How do you stay on the Medifast plan during social gatherings?

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I am another newbie and committed to lose weight for my upcoming wedding. One problem that will come up regularly for me is having Sunday night dinner at my fiance's parent's house. They are great cooks and I don't want to offend by bringing my own food and I am not real open about talking about my diet right now. How have some of you tactfully handled this situation?.

Thanks so much!..

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If you do not want to mention that your on Medifast here is what I have done in social situations where I don't want to call attention to myself. First I See what I can have for the Lean and Green, then I put lots of veggies etc on my plate then I put a little of the other illegal side dishes on my plate and move that food around as if I ate it. With cake or other desserts I take my fork and cut it in half and make it look like I ate it. This will eliminate having to tell everyone what your are doing...

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That is great advice!! This will take the stress off.

Thank you!!!..

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That is a great question. I find myself in this situation alot. I never drank pop in the past but diet pop (no sugar) has become my friend. I would try to keep some type of drink in your hands to help. This will help to keep your mind off food and keep you full. I agree that veggies can be your best friend in this type of situation..

I am not there to put any cake or items like that on my plate. I know my limits...

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I always offer to bring something, and I usually bring a big salad or a veggie tray. Then I fill my plate w/ that....leaving very little room for anything else! I might put some other things on there for decoration, just so no one says anything about why I'm not eating....but then I push it around on my plate, or slip it over to my husband's plate if I can get away w/ it. I also make sure to eat a Medifast Crunch bar on the way to wherever we're going so I am not hungry when I arrive. This all takes a bit of practice. Don't worry, you'll become an expert before you know it!.


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I eat one of my Medifast meals before I get to any event. Like others have said, you can take a bit of everything and put it on your plate, and just push it around a little. People don't pay much attention to what you are eating (unless you say you are dieting - which is exactly what you don't want to do anyhow.).

I have even been known to fib a little, if someone asks why I'm not eating very much - I just say I'm not feeling very well...

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I always take a shake with me or bar, and most people know I do high protein items so they dont question it but most poeple dont know I'm on Medifast. I just assume not tell anyone...

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