34

Oh, DUH! You so smart.

Now I just have to empty a drawer.......

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